Tuesday, August 28, 2007

The Most Interesting Version Thus Far

This is fantastic - I LOVE IT!!! I so, so, so LOVE it!
And it's especially funny right now, as we're still working to finalize our wedding music... I'd thought I'd heard every version there is of Pachabel's 'Canon in D.' In fact, I've listened to over 150 different audio clips of the tune, and that's NO exaggeration - - try the search for 'Canon in D' on iTunes! Just try it!

Although this is definitely the most interesting version I've found thus far, I don't think this one will make the cut for our wedding mix, even if it did make me cry (I'm such a freakin' sap).

That's All!?!

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Like a Record, Baby

This morning on the way to work, I found myself stopped at the usual way-forever-long intersection light on the only road to work that spans across SEVEN lanes of ONE-WAY traffic, but today, despite having been caught at the longest and very last light before I can turn into my place of work, I was juhhhst fine with it because it meant I now had more time to bop around in my car, singing along to the lyrics of the most infectious "You Spin Me Round (Like a Record)" by Dead or Alive, playing on Jack FM radio at the time [SIDE NOTE: I was taking a much needed break from NPR this morning].

So, I'm boppin' away in my car, enough to make the car shake, and beside me on my right, there's a large, metallic charcoal colored Chevy Surburban which also seems to be shaking, but I can't tell if it's me or if it's them, so I stop my own bopping long enough to glance over and do a double-take at the apparently gyrating driver. Although I can't hear her, she appears to be signing at the top of her lungs, "...right round, baby, right round, like a record baby, right round, round, round...", as I am singing the very same words. And so I laugh and face forward, still laughing, to then realize that 2 cars ahead of me and one lane over to my left, another car is shaking to the same beat. I laugh some more to then look directly left, one car up and 2 lanes over, and there's some dude in an old rusty, burgundy colored Buick, sunk low in his drivers seat, vigorously boppin' his head up and down and all around, singing the same chorus in synch with both me and the Suburban chicky.

I love it!

Monday, August 27, 2007

I Think I Might Be Tired

You know what I just did?

Knowing I'd be staying late at work tonight, I went back into the Front Office to top off my travel coffee mug. Now, I always get my creamer first, and so, with the THREE POUND bulk creamer container's lid in hand, I grabbed for the "community scooping creamer spoon" from inside the creamer container and began my scooping. Then, placing the creamer lid on the counter, I grabbed the coffee carafe for my top off and returned it to the burner once done. Then, bending to my left to toss the creamer spoon back into the creamer container, while at the same time grabbing for my mug's lid to then make my move to secure it, something went wrong...

I turn to look (as if I couldn't FEEL what was wrong!) and see that I have set the bright red, VERY LARGE creamer container's lid atop my travel coffee mug...

Friday, August 24, 2007

Playin' Wit Dah Boyz

My honey-man is venturing out on his own tonight...well, not all alone; just without me. Yes, for the first time in many, many months, he's finally gunna go spend some 'guy time' with some friends [SEMI-RELATED TANGENT: Guys out there, it's so not my fault! I have encouraged (more like begged) him to go anywhere without me, but he just don't want to... He moved to Vegas and has had lots of work to do, and a need to spend time with the angel boy-O, and he likes spending his free time with me too! END OF TANGENT.], however, [drumroll puhleeze] tonight, he's going out for his impromptu bachelor's party!

A moment ago, he called me at work to tell me I didn't have to try and make it home before he'd leave at 6 o' clock. I then
tried playfully to get into the role of the suspicious, jealous bride-to-be, pretending to guilt him, that he just didn't want to have to see me right before going out on his last ditch effort to sin freely or whatever - - I failed miserably at trying to guilt him, in that I'm just not a guilting type of gal, nor am I the jealous type, and he knows it. I didn't fool him for a second. And anyhow, I've already overheard him on two occasions explicitly threaten his Best Man to the ninth degree, that he has ZERO aspirations regarding any desired exposure to strippers, lap dances, strip clubs or anything of the like. He's a good boy.

