Friday, October 31, 2008

Why I Love Mah Honey-Man ~ Reason 29

Because he calls all cupcakes 'muffins.'

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

My First Thought in Response to "It's a Girl"

As the sonogram tech announced we had ourselves a baby girl on the way, my very first thought was this, immediately imagining a lil' preschooler, 4 or 5 years of age: "She is sooo gunna be Princess Leia for Halloween someday!"

Monday, October 27, 2008

Subtle Comparison

I'm pro-life , YET whatever my reasons for this may be, I DO NOT pretend the government can or should tell someone what they can and cannot do in this regard... so I'm pro-choice as well.

Friday, October 24, 2008

I Voted... and then I Hit a Car

Last Thursday, I went to a nearby local grocery store to vote early. I'd brought a book with me, but it took no more than 15 minutes. As I had selected my choices, I found myself vehclempted. I was almost giddy. After I had scanned through my ballot, I selected the last button to submit and finalize my votes, and I observed that I was feeling almost euphoric... I really was delighted with my decision to exercise my right to vote, and do to so early, skipping the the hours of waiting in a long line. As I walked out to my car, I thought of this baby growing inside me and realized that voting is something I must do not only for myself, but for her. And I got all teary again... and then I thought, "Geesh! Am I hormonal or what?"

As I pulled onto the main street from the grocery store parking lot, I approached the upcoming intersection, moving right, towards a right-turn merging lane. The car ahead of me had begun his move to merge, but hit his brakes as I'd rolled forward for what I'd thought would be my turn next. The damage to my car was nada, but his? May just need a new paint job on the bumper, so not too bad, but definitely not something I needed right now. Will be about $400.

So yeah, I voted, and then, driving apparently impaired, high from voting, I hit a car. This was me by the end of that day...

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

My Lastest Preggers Observations

1. I have really forgetful moments, like, mid-sentence
2. My brain becomes total mush by 9pm each night
3. I can now eat chicken, but only with LOTS of honey mustard sauce
4. My tummy (more like my pudge) popped out this week
5. None of my clothes fit around the waist anymore
6. I now use the bathroom only 2-3 times in the night
7. I must have a 3-hour nap (or two) on the weekends
8. Politics really upset me (far more than usual)
9. I feel compelled to reorganize EVERYTHING in our home
10. It's official: I'm nesting

Friday, October 17, 2008

Presenting, Our Baby Sweet Potato Girl

This shot, we couldn't see anything at all, had no idea what the sonogram tech was aiming for and suddenly, a kick! and an almost perfect footsie image!
When we saw this, we were both like, "BOO!"
This is a good one for Halloween: here's her frontal skull shot...
This one is a full body profile shot...
You can see the top of her left foot and all of her left leg, both her bummy and tummy, and her left arm with her left hand just about to insert her thumb to mouth...
This is our favorite: Full profile
And you can see the bone structure of her non-existent chin
And she's a thumb sucker... may have mentioned that already.
Every time we'd quit poking and prodding her, she'd stick her thumb in her mouth. And then we'd move the sonogram scanner around and she'd kick and flail her arms, and we'd quit, and she'd stick her thumb in her mouth. It was adorable.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

We're Having a Lil' Thumb Sucker!

Well, we had our sonogram late this afternoon and it was nothing short of amazing! I'm just stunned still, having seen what we saw... A strong, beating heart (139 beats per minute), well formed organs, ten lil' fingers and the soles and toes of lil' perfectly formed feetsies, kicking legs, flailing arms, hands stretched overhead, and hands pressed palm to palm to the side of a lil' cheek, and a straight, tiny nose, and a tini-tiny upper lip. Weighs about 8 ounces and going by the femur bone's length, about 8-9 inches in total length, and SHE has her daddy's chin...practically non-existent, just like her big brother and her daddy both had when they were wee babes.

Expect some of our sonogram shots tomorrow! Oh, and some explanation for the already obvious post title.

Repeat to Self: "Patience is a Virtue"

I drank all my water by 8am and got all ready and excited and set for a sonogram at 9am this morning... but it's not until 3:30pm!?! ARRRGGGHHH!

