Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Hooray for the Cranberry Fluff!

This first pic (at least I think it will be shown first?) shows my "most favoritest" (as my honey-man's angel boy-O would say) spot to be found in my parents' home = "the kitchen nook." Although I spent only one full H.S. year in the house they now live in, I have always enjoyed sitting at this table, eating my morning cereal in the morning light that comes in from those windows.

The 2nd shot, I took just because I thought it was so funny - "Prize of Iowa" butter?!? I also think my family believes I'm nuts... "You're taking a picture of the butter" - spoken more so as a statement, stupified, rather than voiced as a question to clarify one's confusion.

3rd, the most coveted Cranberry Fluff (my recipe link HERE). I begged - more like insisted - that we make a double batch of this stuff. Do you know how much Cranberry Fluff that makes? Not enough. I LOVE it and it was ALLLL gone by Saturday!?! NOTE: No Jello product of any kind is to be included in its ingredients; thus, although it does include mini-marshmallows and Cool Whip, it does not meet full Mormon salad standards.

The next pic - what do you think it is - ??? The first time my father saw it, he immediately likened its appearance to that of a giant-scale training bra. My father simply likes to call things as they are... Honestly, it's a picture of the middle school I went to when we first moved to Iowa in '87. Lovely, eh? My father has said he believes the structural engineers and architechs who designed and ultimately built the school first got together and drew up the building plans to mimic breasts, just to see and test out whether or not the school district would approve or deny the concept. Cedar Rapids has another middle school building built the very same way... EVERYONE thinks of them as the boobie schools. And those who don't, just won't admit it.

Red was our Turkey Day's theme color ~ a lovely lil' red rose arrangement made by my step-mum. Martha Stewart should look out, I'm tellin' ya.

The Viagra ~this is NOT a close-up shot, but rather, a picture of a mighty large paperweight that can be found on my father's desk in his home office, given to him by his best-friend, Don, for my father's 50th birthday. Is that not hysterical? Tell me, is it not?

And Grant Wood's American Gothic came to town - see the article for details in pic itself = enough said.

One evening, the setting sun looked as though it were a little ball of fire just hanging around, out in the back woods behind my parents' home... the picture doesn't do the moment justice. I knew it wouldn't, but I had to at least try.

And the last pic -but not least- my parents' nifty, quite purty, pre-lit Chrimpus tree! Easy as 1-2-3!

Monday, November 28, 2005

Oink Oink!

Soon to come - some Turkey Day pics...

Thursday, November 24, 2005

Gobble Gobble!

HAPPY TURKEY DAY EVERYBODY! - except the turkeys... I'm gunna go now and have me some Cranberry "Fluff" salad - mmmm...

MMMWAH! Big Kisses!

Tuesday, November 22, 2005

A Memory Sparked by Mihow

In 1987 at the age of 12, from a vending machine I bought myself a package of Ding-Dongs. This was not a common childhood practice for me then and remains a HUGE rarity today - I've never liked to purchase/consume plastic wrapped confections that have an expiration date/shelf life more than 1 week away from the time of purchase. Back to my story... with Ding-Dongs in hand, I then realized, "I can't possibly eat even one bite of these without some cold milk!" So I bought myself a carton of milk from a neighboring vending machine. Note: Up until this point, I loved milk. Soooo, Ding-Dongs in one hand, cold milk carton in the other, I took a big, big bite of Ding-Dong and then a big swig of milk to discover, to my ABSOLUTE HORROR, the milk was CHUNKY!?!? Out from my mouth I spewed partially chewed Ding-Dong and CHUNKY milk, everywhere! EVERYWHERE. The milk carton was dropped and its chunky contents spread across the tile flooring for everyone to see and smell the milk gone horribly sour. I then laughed so hard I made myself sick - those who were with me at the time it happened still mention the incident today.

For the record: Never again have I bought a carton of milk or a container of milk of any kind, shape or size from a vending machine of any kind ever since.

Monday, November 21, 2005

SPF ~ Past, Present & Future

Okay, I said Sunday, but it's Monday...