And I'm gunna marry him, two weeks from tomorrow!?! YAY!

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Distraction, Deeelivered!

Okay, so here it tis' - - Our latest distraction in life!

E.T. has come to live with us the next few days!!!
[that's how it looks and feels to me]

The builder of our home apparently made some repeat boo-boo's, all to be fixed amongst the many structures already built, including ours. This stuff should be up until possibly Saturday. The change is an amusing one thus far [SIDE NOTE: Well it was amusing initially for my honey-man, yes, but not after they began actually doing the work to be done, while he's at home trying to get his own work done.], thanks to all the protective plastic they've hung up (what a nifty gadget they used to hang it! I sooo want one!), protecting our main floor from drywall dust...
Otherwise, I'd be throwing GARGANTUAN fits!! - or, well, I'd be really perturbed!

One lil' downer is that the kitchen, including the fridge, is totally inaccessible until this work is done - - I mean, until E.T. finally goes home...
And we can't use the garage either...

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

We Need Two or Three, or Four, Five? or Whatever

The angel boy-O left Las Vegas on Sunday with his dear mama, Wendy, back to Burbank for the new school year. After they drove around the corner and out of sight, headed for the vast land of L.A., my honey-man decided he'd try to delve into his work that morning, and I decided I needed a cathartic outlet straight away and promptly sat on the couch to watch Schindler's List, no joke, and had myself a good tear streaming bawl.

Our home is so quiet without the angel boy-O and it makes us both so sad. This coming semester will be a telling reveal, as we deal with the challenges of our new arrangement, only seeing the angel boy-O for 2-3 days at a time every 3 weeks over the next 9 months of school. Of course, this first semester, we are VERY happy about that fact that the winter holidays, plus 2 upcoming weddings (ours very soon and theirs, theirs being Wendy and her sweet beau), will actually provide us an average of 2 visits with the boy-O per month, but it will still be hard. At the same time, don't get me wrong, we understand he's where he needs to be and that any traveling more than twice a month would be very hard on the boy-O, and all of us for that matter... It's still hard though to imagine the number of days we'll see him in the next 9 months, amounting to less than 2 months.

Three years ago today, I met the angel boy-O for the first time, and I had my first official date with mah honey-man. I had driven over to home in which the cute Father & Son duo were staying for their Vegas visit together, to pick up my date. I was first greeted by the eager and extremely confident 6 year old boy, who'd come outside to the driveway
's end, right as I'd hopped out of my car, before I'd even made it to the sidewalk, and I immediately recognized him from various pictures I'd already seen of him over the years previous... I will have to check with my honey-man (who's in bed sleeping right now), what is was exactly the angel boy-O had said to me, as he met me 3 years ago, but let me tell ya this: To behold that sweet boy and to hear what he had to say, it was love at first sight! All really good stuff.

For now, at least, we've got a pretty good diversion going, since the angel boy-O's Sunday departure: This week and the following, we'll be tying up loose wedding plans... The music, our vows, etc. Our videographer guy is set and ready, as of yesterday. I also began sewing the pillow for our the angel boy-O, as our ring bearer, last night. We'll be getting our wedding license this week too. My honey-man needs to get his shoes and a matching belt. I pick up my wedding dress and shoes tomorrow. [RELATED TANGENT/UPDATE: That's right! I haven't yet mentioned the big dress change! After all the enthusiasm over the discovery of and the receipt of my Target wedding dress, it was eventually deemed "pretty, but forgettable," and so, I returned the Target dress and wound up a few weeks ago at David's Bridal for their $99 dress sale with my Popstar and my 'Man of Honor,' Ryan (serving as my Maid in Honor, although he's a dude), and Ryan was actually the one who chose my new wedding dress, in that had he not insisted I try it on, I never would have, and hence, it would have never been bought... but he did insist! And I did try it on! And it was the best! And I bought it! And my honey-man won't see it until the BIG DAY, September 8th!!! END OF TANGENT.] There's a lot of other wedding stuff to do! Until tonight, just thinking through the to-do's over the last week was beginning to freak me out, but we typed 'em all out tonight, together, and our agenda is set and it's all very do-able in the time we have left (so we think!).

