Sunday, September 28, 2008

Did you say Pub Cheese?!

I'm just two weeks shy of 4 months along now! My excitement has been growing each day, along with our lil' jalapeno, who should measure nearly 4 inches long by now. This is my 16th week, so my next OB appointment is this Wednesday afternoon, but we still won't find out if we're having a girl or a boy until 2 weeks from now. Other than a few sleepless nights, I've been feeling really good the last few weeks. I'm still a greezy girl, enough so that missing a shower is out of the question... but that's an easy fix = shower everyday!

Although my appetite has been raging since my first trimester's end, I've been keeping it well leashed since my Stouffers and Marie Callenders splurge. My pregnancy weight gain has officially begun, but it's nothing more than the called for weekly 0.5-1.0 lbs, which I'm happy about (this is a HUGE understatement). As for cravings, I really love an egg on a toasted whole wheat english muffin either for breakfast or dinner, anytime! I haven't had any other major cravings except one, which developed while we were in Burbank the weekend before last, where I fell in love with the sharp cheddar 'pub cheese' sold at Trader Joes. Upon returning home to Vegas that very weekend, we drove straight to Trader Joes so we could stock up our empty fridge waiting for us at home, but we were sure to buy a tub of pub cheese too!

My new found love of pub cheese has become a joke in our house actually... Think of Homer Simpson and how he, trance-like, slowly groans 'donut,' and nearly drooling, and that's what I do whenever I speak of 'pub cheese.' "Mmmmm, paahhb cheeezze." I want pub cheese ALL THE TIME. Turns out my honey-man is the one who's had a hard time controlling himself with the pub cheese though... Yesterday's trip together to Traders, as I approached the special cheeses display, repeatedly mumbling under my breath "pahhhb cheeeze," my honey-man declared almost in full panic mode that we could only buy pub cheese every other week. Why? Well, he managed to devour 1/2 of our first container in less than 3 days time, that's why!

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Who Got Shot?!?

I began writing this on the 18th, and I've just now returned to it, in order to finish the last 2 sentences: When the TV show West Wing was at its height in popularity, I was no where near it. I never watched the show while it was running, not once. Mind you, I just don't want much TV. Well, several months ago, we borrowed the first season dvd set, and once we started the first disc, I was wanting to watch one episode after another. It'd be dinner time and I'd propose we eat on the couch, hoping to multi-task, eating while watching another episode. Well, we finished the first disc and I thought we were done...

I had had no idea there were 4 double-sided dvd discs in the set!?! I found that out only a couple weeks ago... and since then, we've been, uh, well, we've been watching a lot of West Wing. We finished the 3rd dvd last night, and little did I know, although it was OBVIOUS, it was the last episode! Yes, the LAST EPISODE OF THAT FIRST SEASON. So it ended as it ends, skinheads shooting guns, people screaming and ducking and running about, and I just freaked! I ran to the dvd case and, indeed, the 4th and last dvd disc was nothing but special features! I'm now totally left hanging! And we don't yet have our hands on the 2nd season set to know who the hell got shot?!? I ahhhlmost called Kati (aka WestWingNut) last night to end the suspense right then and there, but um, it was probably midnight her time! Plus I came to my senses, although I did lay awake in bed cursing out loud for about 5 minutes before falling asleep (and my honey-man did so as well!).

Now, now, DO NOT anyone tell me, really! The first disc of the 2nd West Wing season is the 3rd dvd in our Netflix queue... We will survive.

"Go! Go Rodrigo y Gabriela" or "Not Since Regina Spektor"

I'm not sure when it was that I last felt this excited about discovering a new artist. I realize now these guys have been floating around the music circuit for a couple years now, having last night sought out their website and several posts on YouTube, but man... I just found 'em, okay?! ~ and I'm freakin' thrilled!

Last night, I got my honey-man to listen in and watch their "Diablo Rojo" video, and next ya know, over an hour later, I was still sitting at the kitchen table and we were watching everything we could find. I just bought their self-titled album via iTunes and it's playing as I write. I just love this album!

Not many of my family read this blog... which is good, cuz I know what yer all getting from me for Christmas this year! Back to work now!

P.S. We found out last night they were just in Vegas on the 19th, playing at The Joint. DAMN! Even though we were in L.A. last weekend, we so would have gone had we known! Even if it meant our arriving in Burbank around 3am!