This one has been really hard for me - everything I've thought of is either ridiculously trite or way toooo serious. Last night over dinner, I told my honey-man (a sweet, most tolerant supporter of my blogging) that I was having a really hard time with this past week's SPF... Initially, it was just a matter of me not being able to make up my mind as to what would be appropriate, but as of last Thursday, it's been difficult to keep anything in the proper perspective.

Earlier today I was told that I've tested positive for the presence of pre-cancerous cells found in/on my cervix. Not at all as bad as it could have been -"pre" is certainly better than "malignant"- but it was not at all what I wanted to hear. A few weeks ago I went in for my annual OBGYN visit and a rather plump polyp about the size of half my pinkie finger was found and removed on the spot. I was told that tests would be done in the following week and I wouldn't hear from the office unless something was wrong. This past Thursday while at work, I received a call and as I was told, "This is so-n-so from Dr. ______'s office. Your results from your last visit were abnormal [pap results vs. the polyp was not distinguished at the time of the call] and we need to have you come in next week if possible for a whatever-she-called-it biopsy series." My stomach immediately flew up in my throat and all I could think was "oh shit." Last Friday, my then present condition could only be described as "calmly floating along, yet slightly preoccupied." Why get upset when I don't really know what's going on? Right?
Considering my mother's health history, my own health has always been a subject of concern for my family, both immediate and extended. Turns out the polyp that was removed was found to be benign - very happy news. The additional biopsy samples collected today should provide more conclusive information as to whether or not whatever else that was found is considered "low-risk" or "high-risk," but I won't know until my follow up two weeks from now. Sure, the chances that I've got something seriously wrong/high-risk are low, but chances are chances and in my life's experience, things don't always work out how we'd like them too. This reality has apparently sunk in for me, despite all my efforts to not get upset or jump to any conclusions I really don't know or yet have... I had a dream the other night that I had to have a hysterectomy. Just a dream, but a disturbing one at that. My past, my present and my future all just seem fuzzy right now. I'm preoccupied is all - everything seems to be a bit on hold until I know more.

Saturday, November 19, 2005

Stuff Portrait Friday - gunna wait 'til Sunday

I am drowning in class papers and the like - I really want to participate in this latest SPF, but it'll hafta wait until tomorrow...unless you'd want to see my old toothbrush, now a fish filter cleaner (my past), my current toothbrush (my present) and one yet to be used, in its packaging still (my future). No? Then hopefullly I can post something else tomorrow.

Thursday, November 17, 2005

Self-Portrait Day!

These absolutely crazy shades belong to my friend, Daly (pronounced like "Dolly" - NOT "Daily" - she came to the U.S. from Thailand when she was 5 yrs old). Daly looks great in 'em, but I think that I only look like a bug to be squashed!!! I couldn't look at myself in the visor mirror without losin' it - gotta admit, looks pretty funny, eh?
Self-Portrait Day

Monday, November 14, 2005

Some Random Thoughts on Thai Food

I made a curry dish over the weekend - and I gotta ask, if it can stain a white, hard nylon mixing spoon a bright DAYGLOW yellow and my fingers too for days to come, what does it do to my digestive track?

And has there always been broccoli in Thailand for the making of Pad See Ewe? when did Thailand acquire broccoli?

If my eyes are watering and my forehead and the back of my neck are perspiring profusely, and my sinuses are flowing like a river, how can the dish I'm eating be considered, "oh so very mild, Miss" - ?!?

It's hard to imagine peanut fields in Thailand.

How many times must I insist, "No. I DO too want Pad Tai!"

What the hell is a Mungbean?

Did you know traditional Thai food is not to be eaten with chopsticks?

Friday, November 11, 2005

Stuff Portrait Friday

Once again, according to Kristine - this Friday's theme, "Show Me the Money."