So, we won't have any baby news until this afternoon.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

McCain Creeps Me Out

...and I don't find his sarcasm amusing nor intelligent.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

I Love Da' Onesies

My parents were in Vegas last week and I had lunch with them at Caesars on Friday. While in the Forum Shops, my step-mum made for the Gap to the Baby Gap section and bought these for our lil' bun in the oven. I really love the blue one (and onesies in general). SIDE NOTE: I won't be surprised at all if our lil' babe lives his/her life in onesies for the first year.

Why I Love Mah Honey-Man ~ Reason 28

The best spoonage ever!

I love our mornings together in the 10-20 minutes before our alarms (yes, that's plural) go off, and thereafter, the 3-4 times we both push snooze, spooning for as long as we can before we absolutely have to get up.

P.S. This 'Reason to Love' is reminiscent of Reason #4, but it's not the same thing.

Monday, October 13, 2008

It's Potty Time!

BE FOREWARNED: This post will touch upon the subject of my new found pregnancy bathroom habits.

Driving to and from Yellowstone over the weekend before last has brought about a new discovery... I can't go that long without needing a bathroom break. For the sake of comparison (and I know you really want to know these kinds of details), in the past, for the average 6 hr-long car trip, all I need is one bathroom stop whenever I stop to fill up the gas tank. [SEMI-RELATED TANGENT: I don't like to keep driving on car trips with anything less than a quarter of a tank. END OF TANGENT]

Our drive to Yellowstone from Vegas, we stopped along the way in Bear Lake, ID, to stay with my Grams, and it took us 9 hours to get there. I didn't actually count how many times we stopped, but it was more than twice, maybe 4 times. While at Yellowstone, we found ourselves often seeking out a bathroom stop, and jokes were made. Well, on our way home to Vegas from Yellowstone, making the long drive in one day, the drive should have taken us no more than 13 hours. Well, it took us FIFTEEN hours because I had to stop every 1 to 2 hours... Yes, it took 15 hours, cuz we had to stop EIGHT different times, so I could relieve my wimpy bladder?!? It was ridiculous!

And my honey-man? He never once complained... he only laughed about it (a lot), and at least a couple times, he mused aloud that if anyone were to ask him what he remembered most about his first trip to Yellowstone, he would say it was my weak bladder.

Guilty Confession #9

Last week, while sick at home, I laid on the couch and watched 'Project Runway' for the first time - - I, um, actually watched 4 episodes of it in a row! And now? I just checked Bravo to be sure when to watch the finale episode this coming Wednesday. This is another first for me, albeit an insignificant one... BACKGROUND INFO: I hardly ever remember to watch something I've seen that I like... I can't ever remember the right channel/station to turn to, let alone what day or time something may scheduled. Plus, I just don't like TV a whole lot.

Friday, October 10, 2008

A Packed Weekend with the Angel Boy-O

We picked up the angel boy-O from the airport this afternoon and off we went to "that place where they sell chicken in red buckets!" We'd made plans to see the Friday night outdoor picture show at a nearby community green, but as we made our way in that general direction, picnic grub smelling up the car, our salivary glands going bonkers, we all noticed the wind outside had really picked up... the Vegas desert dust was so thick in the air, we couldn't make out the Strip! Not surprising, the movie showing wound up canceled. But we had our picnic anyhow, sitting with our backs to the wind, giggling and hollering as stuff flew away, each of us taking a turn to run off after some lid or some random napkin, and the angel boy-O still had his chance to ride the merry-go-round, but not until after eating his entire dinner. We then toddled off to REI for some stuff and toodled 'round The District for a bit before heading home. The boy-O is now upstairs in his bathroom, singing and squawking away in the tub...

Tomorrow morning, the boy-O has a horseback riding lesson and then? Well, there's swimming at aunt Radeane n' Uncle Jim's place, followed by lunch and a late afternoon tennis match with me and the boy-O against his daddy-O. After that, the angel boy-O and I, we're either going to try again for the Saturday-night outdoor picture show OR we'll stay home together with a DVD, some popcorn and a paraffin wax treatment for our tootsies. [SOME BACKGROUND INFO: Occasionally, I'll heat up this home-paraffin treatment thingy I was given, and both me and my honey-man will do our feet and hands while sit on the couch watching some DVD from Netflix. We actually do this at least once every other month or more. Anyhow, sometime late last spring, or was it early summer? Anyhow, the boy-O saw the paraffin tub left out and asked what it was... and he was absolutely fascinated, and asked if and when we could do it, "please, please, please?" However, it was forgotten by us both and it never happened.] My honey-man has something he's gotta do for work tomorrow night, beginning at 8am, hence the movie options for me and the boy-O.

