Sunday, September 28, 2008

Did you say Pub Cheese?!

I'm just two weeks shy of 4 months along now! My excitement has been growing each day, along with our lil' jalapeno, who should measure nearly 4 inches long by now. This is my 16th week, so my next OB appointment is this Wednesday afternoon, but we still won't find out if we're having a girl or a boy until 2 weeks from now. Other than a few sleepless nights, I've been feeling really good the last few weeks. I'm still a greezy girl, enough so that missing a shower is out of the question... but that's an easy fix = shower everyday!

Although my appetite has been raging since my first trimester's end, I've been keeping it well leashed since my Stouffers and Marie Callenders splurge. My pregnancy weight gain has officially begun, but it's nothing more than the called for weekly 0.5-1.0 lbs, which I'm happy about (this is a HUGE understatement). As for cravings, I really love an egg on a toasted whole wheat english muffin either for breakfast or dinner, anytime! I haven't had any other major cravings except one, which developed while we were in Burbank the weekend before last, where I fell in love with the sharp cheddar 'pub cheese' sold at Trader Joes. Upon returning home to Vegas that very weekend, we drove straight to Trader Joes so we could stock up our empty fridge waiting for us at home, but we were sure to buy a tub of pub cheese too!

My new found love of pub cheese has become a joke in our house actually... Think of Homer Simpson and how he, trance-like, slowly groans 'donut,' and nearly drooling, and that's what I do whenever I speak of 'pub cheese.' "Mmmmm, paahhb cheeezze." I want pub cheese ALL THE TIME. Turns out my honey-man is the one who's had a hard time controlling himself with the pub cheese though... Yesterday's trip together to Traders, as I approached the special cheeses display, repeatedly mumbling under my breath "pahhhb cheeeze," my honey-man declared almost in full panic mode that we could only buy pub cheese every other week. Why? Well, he managed to devour 1/2 of our first container in less than 3 days time, that's why!


Anonymous said...

I love pub cheese also. I am trying to perfect a recipe that is will be better that TJ's!

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I can't stop eating it either! And definitely NOT pregnant!