#1 The Last Thing I Bought for Myself: Dryer Sheets - no joke. Fabric softness has always been considered a luxury item for me. We're talking about a girl who NEVER bought this kind of stuff, including liquid fabric softener (heaven's no!) until only last year... Off to college in '93, before my parents happily left me to my new prison cell, I mean my new apartment-style dorm in Rexburg, ID (suddenly itching as I recall the day), my step-mum was so kind as to start me off with the proper, needed away-from-home products: Shampoo, Conditioner, a couple bars of Dial soap, a bottle of Laundry Detergent, a can of Spray Starch for ironing (to this day, I STILL have this very same can of starch, as I refuse to even buy clothing that requires ironing), and one box of dryer sheets, among other things. That box of dryer sheets kicked around with me as I moved from place to place over the following 5 years. Yes, it took me 5 years to use one box of dryer sheets, reserving the said product for only static-prone dryer loads. See, I had been told (and it's true) that fabric softeners wear out yer threads. People, I'm the kind of person who has and still wears clothes from high school, with a couple exceptions. Plus, I'm a total cheap skate and have in the past refused to PAY for a product that will only help me wear out my own clothes... BUHT I discovered the yummy delight of SOFT BEDSHEETS, fragranced with Vanilla Lavendar no less, thanks to my old roomie, Seorin. I love the stuff now, although I must confess, the bath towels I've had since I had been married (circa 1997) are now starting to show their age, thanks to a year's worth of avid liquid fabric softener use. Honestly, I'm trying to now curb my use of liquid fabric softener. Yes, NO need to tell me, thanks = I'm a total nerd and I know it (as Hall & Oates blares in the background while I type).
#2 The Last Thing Someone Bought Me: My most considerate, sweetest and most adorable honey of a honey-man found this book and bought me my own copy. His faith in me and the support he gives me is enough to make a woman feel she can conquer the world, I tell ya - although paying my bills and establishing a college fund and a nice retirement plan is really enough for me. Regardless, there are things I do well and he knows it and won't let me forget it and I love him for it. Thanks baby! I can't wait for a good holiday break, so I can read this!
Also, I must mention my parents were recently here in LV for a little visit and the spoiling was ridiculous. From Shu Uemura mascara (oh my gosh, it's amazing stuff) to tickets for Hall and Oates. Most importantly though, it was great to see them and spend time with them both. Big hugs!

# 3 My wallet, of sorts: Not the typical leather or nylon product, eh? I saw this in a Sky Mall catalog when flying home from a San Francisco trip, just before going on a trip to New York. I got home, got online and ordered one as a pre-NY gift for myself. I love metal etching and thought it'd be nice and compact, see? And I love metal etchings - did I mention this already? I really hate purses (although you'd never know judging byhow many I do have - most were gifts...
NOTE to Friends & Family: No more purses, PUHLEEZE!

Thursday, November 10, 2005

Tuesday, November 08, 2005

First, Last and couple Currents


First best friend: Dylan - I was 3 years old? I totally remember him, but have no recollection of his last name - not sure if I ever knew it. That's one of the things I'd ask my mum if she were here still.
First Car: 1987 Oldsmobile, Delta 88 - an automatic, beige/tan, 4-door with one big front seat (no bucket seats) - my friends called it the "Fudmobile." It had a great stereo, four wheels and it ran = good enough for me.
First kiss: Heck, does kissing tag in preschool count? First real kiss: Jason Williams, although I shoved him about 10 feet away from me when he tried to stick his tongue down my throat. At the time, it was a major 'YUCK.'
First makeout: Andy Neal - naughty, naughty
First big trip: Age 6, Disneyland! Sea World & The San Diego Zoo
First flight: Um, not sure... sometime before I was 8 years old, I think. Another thing my mum would know.
First time skiing/snowboarding: Age 8
First concert: My first official concert was some raggae group in 1981? Another thing my mum would know.
First Alcoholic Drink: I was at a Peter, Paul and Mary concert in Park City, UT. During an intermission, my aunt Sarah (less than 2 yrs my senior) and I approached this groovin' guy w/ a big, fat humungous fro, who was standing behind a table laden with lil' white paper Dixie cups. He chuckled and shook his head casually as we each took a cup of what we thought was water - it was white wine. Post gulp, I think the spray I then choked and spewed forth was comparable to the breadth of a fine-mist lawn sprinkler... We both ran, sprinting toward a water fountain to spit and rinse, spit and rinse and repeat.
First ticket violation: Driving 75 mph in a 55 zone, on my way to my aunt Brenda's for a french toast breakfast (la-la-la-love french toast) before leaving town for a white-H20 rafting trip on the Snake River in Jackson Hole, WY.
First job: I had a regular babysitting job, watching Jordan, Taylor and Landon, off of Laird Ave. in SLC, UT - I was 10 years old. I wish I could remember my hourly rate. And today, I can't imagine letting a 10 year old babysit even ONE child w/o adult supervision.
First date: Technically, it was my father on my 16th birthday - now wait, don't get all weird on me. I wasn't allowed to date until I turned 16 - while my family was organizing a surprise party back at the house, my father took me out for pizza and a movie, Edward Scissorhands.


