Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Yo! Yo! Jellystone National Park!

I'm very, VERY excited!!!

We're leaving early tomorrow morning for Bear Lake, ID, on our way to Yellowstone National Park, going through Jackson Hole, WY on Friday for my auntie's wedding this coming Saturday. We had planned to camp -yes, camp- at Madison Junction (camping closes the end of October), even knowing it could be 10 degrees at night or lower, BUT we've recently discoverd and just in time that rooms in West Yellowstone, MT are 1/2 the cost of those in the park at Old Faithful Inn - - why I didn't investigate this sooner, um, I have no explanation for that. But I'm dang happy we'll be in a hotel for this quick visit. Camping will have to happen some other time in the future, hopefully when we could have the angel boy-O with us.

This auntie of mine, she's my father's baby sister, and she and I are only 18 months apart in age. I love and adore her and I'm so freakin' excited for her and her man, gettin' hitched! Woo-HOO!

I'm also super excited cuz my honey-man has never been to Yellowstone! This will be his first trip! Although we won't have tons of time this first time around, I've already planned our routes and days in such a way to maximize his exposure to the park, focusing most upon the Lower Loop. I've had to pare things down for sure, in that he'll basically miss the northern Upper Loop area entirely, unless we find ourselves with more time than I expect. Nonetheless, I've determined I can get him to all the more central park locations, like West Thumb, Old Faithful, the Lower and Upper Basins, Firehole Canyon drive, Norris and Canyon Village. And I'm really hoping I can take him to the base of Gibbon Falls, my favorite. Both Mammoth and Tower-Roosevelt may have to wait for next time.

My father's family goes to Yellowstone as a group nearly every year, although my immediate family has missed this trek for the last several years, living in Iowa. I think the last time we all met with the family was in 1993 or '94. The last time I was in Yellowstone was August 2003, when I'd driven up to meet my father and lil' brother for a week of fly fishing together 'round Soda Butte Creek in the Lamar Valley, past Tower-Roosevelt. Since then, I just haven't made the time to get back up there. If I lived closer to YNP, I swear I'd go at least once a year, if not quarterly. The place is just flooded with childhood memories and loads of good emotional feelings for me. I love Yellowstone. Yellowstone is a BIG DEAL for my father's family... My grandparents MET in Yellowstone and their for first year of marriage, they worked in Yellowstone together.

I could go on and on about Yellowstone... but I won't right now, cuz I gotta go to bed, so we can hit the road early!


Anonymous said...

You live even closer to a whole gaggle of spectacular parks. I know you have been to Zion. How about Grand Canyon and Bryce? Cedar Breaks? Valley of Fire?
I hope your time at Yellowstone was WONDER -FULL!

sheryl said...


I hope your trip is a wonderful adventure and that you get to spend lots of quality time with family.

I love your spirit and your heart, in case I haven't said that lately. Thank you for sharing yourself with us.


Daly said...

I hope you have a great trip!! I've never been so I'm looking forward to your report and photos.