Monday, February 28, 2005

Sours for your sucker

Sat. night I picked my honey-man up from the airport. Last minute, before claiming his fine bummy, I had popped in a piece of Extra's 'Polar Ice' gum to refresh my kisser. After getting settled in the car and briefly reacquainted, I introduced him to my latest find: Extra's new 'Cool Green Apple' (not yet featured on their website). He and I (initiated by me) then began a semi-very- serious convo about the lastest trend in the chewing gum and candy market - sour stuff.

Have you too noticed this growing trend? Every gum and mint known to creation now has a sour cherry or sour apple counterpart or some bizarre 'blasting lightning' lemonade flave. Even Altoids now has an entire line of pucker-up-yer-puss products! and Bubblicous? they have a number of new sour chews --Savage Sour Apple-- to get my salavary glands gushing! In one 3 hour-long class, I went through an entire pack Bubble Yum Sour Blue Razz Berry! <---That website is totally annoying, be forewarned. oh, and although that Blue Razz is
AH-MAZE-ZING, it loses its flavor fast, as do most fruit flavored gums.

Anyhow, not only have I always loved gum (very good n' healthy for you and your mouth), I have always loved sour stuff since I was a kid... I absolutely love to have my mouth watering. Call it an oral fixation, whatever - I love gum and I love sour stuff. This new trend suits me perfectly.

The love of "all that is sour" runs in the family too - my mother's fam, we all love tart and sour stuff: lime rickeys, vinegar this and that, lemon and lime juices on or in a number of different drinks or dishes, Granny Smith apples, sour cherries,

Friday, February 25, 2005

One of the Strangest Websites I've ever seen!?! - do feel free to 'shun' the site
mmmkay - you'll either find this website to be:

a) really stupid
b) disturbing in a 'I-don't-know-what-to-think-about-this' kind of way
c) somewhat amusing in a detached sort of way
d) hilarious (in a sick, twisted, unhealthy, detached sort of way)
e) all of the above

My oh-so sweet and generally cheery, chipper roomie shared this site with me (quite enthusiastically). Initially (for only split seconds) I was, um, stunned (in a bad way). But now, how do I feel? um, honestly? It's sick. I must be wholly twisted though, b/c I think the comments on the site are fascinating...but I think my first visit was my last.

Dooce Comments Closed?

Hoooray for my obsessive blog bookmarking!
As anticipated (on my part), comments for POTD have been closed temporarily (to reopen eventually, we hope - we hope) due to the server crashing (quest for 1000 met and I missed '1000' again). Sooo, lucky for me (debatable for the rest of you), I have a bookmark file labeled, "Doocelings." I have now visited a large handful of your blogs --- although I should REALLY be thinking about work and doing some!

Thursday, February 24, 2005

My Boys: Otis (top) & Owen - everybody now, "ahhwwww..."

Aren't they absolutely AHH-DOOR-RAH-BULL!?!

Wednesday, February 23, 2005

This pic could have been better (too cropped), but even as is, I think it looks purty cool. I miss Bear Lake Valley, Idaho...and snow. Posted by Hello

Saturday, February 19, 2005

Soundtrack of my Dreams

Despite the fact that I'm spending my 3-day wkend rotting in a classroom, I did wake up giggling this morning... why? as I reached full coherency and my dreaming came to an end, I was fully aware that I had had the "Numa Numa Dance" playing as my dream soundtrack before waking.

Not long ago, I had Kelly Clarkson's "Since You Been Gone" playing as a dream soundtrack.


I'm in class right now, not only on a SATURDAY, but over a THREE-DAY WEEKEND?!?
I've known for weeks that I'd have to be here in class (no choice - our midterm was scheduled for today, of alllll the days we have class scheduled) and I AM PISSED (still).

Friday, February 18, 2005

Broke "800" for 2.17.05 Photo comments on - make that "1080" sumthin'

Okay, I'm deleriously tired - and soooo, this means not only am I a lil' lacking in the cognitive abilities dept. right now, but I also think everything and anything at this point in time, while in this state, is hilarious.

I just, um, added comments (one after the other) to the 2/17/05 daily picture post on, in order for the comments count to break 1000. I was giggling like a... k, I'm embarrassed now. And even more so NOW, b/c I'm sooo tired, I'm not sure if I've spelled 'embarrassed' correctly. and, and, and I know I should just quit while I'm ahead...

TURN.THE.COMPUTER.OFF (actually, I always leave it on 'stand by')

MUST.GO.TO.BED - why am I still up?

Yes, it's really not that late right now, technically, but I'm working full-time and going to school in a masters program FULL-TIME. Have I made my case? G'night.

Wednesday, February 16, 2005

My mum - circa 1974

Here's my mum! she's only 20 yrs old in this shot and pregnant with me at the time! Don't you love the smock top? Posted by Hello

Tha Dashboard - I can post! I can my own blog?

ah-ha! The "Dashboard" is discovahhed! I figured out how to post to my own blog!



Do I gotta come up with stuff to write now, right?

I know, this doesn't fit "Self-Portrait Day" parameters

This is me - yeah, I know, very posed. Posted by Hello

Um, no clue what I'm doing right now...

humpht. I didn't realize I was establishing a blog. I just wanted to make a comment re: Dang Cold's lovely tribute to his wife.