Last car ride: What kind of "ride" are we talkin about here - ? I drove home from dinner with my honey-man before he hit the road back to L.A.
Last kiss: my honey-man
Last time you cried: Yesterday, when I made myself sit through 5 whole minutes of Jerry Springer.
Last movie watched: Yojimbo by Kira Kurosawa (sp?!?)
Last food you ate: a yogurt - peach.
Last love: Last? meaning "ex" - ? No comment.
Last temptation: mah honey-man, while standing in the Starbucks line with he and my father
Last item bought: gasoline
Last annoyance: The discovery that my cell phone was inexplicably dead this morning, after charging it just yesterday
Last time wanting to die: oh, hell - what kind of question is this?
Last alcoholic drink: a mohito at Spago's with the parents and my honey-man, last Sunday night
Last concert: Daryl Hall & John Oates ~ woo-hoo!
Last phone call: my honey-man letting me know he just got on the south Glendale #2-hwy
Last friend you added on MYSPACE: I refuse to participate.


Current Best Friend(s): I have wonderful friends and I can't really name any one over another - I won't do it.
Current Car: mah new Matrix
Current love: romantic? hmmm...I'll have to think about that one (juhsst kidding baby!)
Current drink: Tension Tammer by Celestial Seasonings
Current activity: Right now or lately? running around like a crazy person and writing papers
Current annoyance: Daylight Savings - winter hours suck! it shouldn't be dark already when I get off at work at 5pm!?! It's depressing.
Current mood: Can "tired" be considered a mood?

Friday, November 04, 2005

"Your Kiss is on My List"

This is the lid to my sour cream container - the first time I bought "Daisy" brand sour cream, it was on sale. I now continue buying the Daisy brand so I can read the lid.
The bowl in the background happens to be Doc Ern's Daddy's Chili recipe - we (me and mah honey-man) so, so, so love it.

This is my substitute for once again failing to participate in Stuff Portrait Friday ~ I've got my parents in town this week - between work and classes at night and meeting up with them after class, getting home around midnight or later? I just haven't had time this week for SPD or SPF (or much homework either = uh-oh). I'll play for sure next week though.
Tomorrow night I'm going to go see Daryl Hall & John Oates - I have no shame in this whatsoever. Since my father confirmed he had scored us tickets, "Your Kiss is on My List" has been happily playing in my head, interspersed with "Maneater" (one word, not two) and "Rich Girl." I can't wait!
Have a good weekend! toodles!

Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Oatie? oh Ooohhen?

As I've mentioned earlier, I was in LA over the past weekend for 4.5 days, and I don't believe I mentioned this, but I had brought the boys with me ~ Otis & Owen. One day, coming home from an outing back to my honey-man's place, I walked up to one of my honey-man's open windows and called for the boys...

Otis came out from beneath a table, stretching and yawning and perked up at the sight of me peering in at him from the window - he quickly trotted over, his soft, fuzzy belly fat swinging gently beneath him from side to side, meowing urgently - "Hey, what are you doing out there! are you okay? !" Owen then dropped "from the sky," where he had been up in the angel boy-O's loftbed, apparently napping. The mewwing in unison that then ensued was just so damn cute, I about melted - so, I ran off from the window so I could go inside and cuddle and maul the two fuzzy babies. In the first pic, I think when they saw me whip out the camera, they knew I was useless to them, so they turned their attention to my honey-man instead.