Wednesday, May 27, 2009

"And How are those Fuzzy Babies of yours Faring?"

This was the first time I caught Owen napping in the bouncy baby chair we keep upstairs... and after I took this picture (and several others), he refused to acknowledge my prodding at him, asking him to leave it. I had to pick him up and set him away from it, and then I had to turn the thing upside-down, as he just made a bee-line right back to it before I could close him out of the baby's bedroom.
I had prepped this bouncy chair for an easy 'baby-from-the-tub' transfer, and as I'd turned around, having just turned off the tub's water faucet, viola! Owen's ready for bathtime (or naptime, rather)!
Whenever we leave town, I have to make an extra effort to kitty-proof all of the baby's things --like her swings, bouncy chairs, crib, bassinet, and her Pack n' Play... This here is her travel bassinet, which we'd taken out in preparation for our last trip to Los Angeles.
After returning from our last trip to LA, apparently my efforts to make the Pack n' Play uninhabitable were futile!
This was taken some time after 1:30 in the morning, May 19th...
I woke up to feed zah bebe and discovered these two were together and glued not only to each other but to my side as well...
And this one taken a moment later, after I'd had to move the two of them in order to reach my lil' babe... They look real upset don't they?
Owen believes this travel swing is HIS! I can fold it up, stack it upside-down, whatever... He finds a way, every time!After folding the first of two loads of our baby girlie's clean clothes, I'd closed the laundry room door specifically to prevent THIS:And that tricot baby blanket? - the one for which I kept stalling on completing its binding, as I'd written about seen HERE, well, Owen is still in love with it. As things heat up here in Vegas, it has basically become his blankey now. This pic was taken on Mother's Day~

Sunday, May 24, 2009

She Be Kickin' Mah Butt

My baby is going through a hefty growth spurt... For the past 2 weeks now, she likes to eat nearly every 2 hours during the daytime, which allows baby to have only short naps, which makes for an overtired baby in the evenings, let me tell ya! As for her nighttime feedings, she wakes about every 3 hours, which amounts to about 4-5 hours of sleep for me. Yeah, so my left eye has been twitching for days now. I is a tired mommie!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Fried Chicken n' Waffles, oh Yes!

While my parents were in town for my sister's MSW graduation, they were staying at the Palazzo on the Strip. There was one day during which I was there for both lunch and dinner, and both times, we ate at the Grand Lux Cafe. Hearing 'cafe', I'd thought we'd be eating some casual, simple cafe food... Um, there were truly 'cafe'-esque options on the menu, yes, but it was no ordinary, simpleton experience. Everything was extraordinarily scrumptious, even the fried chicken with waffles was superb! -- I would know, as I had it for lunch AND dinner, it was so freakin' good!

My honey-man had a fabulously nummy broiled pork loin with an apple, cranberry and peach chutney, and a vegetable saute and both garlic mashed potatoes and yummy mashed sweet potatoes
I don't remember what this was called, but it was loaded with fresh grapefruit and avocado and my father loved it
And behold, my nutty pecan fried chicken atop a perfect Belgian waffle with an uber yummy honey butter sauce (not pictured) and warm, pure maple syrup. The waffle had a perfect buttery crispness to its outside, yet a perfect inner texture, light and airy and soft, but not too dry = perfect!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Enjoying My Time

While my baby girlie swings away, blissfully conked out in her battery powered Graco baby swing, I've finally been able to enjoy some time dinkin' around online... although I probably should have showered over an hour ago, or better yet, I should have taken this chance to take a much, much needed nap, as my left eye's been twitching all morning long. I keep thinking though that she'll wake any minute... She'll make some cute lil' noise and stir a bit, and I'll brace myself for more coo-ey noises to be made, followed by some cute grunting and then a sharp lil' squawk that translates into "COME N' GET ME RIGHT NOW, MOMMIE!", signaling my online time must come to an end, but she's been out now for over 2 hours. She's made a couple deep contented breathy sighs since I began writing this lil' blurb of a post... but she's still not yet awake. Should I stop now and dash upstairs for a quick 5 minute shower?

A couple days ago --actually, it was the very night before we were to leave town in the morning for a family wedding in L.A. at Griffith Park-- I had stalled and stalled, thinking I didn't have enough time to shower before our baby girlie would wake and want to be fed before her final bedtime. I finally made a go of it though, and I hopped in the shower. Not only did I have to cut my shower short, I wound up with only one leg shaved (and I hadn't shaved in over a week), and no, I did not get the chance to remedy that before the wedding that following day. Thank goodness the dress I'd chosen to wear was long and lengthy!

Since my baby sweet potato girl's arrival, time has become a most precious commodity - not that it wasn't precious before... but never before now had time truly flown like it now does. And I'd thought the time was soaring past me while I was pregnant? That was nuthin'! I mean time REALLY flies by freakin' fast now, like lightning speed flashes! The day begins and before I know it, it's after three in the afternoon and I have only 3 or 4 hours or so until my honey-man is to return home from work.

I can't believe my baby is nearly 8 weeks old already? I'LL have only a month of maternity leave left... ['SHOUTING-AT-TOP-OF-MY-LUNGS' NOTE TO SELF: STOP THAT RIGHT NOW! THIS VERY INSTANT! DO NOT THINK ABOUT THAT RIGHT NOW OR YOU'LL TOTALLY FREAK OUT AND BURST INTO TEARS. AH!-AH! NOOO! NO!!! STAAHHP THAT!] Um, so yeah, she'll be 8 wks old tomorrow, and I had her weighed just yesterday, as I'd already noted. I look through the pictures we took those first days in the hospital, and it's utterly unbelievable how quickly she grows and how much she's changed and developed since we brought her home.

Oh and she's sooooo cute! She cooes, she smiles, she squawks and squeals... And she's seems to be such a pensive little girl already. She'll stare at us and all our fantastical efforts to coax a smile, and then she'll tilt her head to the side while staring some more... then she'll slowly bring her chin downward without breaking eye contact and then she'll suddently throw her chin upward and throw us the cutest lil' toothless smile I've ever laid eyes on!

The days just meld one into the other and I wish with all my heart that time would slow down, please, so I could enjoy this time a little longer, please.

Proper Infant Weight Gain

Just had our baby girlie weighed yesterday at a local women's center - - Yup, she'll be 8 weeks old this coming Thursday (and holy cow, how the time freakin' flies by!) and I was curious about her weight gain and where she is amongst the charts. Keep in mind that less than 2 weeks ago, she weighed in at the peds office at 10 and a half pounds. Well, our lil' chica has gained over a pound in less than 14 days = She now weighs 11 pounds and 12 ounces!! She weighs nearly that of an average 3 month old baby!

Yup, there's no concern now as to whether or not she's been gaining enough weight. Yeah, no concern there at all.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

'O' is for Oprah

Today, for the first time in the 6 weeks since we came home from the hospital with our baby sweet potato girl, I found and watched Oprah. Does this make my time spent at home on maternity leave officially complete?

Thursday, May 07, 2009

Adoring Grandparents in Town

My sister is graduating with her MSW this weekend, so my parents are in town and we've been, um, a bit busy! What an understatement! Yeah. Not much time for blogging right now... Sooo, may hafta wait until next week for something more substantial than this, sorry!