Despite the wedding-plans diversion, however, both of us, I know, are thinking about when we'll next get to see the angel boy-O, the weekend for our wedding, and for that alone, we can't contain our excitement!

A gorgeous Las Vegas sunset, as seen from our backyard this past Sunday.

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Gunna Go to Bonkers Before I Get to Gastro!

After one imaginary hernia and several weeks of waiting, I finally have a referral to see a gastrointestinal specialist with a consult appointment scheduled... not until October 30th!?! At this rate, if I'm lucky, I'll have my colonoscopy appointment scheduled before this year's end in time for Spring 2008!


Friday, August 10, 2007

"Guilty Confession #4" or "Ridiculous Confession"

Whenever I fill my gas tank, I make sure the total cost at the gas pump falls on a multiple of .05 cents or an even multiple of .10 cents. Like this morning, I paid $31.00 for a full tank, and the fill up before that was $17.85, and time before that, $22.35. I have been doing this ever since my senior year in high school, because back then, when I drove the lovely "Fudmobile" [BACKGROUND INFO: The Fudmobile had been my mother's beige, 4-door Delta 88 Oldsmobile (with a surprisingly impressive stereo system), purchased in 1986 after she'd sadly sold her sporty midnight blue Honda Prelude, when, at that time, she was being treating for what they thought was a bulging disk in her back, unable to sit comfortably in the low riding Prelude anymore, to find out several months later that she had an 8" long tumor growing in her spinal column!], I paid for gas with the a couple single $1 bills (bigger bills were kept in the bank, and no top off ever cost more than $10 back then) and lots and lots of change I always had stashed in a tin Tootsie Roll Bank I kept under the driver's seat. It was always easier to pay with coins if the total sum and change to be paid was to the nearest nickel and dime... and I never let go of the habit.

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Why oh Why, Versailles

Okay, continuing with my not-too-long-ago trip to Paris and London, we return to Versailles, Of FRANCE!!!

The view
back up to 'the house' from the "Run of the Sun" fountain (it was my favorite). Here's me, trying hard to take this with one of the many fountains at Versailles included, forgetting that I, too, will be in the shot.The view down into 'Le Parc' from the upper gardens at Versailles.One of the views off to the side ~ Notice the scale of the trees and the people on the walk?One of the gorgeous satellite gardens...The ceiling of the Sun King's private chapelSee all these doorways, one room after another? At least 8 are visible!A dining room in Versailles (oh my!)
Entering the Hall of Mirrors, newly restored.Some sculpted ceiling corner of some room ~ ya know, no big deal (dang!)And what do I have to say about visiting Versailles?

#1: Definitely beautiful.
#2: Extreme heights of opulence!
#3: It's NO wonder why there was a revolution(s) in France, seeing all that state money could afford King Louis XIV.

Every Morning & Every Night!

Each day we were in Paris, every morning and every night, I took pictures of our view of the Eiffel Tower from the front room of our flat ~ Here are some of the best shots... Click the images for a larger view!

The next three pics were taken to demonstrate how long we had light in the evenings; the 1st taken at 9pm, the 2nd at 10pm, and the last of the three, taken at 11pm - !?!
It was such a surreal experience, looking out the window each new day, to see it standing right there...

Wednesday, August 01, 2007

We Are in Xanadu

Early this morning, I was peeking around my Bloglines account, horribly neglected, it's been for the last couple months... and I found a reference to the new Broadway show, Xanadu and now? It's all over, man. I'm ruined for the day! I swear! The theme song has now been stuck in my head for nearly 2 hours and it's still going strong!

"Now that I'm here - Now that you're near in ZAAAA-NNAAAA-DOOOO! Zaa-naa-dooooooooo-ahh!"

Um, Can you say "Way CUTE"?