Monday, December 22, 2008

And We're Off, Before the Crack of Dawn!

UPDATED: 1/6/09 - My grandma's prognosis has taken a fantastic turn for the better = They were wrong; no malignancy found! She should be fine. Best news of 2009!

We're headed north tomorrow morning, hitting the road by 5am, that's the plan (and I'm VERY attached to it). The last few days have been a blur, much of it good, but most of which dominated by some recent family news. My Grammie Joanie was in the hospital last week, and a few days ago, the diagnosis was determined; she has a malignant cancer and she will not have much more than a year ahead of her.

I don't know what to say. I feel overwhelmed in general, but this, I absolutely don't know what to say. It just feels awful.

We'll be foregoing Christmas cards this year... I just have too much on my plate and have been unable to get a number of things under control, like Christmas cards. I did manage to bake 6 batches of pumpkin chocolate chip muffins the other night, but it nearly killed me... [slight exaggeration, yes].

I'll soon hafta share my new list of pregnant moments... lots of broken glass involved. But that'll have to wait a bit. However, I do hope that EVERYONE has a wonderful holiday season! Merry Chrimpus and Happy New Year to you all! Mmmmwah!

Thursday, December 18, 2008

No Flash Drive to be Found Here

We drove home together after work, but stopped first at Sonic for our occasional favorite buy-one, get-one deal in order to forgo the whole 'cooking-dinner-at-home' idea (also to avoid having to do any after-dinner dishes). We then totally vegged out for over 2 hours, watching the entire first DVD disc of the West Wing's 3rd season. And then the whining began, speaking of my own... no point in expounding upon such details here right now.... I'll just admit it was lame [I'm very cranky and tired tonight]. Eventually, after hauling an awkward armload of number of different things upstairs with me, including my laptop, I hopped in the shower (and I didn't want to leave the shower).

All clean and well-lotion-ed from head to toe, I plopped on my bed and opened up my laptop to finally get caught up on some blog time... I opened my flash drives case, and wah-lah, musta left 'em both at work! No picture posting tonight.

Had I had my flash drive (among other things, like the will and time to do this right now), I would have written individual posts for each of the following subjects:

1. It rained ALL DAY LONG this past Monday... have details to share on that.
2. I picked up a package this past Tuesday night sent by Wendy's wonderful sis, Leslie. REMINDER: Wendy is the angel boy-O's mommie. Leslie had written us a wonderful letter and included some awesome baby signing materials enclosed. [BTW, dear Leslie, we're hoping to take an official baby sign language class together with the boy-O come the summer, once our sweet potato is about 3 months old. Very excited!] And Leslie also included a most darling Christmas ornament, of which I've taken nearly 2 dozen different photos, hoping to post the perfect one here to feature its design. That'll hafta happen tomorrow, I guess... but it's totally darling and I love it and it made me cry when I unwrapped it, and every time I remember, "oh, I need to call Leslie and thank her for my darling ornament," it's either after 9pm my time (she's Mountain), or I burst into tears and can't do it without choking! Maybe I'll call tomorrow? (be forewarned, Leslie!)
3. And yesterday, it SNOWED ALL DAY LONG in LAS VEGAS!?! Yes! And I have details, pictures, and even a short video of that whole fiasco to share.
4. Late last night, my honey-man and I, we went for a short walk around our snow enveloped development... Details and pictures to share regarding that lil' adventure as well.
5. We had UT family headed southward to Disneyland yesterday, and by 4pm, the southbound I-15 was closed due to the weather. We were already expecting 4 of the 8 of them to arrive in Vegas late and crash at our place that night, but the first part of their Disney-lovin' traveling party, who had intended to drive straight through to Cali, they hit Vegas 'round 5pm and found out they could go no further... so we had all 8 of 'em as our house guests last night! No worries at all though; we'd done it before, so we knew it was truly possible to house that many sleepers with relative ease. And they were all darling and so grateful and very entertaining. We were so happy to have them - - want to share more details on that as well.
6. We got our Christmas tree up days and days ago, along with some pine boughs for our banisters - - want to share more details on that as well, plus pictures.
7. I've observed some interesting kitty behaviors lately, as they deal with my expanding belly - - details to share on that.
8. And I've got several recent kitty pics to post too.
9. And I woke up early this morning, around 4am... I want to specifically share what that was all about.
10. And - Um, and, and - annnd... I can't remember what else.

I gotta go to bed right now anyhow, before I inexplicably burst into hormonal tears, flash drive or none.

"How Are You?" - #1: I'm Good! or #2: Behind

Man, my to-so list is soooo totally, um, how can I say this best? Ah, pointless?

Stuff just isn't getting done. Wednesday night was uber productive, for sure, but by the time I got home, I was so UTTERLY EXHAUSTED, I could barely brush my teeth and then - - [Overwhelming rush of ineptitude flooding my very being right now... muhhsst STOP dwelling on allll the things that are not getting done and simply do what I can and be happy with that].

Alright, so I have things to do, BUT I gotta take some time later tonight to record some recent things worth noting... So, I hope to post some updates later tonight, ya know, once I'm home from work, after I've done this and that and this and this and that too.

P.S. Once home, I may very well wind up on the couch with Otis, fast asleep.

Monday, December 15, 2008

Piggy in a Cat Suit

This post was originally written in May 2008, apparently forgotten until now:

Between our two cats, Otis has always been better known as our bigger kitty. At a year old, fully grown, Oatie weighed 17 lbs. Upon meeting Otis in 2004, my honey-man declared Otis was actually a piggy in a cat suit, and he soon devised a "weight reduction plan" for the little fuzzy barrel with four limbs. Oatie has since maintained a solid 15 lbs for the last 3 years now, and consequently, he's much more active than he had been at 17 lbs.

