Friday, December 10, 2010

Five Plants n' Their Pots and Stands, All Gone

Our north-facing backyard is now entirely shaded from any sunshine, soooo, about two weeks ago, we moved our succulents and one mint plant to sit in the sunlight, set to the side of our 2-door garage. This placement allows them not only plenty of sunshine, but we can easily stash them inside the warmth of our garage at night whenever a freezing temps warning is issued.

Last night I got home from work and they were all gone.

And three of them were enormous! - uber heavy, thick enamelware ceramic pots and each one placed on a metal 1-foot tall stand. One of the smaller enameled pots, I'd had it since '95. And the plants themselves, two of them were 9 years old.

Even if someone mistook them to be freebies, left out for the taking, they all were recently pruned and watered, and the watering can still sat with them, half-full (also gone!). They were also placed entirely opposite of our trash can (left out still from the day before), so it's not like they'd been sitting alongside our trash can. It'd be wishful thinking on anyone's part to believe they were unwanted.

I can't believe someone took them.

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