Sunday, September 14, 2008

My Energy is Picking Up, I'd Say...

Nearly two weeks ago, I felt my energy begin to pick up a little, even though the weekend before this one, I managed to score 4 naps and gained a full night's sleep between them all. Over the last few days, however, I'd have to say it's definitely up... Here's what I've done over the last 4 days:

shopping at Target,
washed 5 loads of laundry,
changed our bedroom bedding,
brushed both kitties with zee Furminator,
hung a shelf in our blasted coat closet,
reorganized the blasted coat closet,
collected enough don't-need-it stuff for 3 bags to Goodwill,
cleaned all 3 bathrooms, top to bottom,
dusted the entire downstairs and upstairs (minus my honey-man's office),
vacuumed the upstairs and downstairs (minus the stairs),
swept and mopped all the tile flooring,
cleaned the carpet in the front room,
put together two additional furniture cubes,
cooked a full curry dinner Sat. night (and was still not able to eat the chicken),
cleaned everything on the kitchen pot shelves,
cleaned all the downstairs interior windows,
trimmed 3 plants and re-potted two others,
went grocery shopping,
and.... You get my point?

I've got more energy now. I'm feelin' purty dang good this last week. And after dinner tonight, feeling tired, I got a couple hours on the couch with my fuzzy babies... who now want their dinner! Otis is at my left shoulder, meowing sweetly, but quite persistently...

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