Wednesday, December 29, 2010


Back inside the car, heading once again to some other destination set 2 or more hours away:

Speaking of our toddler after glancing back at her, to discover she's smiling,eyes sparkling, clutching her dolly with both hands, while watching the scenery pass by her backseat window...

Me: I think that she actually likes riding in the car and (suddenly cut off)

My honey-man: "Shhh! Don't jinx it!"

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Thursday, December 23, 2010

Miraculous Departure!

We are all in the car --me, mah honey-man, zee darling angel boy-O and zee lil' sweet potato girlie-- on the way to pick up my sister to take her to the airport, and its 5am AND our car is all packed for us to head to UT straight away, once we've dropped my sister off. Did I mention already that it's 5am?

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Wednesday, December 22, 2010


Meant to post this a month ago to show we all have something to play now ~
Our sweet potato has her own uke now, far left!

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Why I Love Mah Honey-Man ~ Reason 62

Because after we'd swapped cars today, so he could take the swagger wagon to the DMV to be registered, when it came time for me to leave work to go claim our girlie from school, and I'd gotten into his car, he had Vince Guaraldi's 'Charlie Brown's Christmas' playing in his CD player!

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Why I Love Mah Honey-Man ~ Reason 61

Because he willingly braved the Henderson DMV all on his own to register our new swagger wagon.

BACKGROUND: Historically, one doesn't get out of spending at least 2 hrs at a NV DMV - - I once spent FIVE HOURS at the Sahara DMV, no joke, no exaggeration. However, this visit for my honey-man, he encountered a record low: a mere 30 minutes! Lucky bastard!

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Friday, December 10, 2010

Five Plants n' Their Pots and Stands, All Gone

Our north-facing backyard is now entirely shaded from any sunshine, soooo, about two weeks ago, we moved our succulents and one mint plant to sit in the sunlight, set to the side of our 2-door garage. This placement allows them not only plenty of sunshine, but we can easily stash them inside the warmth of our garage at night whenever a freezing temps warning is issued.

Last night I got home from work and they were all gone.

And three of them were enormous! - uber heavy, thick enamelware ceramic pots and each one placed on a metal 1-foot tall stand. One of the smaller enameled pots, I'd had it since '95. And the plants themselves, two of them were 9 years old.

Even if someone mistook them to be freebies, left out for the taking, they all were recently pruned and watered, and the watering can still sat with them, half-full (also gone!). They were also placed entirely opposite of our trash can (left out still from the day before), so it's not like they'd been sitting alongside our trash can. It'd be wishful thinking on anyone's part to believe they were unwanted.

I can't believe someone took them.

Wednesday, December 08, 2010

After 5 n' a Half Hours

I won't go into the background (details soon to come), but our sweet potato girlie's been sick super sick the last 4 days, beginning last Sunday. Well, today was her big recovery day, apparently...

She 'napped' from 12:30pm until SIX at night! She was totally passed out and never made a single peep in those 5 and a half hours. After 4pm, despite having the baby monitor, I crept into her room two different times just to be sure she was breathing! And although it was dark as could be outside when she finally awoke, and she hadn't eaten since noon, she wasn't off kilter in even the slightest way. She was all sunshine and roses, happy as a lark!

As she sweetly called for me to come upstairs, I came to her immediately, nearly running up the stairs, and as I entered her room, she gave me an enormous "Hi mommie!"

And as she made her move to stand up from inside her crib, I said, " Wow, you sure had a looong nappy! You slept for a long time!"

And her enthusiastic response, full of conviction, with her lil' face sparkling with excitement: "Yes! and now I EAT!"