Monday, September 22, 2008

My Political Affiliations or Lack Thereof

My father and I just had a conversation on the phone - - or should I say, he went off while I listened and giggled just a little, occasionally asking him a couple response and/or clarify questions.

Let me be clear here: I do not know who I'm voting for. Honestly, I don't like either candidate much. I think McCain is a hot head and Obama is a talker. And don't get me started on Palin (although I do really wish people would leave her personal family life alone and stick with the issues).

P.S. I wrote this post to goad my father!

Tax Cut Truths

(Click image to enlarge)

Master of Distortion: John McCain

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Three Months Away, Not like I'm Counting Already...

Some friends of ours in Glendale, CA, they throw an absolutely fantastic white elephant party each year before the Christmas holiday... I think last year's party, they were well over 40 people in attendance? Well, I just realized today that the next one upcoming is 3 months away from now! Yup, already looking forward to it. In fact, soon after last year's party, we were cooking up white elephant gift ideas on Christmas day, and scored the most incredible groan-inducing white elephant gift fathomable, given to my Grams as a gift last Christmas. We've had it wrapped up and stashed in our linen closet for the last 9 months, awaiting the time of its grand unveiling at this next party! I'm totally stoked! When the time comes, you can count on pictures being posted!

This following picture was taken for the angel boy-O's mommie, Wendy and her lovin'-man, and when they see it, they'll know exactly its relevance.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Resisting the Urge

BE FOREWARNED: Multiple massive run-on sentences...

So, the latest development in my lil' world of pregnancy is this: My appetite has gone through the freakin' roof!!! Over the past weekend, as this realization was coming to fruition, I was a very bad girl...

My honey-man stepped through our front door, saw all the empty grocery bags lying on the kitchen table, and as he saw me, as I turned to see him, as I announced I had a guilty confession to share, he then asked, "Whaaat did you dooo?," and then he immediately supposed I'd gone crazy purchasing more ice cream than we could possibly need or want (which rarely happens, no more than an annual basis)... "Oh no, it's much worse than that." And I turned to open the freezer door for him to behold my shame; I had made the mistake of going grocery shopping while I was hungry, jonesin' for starchy, fatty comfort foods, and I'd come home with an obscene combination of microwave meals! TRANSLATION OF 'OBSCENE': I bought 15 of 'em! Oh yes, FIFTEEN. SIDE NOTE: In my defense, I spent only $20 bucks, which, actually, one could argue is a better indication of something else, and the health implications aren't good.

SOME BACKGROUND INFO: Other than a few convenient frozen items from Trader Joe's, we DO NOT buy microwavable TV-dinner type stuff; it's never to be found in my mental grocery list, nor in our freezer. And right now? We're set for the next couple months (as long as I'm able to reign in my appetite). Although there were 5 Lean Cusine meals amongst the mix (mind you, all but one of those is some kind of pizza!), the rest are Marie Callender's pot pies (about 600 calories a pop!), and there are five evil, evil, evil, most delicious, Stouffers mac n' cheese meals (BTW, I require lemon pepper sprinkled on those!)... okay, okay: Ohhhccasionally, always the result of a weak, weak, very hungry moment, I will bring home a Stouffers mac n' cheese, which is then eaten within 30 minutes of walking in the door, but this does not happen often, not even on a quarterly basis.

BTW, a part of me blames this past weekend's transgression upon my Grammie Joanie and Gpa Billy, who introduced me to Stouffers mac n' cheese, while I was attending BYU in Provo, UT. I'd drive up to SLC, to get away from zoobie-land, and if unannounced, Gpa Billy would offer me a Stouffers mac n' cheese... That's how it began. Look at me now!?!

P.S. As an afterthought, what I should have done was take a picture of the inside of our freezer. That would have said it right there!

Sunday, September 14, 2008

My Energy is Picking Up, I'd Say...

