Wednesday, May 27, 2009

"And How are those Fuzzy Babies of yours Faring?"

This was the first time I caught Owen napping in the bouncy baby chair we keep upstairs... and after I took this picture (and several others), he refused to acknowledge my prodding at him, asking him to leave it. I had to pick him up and set him away from it, and then I had to turn the thing upside-down, as he just made a bee-line right back to it before I could close him out of the baby's bedroom.
I had prepped this bouncy chair for an easy 'baby-from-the-tub' transfer, and as I'd turned around, having just turned off the tub's water faucet, viola! Owen's ready for bathtime (or naptime, rather)!
Whenever we leave town, I have to make an extra effort to kitty-proof all of the baby's things --like her swings, bouncy chairs, crib, bassinet, and her Pack n' Play... This here is her travel bassinet, which we'd taken out in preparation for our last trip to Los Angeles.
After returning from our last trip to LA, apparently my efforts to make the Pack n' Play uninhabitable were futile!
This was taken some time after 1:30 in the morning, May 19th...
I woke up to feed zah bebe and discovered these two were together and glued not only to each other but to my side as well...
And this one taken a moment later, after I'd had to move the two of them in order to reach my lil' babe... They look real upset don't they?
Owen believes this travel swing is HIS! I can fold it up, stack it upside-down, whatever... He finds a way, every time!After folding the first of two loads of our baby girlie's clean clothes, I'd closed the laundry room door specifically to prevent THIS:And that tricot baby blanket? - the one for which I kept stalling on completing its binding, as I'd written about seen HERE, well, Owen is still in love with it. As things heat up here in Vegas, it has basically become his blankey now. This pic was taken on Mother's Day~

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Daly said...

Awe...they are so precious!! I don't blame them for being everywhere. Who wouldn't want to be next to things that smell like sweet baby potato girl?

We still have to visit. Three weeks now we've had sinus/chest congestion and now I think I have pink eye in both eyes from coughing so much! Until then, I think it's best I keep my germs to meself.

XOXOX (germ-free)