Wednesday, September 24, 2008

"Go! Go Rodrigo y Gabriela" or "Not Since Regina Spektor"

I'm not sure when it was that I last felt this excited about discovering a new artist. I realize now these guys have been floating around the music circuit for a couple years now, having last night sought out their website and several posts on YouTube, but man... I just found 'em, okay?! ~ and I'm freakin' thrilled!

Last night, I got my honey-man to listen in and watch their "Diablo Rojo" video, and next ya know, over an hour later, I was still sitting at the kitchen table and we were watching everything we could find. I just bought their self-titled album via iTunes and it's playing as I write. I just love this album!

Not many of my family read this blog... which is good, cuz I know what yer all getting from me for Christmas this year! Back to work now!

P.S. We found out last night they were just in Vegas on the 19th, playing at The Joint. DAMN! Even though we were in L.A. last weekend, we so would have gone had we known! Even if it meant our arriving in Burbank around 3am!

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