Nearly two weeks ago, I felt my energy begin to pick up a little, even though the weekend before this one, I managed to score 4 naps and gained a full night's sleep between them all. Over the last few days, however, I'd have to say it's definitely up... Here's what I've done over the last 4 days:

shopping at Target,
washed 5 loads of laundry,
changed our bedroom bedding,
brushed both kitties with zee Furminator,
hung a shelf in our blasted coat closet,
reorganized the blasted coat closet,
collected enough don't-need-it stuff for 3 bags to Goodwill,
cleaned all 3 bathrooms, top to bottom,
dusted the entire downstairs and upstairs (minus my honey-man's office),
vacuumed the upstairs and downstairs (minus the stairs),
swept and mopped all the tile flooring,
cleaned the carpet in the front room,
put together two additional furniture cubes,
cooked a full curry dinner Sat. night (and was still not able to eat the chicken),
cleaned everything on the kitchen pot shelves,
cleaned all the downstairs interior windows,
trimmed 3 plants and re-potted two others,
went grocery shopping,
and.... You get my point?

I've got more energy now. I'm feelin' purty dang good this last week. And after dinner tonight, feeling tired, I got a couple hours on the couch with my fuzzy babies... who now want their dinner! Otis is at my left shoulder, meowing sweetly, but quite persistently...

Why I Love Mah Honey-Man ~ Reason 26

Because Saturday morning, over breakfast, eating waffles and bacon together, my honey-man began a dramatic monologue describing the glory of bacon... and he went on and on and on. And I could have eaten him whole.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Amber Ellen Ward Jacobson

One month has passed since Amber died. I keep reliving the feelings of losing my mother and my father's own loss, and consequently, my heart aches for my cousin, Trevor, and his immediate family and how they all must feel.

Not living in Salt Lake nor near that area, I feel so strange about the last month. If I had not been there at the mortuary for dressing Amber, and Brianna doing Amber's hair, and had I not gone to the funeral, the reality of Amber's death would be unfathomable. And even then, I half expect to hear from her on the phone any day now, asking me how I'm feeling, spouting off about which pregnancy books I just have to read and how much she knows I'll love them. Her enthusiasm for motherhood was boundless!

These 'Amber' bags were the creation of my cousin, Annie, who is actually from my father's side of my family. Annie had met Amber a year before I'd thought to introduce the two to one another. These incredible bags designed and organized by Annie contained all sorts of things: Beeswax soap and baby washcloths donated by a located pharmacy, chocolate bars, craft kits, a flip book with 'how to bond with your newborn' info, a card listing ideas for local play activities, some of them had books on depression and mental illness, and there were pages included listing information and resources for postpartum and general depression and Amber's story. The bags were given out after Amber's funeral and the luncheon preceding the family's drive to Bloomington, ID, for the burial service held in Bear Lake. Annie and her collaborating friends, who I met the night before the funeral, they all did a fantastic job pouring their love and their desire to help into these bags. Your efforts made a great difference, and my family was extremely touched and most grateful! I'm 100% certain Amber would have been pleased.

One of the display tables...
(click image to enlarge)
I know that as time continues to pass, if one keeps looking forward, life finds you and brings you along. I miss her though.

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Tacos for My Mum!

Today's my mother's birthday - - and in her honor, I made tacos for our dinner... She used to fry and soften and shape her own corn tortillas for our taco nights. I loved how she prepped all the fixings in different shallow bowls, all set out all over the kitchen table. And she never questioned my wanting Miracle Whip on my tacos... I have no idea where that came from, by the way, but I remember spreading the stuff inside every single taco shell before loading 'em up [BTW, I now favor sour cream instead!].

Happy Birthday Mum!

"One Down n' Hoping for Several More to Go-Go" or "O'Lil Bit o' Green"

We had our FIRST! wedding anniversary yesterday!!! ONE YEAR already!?! And man, do I ever think my honey-man is a cutie patootie? He's such a sweetheart. He brought me flowers to my office and surprised the heck outta me! (we had had a deal - - no gifts!) ~ I'm not complaining though!

We had a wonderful evening together - - nothing super fancy. We went to Fado, an Irish themed pub and restaurant that opened in the spring, hoping to relive a lil' bit of our honeymoon in Ireland. The food was delicious - - the 'appetizer' we had was insanely good, we entered a food induced coma by the third bites of our main dishes! And seeing my honey-man has himself a solid designated driver for at least the next 6 months, he had himself a couple drafts of Guinness, while I had myself a Club Orange soda, bottled in Ireland.

