Wednesday, October 08, 2008

"Why I Love Mah Honey-Man ~ Reason 27" or "Mah Honey-man's Intro to Yellowstone"

Because he and I are equally enthusiastic about naturalist interests, equally fascinated as to how things live and survive in our world... and he LOVED Yellowstone! Here are some photographic highlights from our Yellowstone trip (minus any identifying pics of either my honey-man or my family)...

Entering Grand Teton National Park, Friday morning
Kepler Cascades, our first Yellowstone feature once inside the park
After working to prep all the wedding flowers and to complete the 8 table vases from 1pm until 5pm, we met up with the extended family to leave for the Nez Perce picnic area for a fantastic pre-wedding wienie roast. But before we all left, my honey-man witnessed his first Old Faithful Geyser blow up!
Saturday morning, on our way into the park from West Yellowstone, check this guy out!
This was the beginning of our Sunday tour of Yellowstone, post-wedding...
We didn't get to hike to its base, but here's Gibbon Falls. My honey-man had no idea it would be as large as it is and was quite impressed.
My honey-man's first up-close geothermal feature in Yellowstone... Beryl Spring, violently bubbling away.
We stopped to walk in (a small 'hike') to the Artist Paintpots... this was when my honey-man realized Yellowstone is a treasure.
A partial overview of the Artist Paint Pots
My honey-man's first up-close buffalo encounter... this big guy walked right past us and behind our car and kept many others waiting to get a move on as he meandered down the middle of the road.
I had no memory of ever witnessing the Steamboat Geyser at the Norris Geyser Basin, and we found out why...
Cistern Spring at Norris
Virginia Cascade - - the approach
My honey-man above the Virginia Cascade
We had many moments like this in which we realllly wished we had a fancy high performance digicam that could really capture the moment. This shot just fails to show what we saw.
The Brink of Upper Falls
The Northern wall of the Yellowstone Grand Canyon at Artist Point
The Lower Falls as seen from Artist Point
Sulphur Caldron
One of the hot springs in the Mud Volcano Area
Dragon's Mouth - - we both think the angel boy-O would be amazed by this one...
Ending the Mud Volcano Area loop
A real HERD of buffalo a 1/4 mile from Fishing Bridge = my honey-man was absolutely tickled (as was I)!
Once this fellow approached the roadside, as he stared us down, we decided it was time to move our car!
Stevenson Island as seen from the road from the west side of Yellowstone Lake... This isn't a great picture, but I'd told my honey-man all about the pair of grizzly cubs that had been found on the island, abandoned by their mother, who swam to shore after the winter thaw.
Found at the Continental Divide, Isa Lake drains from both ends, one to the east, the other to the west. The name is meant to be pronounced like "Is A Lake."
After dinner at the Snowlodge with my grandparents and the newlyweds, it SNOWED!
Stuck to our windshield...
And after this, I'll post pics of the wedding flowers and our last day in the park, heading out on our way home to Vegas... but first, I need to go clear my sinuses with a hot shower. We got home just in time for me to be sick with a head cold. Fun!

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