On Sunday, we'll be off to Red Rock for a morning hike with some friends possibly joining us. Thereafter, we'll be lazily enjoying the reminder of our time with the boy-O at home before he has to be taken back to the airport, flying out 'round 5pm.

After we had claimed the boy-O from the airport earlier, him sitting securely in the backseat of the car, as we drove out from the airport tunnel, entering the highway traffic, the boy-O spoke up slowly and sadly..."I've missed being here. When do I have to leave?" We then, quite enthusiastically, explained the weekend's plans... "I'm leaving on Sunday? That's not long enough." I couldn't look over to see what my honey-man's expression may have been, because I felt my chest tighten up and tears welling up in my eyes. The best response I could come up with was to agree with him, that yes, it wasn't ever long enough, but that we were soooo happy to have him with us and that we'll always take what we can get and be happy for that. And he agreed. I then looked over at my honey-man and saw the tears in his eyes.

When we got home, the angel boy-O immediately scanned through the rooms in our home, looking for 'new things.' We could hear him as he moved 'round the house announcing his discoveries. "This rug! This rug is totally new! When did you get this rug?!" And when he came down the stairs from scanning through his own bedroom, he wanted to be measured against the 'powder room' door frame. And as he realized the hungry kitties were circling the kitchen floor, each one darting out of his way, he questioned whether or not Otis and Owen remembered him at all, then trying to tell us they didn't, as they both would run from his approach. I reminded him that this was nothing new... The kitties only like him when he's either asleep or reading or vegged out in front of the TV. "Oh yeah..."

The boy-O and his dad are upstairs together right now, singing Christmas carols to each other... Just a moment ago, I got my kiss goodnight.

This Vegas visit is the boy-O's first since he left us at the end of July. Of course, it's not our first time seeing him since he returned to Burbank. We had camping in Los Padres National Park together over Labor Day and we went to see him in Burbank over the weekend of the 20th...averaging every 3 weeks like we're supposed to. Even still, having him here now, seeing him go through the motions and him having to re-familiarize himself with our home? It's encouraging to see him so perky and excited, going with the flow - - but it also hurts.

We miss him all the time.

Reach Out and Touch... belly?

I can hardly believe it, but I had 3 different people reach out and touch my stomach just yesterday!?! I got a pat-pat from one, a rub from another and a firm hand held on me from the last! I'm BARELY showing, and I already have people feeling compelled to reach out and touch my belly?!?

What the hell's gunna happen when I actually look pregnant?

Thursday, October 09, 2008

Ever Heard of a Horny Buffalo?

No? Well listen to this one!



After watching this guy chase around this poor chica buffalo, the best was the hours afterward in which my honey-man made such a concerted, persistent, hysterical effort to recreate this guy's horny call, complete with tongue protruding all the way out, apparently essential to get just the right horny buffalo bellow.

My Auntie's Purty Flowers for Her Yellowstone Wedding

My auntie really likes the anemone, however, it's completely out of season right now, so we chose white and blue scabiosa as a substitute since the bloom well matches the large swirl-like centers of the flower design featured in the lace of her wedding dress, much like the anemone would have.

Surprisingly, it turns out I kinda failed to take any real pictures of the arrangements I'd made - - ?!? I uploaded my photos and discovered I only have a few shots and none of them were particularly thought out or well focused. For instance, I have zero close-ups of any of the personal flowers I'd made for either the groom or the parents of the bride and groom! Here's what I do have though, including a pic showing the bulk flowers we'd claimed them in Jackson Hole, stashed in the hatch trunk of our car after, to then be driven to Old Faithful with the AC blasting in order to keep the flowers cool and to prevent any wilting. It was pretty comical actually. It was 56 degrees outside and the inside of our car was cooler than that - - my honey-man wore his fleece with the collar up around his neck and ears and I had two sweaters on. Both our noseys were running, we were so cold in the car! We kept laughing about it the whole way to Old Faithful. It made the final stretch of our drive to Yellowstone particularly memorable.