After having this, we've decided that our late working night runs to Sonic together will now be replaced with visits to Fado for whiskey cheddar mac with bacon!
My honey-man had fish n' chips with malt vinegar and I had a trinity steak boxty! I didn't make it past a couple more bites of this though... we had A LOT of leftovers (but not much of the mac left)!
And for dessert? Hmmm...
We got off of work too late to relive our 'wedding cake' experience last night. Tonight we'll be heading to the Cupcakery for a Kir Royale and a Southern Belle.

Our Lil' Buckaroo in the Oven

Over the Labor Day weekend, we went camping with the angel boy-O and his mommie, Wendy, and her lovin'-man in the Los Padres National Forest near Santa Barbara...

We spent part of our Sunday not around our campsite, but a place called Solvang in the Santa Ynez valley. Solvang is essentially a delightfully dutch themed tourist trap! For our time in Solvang, we did so many funny lil' things that stand out in my memory - - like cafe hop from one place to another, to another, and back to the second choice... and Solvang's Scandinavian shoe shop... and Mmmm... Aebelskivers with raspberry sauce (Arne's featured HERE)!

There were also loads of gift shops full of kitchy, strange who-ever-buys-this kind of stuff... and also lots of cool, crafty, stylish how-could-I-justify-buying-this kind of stuff. There were LOTS of children's shops too... Wendy saw this lil' number in a shop window and she went nuts! See, we think my honey-man was maybe a cowboy in a former life... On n' off for over the last year, depending how busy his work gets, he exercises horses a couple times a week at a local horse ranch. Yup, my honey-man, he LOVES dah horseys, and dreams of someday owning some equestrian zoned property in northern UT.

So yeah, when Wendy saw this, the two of us went searching inside the store, and once found, she said she just had to get it (and it is perfect!):

That's a pair of ears and a horsey mane on the hood there!
There are more horsey-shoe prints across the back, plus a row of fringe across the shoulders.
WAY CUTE ~ Thanks again, Wendy!

Sunday, September 07, 2008

Officially Excited 'Bout Zee Baybee

Will post baby news later 2nite!
--- Okay, it's not Sunday night, I know, it's Monday afternoon (I got too pooped to post last night!)...

But here's the latest news: I'm 13 weeks along (that's a lil' more than 3 months) and we now have ourselves a little 'jalapeno' measuring about 3 inches long already!?! In five more weeks, we'll get to find out if it's a girlie or a boy-O.

Annnd... while at my ob appointment last Friday, I had told my doc how I'd gotten a lil' nervous that last Monday about my not feeling terribly pregnant in the last few weeks, other than my nightly bloating and my generally exhausted state, still concerned that I haven't had any morning sickness at all?!? I confessed to him that I had actually taken another pregnancy test to sooth my growing doubt. Again, he told me to freakin' be happy about the no morning sickness, and he also told me that we're now at a point where I should just quit worrying about my being pregnant or not. He also said sure, we had a crappy start of it, "but your sonograms have looked good and all your hormonal levels are now perfect..." He then stopped listing off my reasons to relax, smiled real big and asked, "Why don't we just put this to rest right now, shall we?" From that point, he both brought out a Doppler machine and had my tummy gelled in less than 10 seconds, and told me we were going to find and hear the baby's heartbeat right now. With the thing on, he began to move it here and there across my lower abdomen, lingering a lil' here and there, hearing nothing but static noises, all while he gazed up toward the ceiling, making oh-so subtle concentration faces... I began to worry that he wasn't finding it, and he knew this. He glanced down at me and gave me a HUGE smile, while moving his hand with the Doppler in one quick, fixed motion, and he simultaneously announced "Here it is" = and I heard it! -wah, wah, wah, wah, wah- Strong, fast, steady and REAL! I heard the baby's heartbeat!?!

I'm not sure why (haven't attempted to analyze it just yet - - too slap happy to care!), but the Doppler experience on Friday was far more convincing than my earlier sonograms. Hearing our baby's heartbeat, I was absolutely overcome with the reality that THERE IS SOMETHING -a baby- GROWING INSIDE OF ME! My throat tightened and I could barely breathe, I was so amazed... and totally vehclempted!

Ever since that Friday afternoon, it's been official: I'm excited now! No more distractions, no more holding off = I AM EXCITED!

We're having a baby!!! WOO-HOO!