Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Owen & Otis and their New Baby Sissy

As we'd suspected, Owen is the most wary of our new, squeaky, wriggling baby girlie-girl. He'll sneak near her to sniff her head or her feet and then he'll slowly back away, or sprint off whenever she happens to either suddenly flail her tiny arms at that moment or sneeze, both of which have actually happened a few times now -- each time is hysterical! And Otis? He's wary of our baby girlie as well, particularly when she's loud and/or crying, but he's not at all wary enough to stay away. So far --fingers still crossed-- he hasn't gone far enough to lay on her, let alone lay right beside her... I'm watching out for either move. Overall, neither of the two fuzzy boys have really changed their behavior all that much, except for the fact that my lap space which once was theirs is now often occupied by this squeaky, wriggling thing we brought home nearly two weeks ago... this alone requires some adjusting on their part.

This was taken the 30th... she'd been at home for only 24 hrs by this time.
Apparently my legs are a good lap substitution.
Here's one of Owen's 'sneak-in-for-a-quick-sniff' moments.
If I'd had a wider lens, you'd be able to see the baby girlie lying in my lap, less than a foot away from the peacefully dozin' Owen seen here.
We came home from the baby girlie's first pediatric appointment to discover Owen had finally laid claim to her travel bassinet.
Loungin' the day awayOwen was actually the first to figure out my legs and feet are acceptable cozy-down locations.
Caught again! Of course, Owen believes anything for the baby girlie is really his...

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