Loosely arranged table vase bouquets made with fragrant white stock flower, both light and dark blue delphinium, both purple and white lisianthus, both blue and white scabiosa, white button mums and fragrant white spray roses. The water for the vases was slightly tinted a light periwinkle blue.
The bride's bouquet - made with white scabiosa as the feature flower with white spray roses as the core filler and white lisianthus and nummy-smelling freesia peeking out between the scabiosa blooms.
I chose jelly jars with tea lites as the candle holders in an effort to compliment the mason jars we used as the vases for the table flowers... This pic is meant to show how the jelly jars cast a charming candle light pattern on the table's surface.
The following close-ups are of the table flower vase arrangement we brought home from us. Although all the darker delphinium lost all its petals by Monday, the arrangement is still on our kitchen table, a week since it was put together and it's still lovely.

If She Refers to McCain as the 'Maverick' one more time...

click image to enlarge...

Wednesday, October 08, 2008

"Why I Love Mah Honey-Man ~ Reason 27" or "Mah Honey-man's Intro to Yellowstone"

Because he and I are equally enthusiastic about naturalist interests, equally fascinated as to how things live and survive in our world... and he LOVED Yellowstone! Here are some photographic highlights from our Yellowstone trip (minus any identifying pics of either my honey-man or my family)...

Entering Grand Teton National Park, Friday morning
Kepler Cascades, our first Yellowstone feature once inside the park
After working to prep all the wedding flowers and to complete the 8 table vases from 1pm until 5pm, we met up with the extended family to leave for the Nez Perce picnic area for a fantastic pre-wedding wienie roast. But before we all left, my honey-man witnessed his first Old Faithful Geyser blow up!
Saturday morning, on our way into the park from West Yellowstone, check this guy out!
This was the beginning of our Sunday tour of Yellowstone, post-wedding...
We didn't get to hike to its base, but here's Gibbon Falls. My honey-man had no idea it would be as large as it is and was quite impressed.
My honey-man's first up-close geothermal feature in Yellowstone... Beryl Spring, violently bubbling away.
We stopped to walk in (a small 'hike') to the Artist Paintpots... this was when my honey-man realized Yellowstone is a treasure.
A partial overview of the Artist Paint Pots
My honey-man's first up-close buffalo encounter... this big guy walked right past us and behind our car and kept many others waiting to get a move on as he meandered down the middle of the road.
I had no memory of ever witnessing the Steamboat Geyser at the Norris Geyser Basin, and we found out why...
Cistern Spring at Norris
Virginia Cascade - - the approach
My honey-man above the Virginia Cascade
We had many moments like this in which we realllly wished we had a fancy high performance digicam that could really capture the moment. This shot just fails to show what we saw.
The Brink of Upper Falls
The Northern wall of the Yellowstone Grand Canyon at Artist Point
The Lower Falls as seen from Artist Point
Sulphur Caldron
One of the hot springs in the Mud Volcano Area
Dragon's Mouth - - we both think the angel boy-O would be amazed by this one...
Ending the Mud Volcano Area loop
A real HERD of buffalo a 1/4 mile from Fishing Bridge = my honey-man was absolutely tickled (as was I)!
Once this fellow approached the roadside, as he stared us down, we decided it was time to move our car!
Stevenson Island as seen from the road from the west side of Yellowstone Lake... This isn't a great picture, but I'd told my honey-man all about the pair of grizzly cubs that had been found on the island, abandoned by their mother, who swam to shore after the winter thaw.
Found at the Continental Divide, Isa Lake drains from both ends, one to the east, the other to the west. The name is meant to be pronounced like "Is A Lake."
After dinner at the Snowlodge with my grandparents and the newlyweds, it SNOWED!
Stuck to our windshield...
And after this, I'll post pics of the wedding flowers and our last day in the park, heading out on our way home to Vegas... but first, I need to go clear my sinuses with a hot shower. We got home just in time for me to be sick with a head cold. Fun!