Thursday, September 27, 2007

"Mah New Do!" or "Lockin' for Love"

Okay, so the 'short' of it is this:
I cut my hair and short, and here I am now!
The 'why did you do it?' should be the interesting part:
My mother died in 1987 of Hodgkin's Disease (lymphatic cancer). Before then, my mum lost her hair twice in the time I knew her. Consequently, she owned an eclectic array of scarves, knitted berets (those were the best!) and several colorful bandannas, and she also wore a wig. The first time she lost her hair, I was about 6 years old. I can remember hearing her cry in the bathroom at night and discovering big chucks of her long chestnut hair discarded in the bathroom trash, and then one morning, all of the sudden, she revealed herself with a short styled wig.

Our kitchen back then, living in Salt Lake City in our first home, it had a swinging door to some stairs that went down to our back door, out to our back yard and the unattached garage. One night, after coming home and inside from the back, I'd gone ahead of her and up the stairs and through the swinging door, into the kitchen... I turned to look behind me and that door was swinging back and forth, and each time it swung, I caught a glimpse of my mum who was standing on the stairs with her back to me... one moment she had hair and the next swing of the door? - It was all gone, as she had removed her wig! It was the first time I saw her bald head - - I don't remember at all what I did next, if we talked about it, or if I burst into tears or not, or whatever... but I distinctly remember the feeling of sheer and total panic rising up inside me. For as long as I can remember, I had been told my mother was very sick, but it really gut-punched me in that moment that she really was, indeed, very sick - - sick enough that she could die, as I'd also been told this, but it'd never really sunk in until that very moment.

After she lost all her hair, even though she had already been deemed terminal upon diagnosis at age 17, found
in the 3rd stage of cancer development, it was when she lost all her hair that people truly began to treat her as if she were sick and dying. In fact, one of the reasons my longtime and dearest childhood playmate and I had hit it off so well when we met in kindergarten [Anna Dilemna is her blog alias], is that she, unlike most kids, was completely and totally unfazed by my mother's lack of hair, because her mother, too, had lost hers during treatment of a benign tumor... so I never had to defend my mother with her, and she would happily come over to play, even though my mum had no hair.

Anyhow, a few years ago, in the same town where my own mother grew up, a younger cousin of mine who was in high school at the time, Whitney, she had a friend diagnosed with Hodgkin's, and as a amazing sign of support, when her friend lost all her hair due to cancer treatments, my lil' cousin cut off all her gorgeous long hair and donated it to Locks of Love (go check it out!)... and I thought, of all the people to do that, I should do that!

And so, a couple years ago, I told my honey-man,
"After we get married, I'm gunna do that!"
And so, I did! Some child out there somewhere is going to be wandering around wearing a wig made of my hair!
It's true, I could have had kept my hair in a short bob, as it was long enough after cutting off a foot-long ponytail of hair for donation, but I told my hairstylist (the same who styled my wedding updo) that she could do with me whatever she pleased, which made her so happy!

And lucky for me, I love the results!
P.S. Just before boarding the plane at LAX for Dublin, about to leave on our honeymoon, I called my hairdresser to make my appointment for the same day we were to return to Vegas, just to be sure I wouldn't chicken out!

Sunday, September 23, 2007

The Exact Count

September 8th, there were NINETY-EIGHT bobby pins in my hair that morning! This shot was taken less than 3 minutes before the Bridal Processional, when my friend Shelan called to wish us her best, not at all expecting me to answer the call - - Ryan, mah 'Man of Honor' (rather than a Maid of Honor) answered it for me and kindly held it to my ear, as I had my hands full with my wedding dress skirting!

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Sarry, Ye' Kahn't Hav'That

We've been giv'n o' listah aye'tems we're naht ahlowed tah take on tah'tha plane, 'n' listed amongst summa-dose listed aye'tems...

No Harpoons nor any Spear Guns (big surprise!)
No Axes or Hatchets (we'll juhhst hav'tah forego gettin' we're owyn firewood)
No Meat Clevers (good to know - - I 'adn't been sure on dat one!)
No Hurley Sticks and No Cricket Bats neither
No Catapults (ahh, shoot!)

and Absolutely NO Kilt Pins (yer just gunna hav'tah risk a frontal flash, mah hubby honey-man!)

Monday, September 10, 2007

We're Officially Hitched!

We haven't yet seen all the real-deal photographs from the big day, but here are a few of my own taken before the big event... our arbour and table flowers, and a "before my big updo" shot...

Post-nuptials, back in our home, chillin' with some of our family before gathering for dinner, we let my hair down, literally, and all these had been in my hair!

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

3 Days Until The 'Big Day'

I'm home from work today - - doing French homework right now (well, blogging right now) for my 11:30am class, and have updated my things-to-do list for this afternoon. Gots LOTS to do today for our WEDDING on SATURDAY! Yes, it's this next Saturday!?!

So far, so good, everything that had been soooo out of place at so close a time to our wedding date has been settled: #1, I called to pick up my wedding dress after its cleaning and pressing, to be told it couldn't be found (not something anyone should ever tell a bride-to-be unless they're absolutely sure the damn thing's gone forever), but after 3 more calls and a internally panicking trip straight to the store, it was found; #2, our dear friend from Glendale, CA, who'd applied for a temporary Clark Co. officiator's license was denied just 2 weeks before the wedding, but now, we have a very willing and gracious local minister, a friend of a friend, who has volunteered to stand in as the required legal officiant for our marital contract, thereby, allowing our friend to resume his original post; #3, I found out the only to-attend member of my mother's family had decided she and her husband weren't coming, but in trying to convince her to change her mind and realizing she was not budging, despite loads of logical and emotional argument, I burst into tears and the tears wound up sealing the deal = she's coming; and then #4, I found out we'd lost her husband already, who'd gone ahead and made loads of new can't-be-cancelled plans, after their not-going-to-the-wedding decision, and thereby, we also lost our photographer just one week before the wedding [SIDE NOTE: My first wedding, my uncle took some of the best pictures we had had of the whole lot, so I'd been really excited to have him work his magic again, this second time around.], but my resourceful honey-man scored us a professional wedding photographer in less than a couple days, and without the outrageous Vegas Wedding photographer's pricing. OHHH! And up until today, we weren't entirely sure whether we'd get to go or not, on our honeymoon to Ireland!! Not until my honey-man got his hands on his newly, finally issued Canadian Passport!

Much elated cheering and hooting and hollering the last couple days, let me tell ya.

Okay, so there's the update! Now I gotta get back to my French workbook, so I can leave in 30 min.

Monday, September 03, 2007

One of a Kind
LogoThere are
people with my name
in the U.S.A.

How many have your name?

I got this one from Kati ~