Nonetheless, Otis has never been known as our particularly active cat... Owen, on the other hand, he often behaves like an total spaz, sprinting and rushing around the house, up and down the stairs, literally bouncing off walls and furniture, periodically stopping abruptly mid-sprint, like a freeze-frame shot, poofed like a racoon, to then sprint off elsewhere. "Ninja Kitty" has been one of Owen's most applicable nicknames...

Here are some of the nicknames the boys have acquired over the last 5 years they have been my fuzzy babies:

OTIS aka "Oatie" or ...
Cuddle bug
Cuddle monster
Pillow kitty
Lil' Motor
Fluffy tummies
Fuzzy muffin
Lil' Lap warmer

OWEN aka "Owenster" or ...
Le mew
Little Man
Lil' Meatloaf
Mr. Underfoot
Tootsie warmer
Zee Zen Mastah
Sneaky sleek
Handsomest kitty

P.S. I almost forgot one for Owen, reminded only a moment later, as he chased Otis from the top of the stairs and down, across the living room, to the top of the TV... it's "Lil' Shit"

Why I Love Mah Honey-Man ~ Reason 32

Because although he claims it's always the music he's into whenever he likes a song (and not the lyrics), he sure knows a lot of the words to ALL the songs of Wicked... and "Defying Gravity" is his favorite..."goose bumps every time," with "For Good" coming in a close second "because of its message."

I Feel So Wicked!

We were off to LA again this past weekend to take the angel boy-O to see Wicked at the Pantages Theater in Hollywood as our Christmas gift to him and each other as a family. The boy-O's been singing along to the original broadway cast recording for over a year now, since I'd seen Wicked in London last year. Even my honey-man, who's not big into musicals, he had "high hopes" for the evening! We were lucky too that we made up our minds when we did, just in time to score tickets (and good seats!) before it sells out ~ The last showing of Wicked in LA will be January 11th!

And so, did Wicked in LA meet our expectations?

We all had a WONDERFUL time and the angel boy-O couldn't have been more freakin' adorable! He got to see the clarinetist do his warm up in the orchestra pit and several of the other musicians warming up. He was absolutely fascinated by the spotlight operators, and all the rigging, totally awestruck by the stage presentation and the knock-your-socks-off singing. And at the end of the show (although I don't want to give it away for anyone), he was so thrilled with the ending. He loved it! It was quite a treat - -

I am absolutely certain he'll remember this year's Christmas present from us for years to come!

Thursday, December 11, 2008

We got a Pogo Baby!

I was dreaming about a pinball machine this morning... I woke up to use the bathroom around 4am and realized our baby sweet potato girl was goin' nuts in there, bouncing around, up and down, up and down, like a kid on a pogo stick, hence, much like the ball in my pinball machine dream! Funny, eh?

I'm waiting right now to hear back from my doctor's office... Granted, this is only my first pregnancy, experiencing everything for the first time, no prior knowledge of how things can go, etc. etc., HOWEVER, I'm pretty dang sure I experienced my first Braxton Hicks contractions yesterday throughout the day. Yes, I've read that these are more commonly experienced in second pregnancies, but the literature I've read also says they can come on as early as the 20th week (Wikipedia says 6 weeks?!?) and in first pregnancies as well.

It starts at the top and moves downward, like a compression spreading across my entire belly and it grows hard like a rock, lasting anywhere from 20 seconds to nearly 3 minutes. Not painful really - - definitely a bit uncomfortable, but mostly, it's just freakin' me out! So yeah, waiting for the OB office to call me back.

Monday, December 08, 2008

The Most Annoying Preggers Observation Yet: Um, wait, What was I Gunna Say?

The speed in which I can be told something or I can think something and then forget it, entirely, not even a minute later? It's absolutely baffling.

I was working through a number of personal emails a moment ago... after the last one I'd sent, I thought, "Oh, I also need to write to ______ (fill in the blank) as well before I forget!" I opened a new window to compose a new email and I now can't remember to whom it's to be written - ?!? I wish I was kidding.

At work, my assistant will come to see me, asked by ME to come see me... I'll have a few things to talk to him about to either start the day or the week or whatever. If someone interrupts us or my phone rings, one of which (or both) almost always happens, once I handle the interruption (or two or three interruptions), I'll find myself glancing around my desk, hoping to recognize something that will indicate what we'd been talking about prior to the interruption(s), and then I'll look over at him and see that he's smiling at me with his "You've forgotten what we were talking about, haven't you" face. "I'm sorry, what were we talking about?" If I had a dollar for every time I've had to say this to him that over the last 4 months, oh man! We'd all be rich! Over the last 3-4 weeks, as I've gotten far worse, he no longer waits at all for me to ask the question. In fact, by now, he totally recognizes my more subtle, silent "oh crap" face quite well, before I even know I'm making that face, and he will offer me a solid hint before I have to ask. He's been very patient with me, bless him.

Yup, I'm forgetting all sorts of things. I'm forgetting what I told my honey-man I would do for him, right after making the move to get up to do it. I'm forgetting to turn on the loaded and ready dishwasher. I'm forgetting to return calls and emails. I'm forgetting birthdays. I'm forgetting to mail things... For instance, my brother has been waiting a month now for his birthday present?!? Granted, I'd had some trouble with my iTunes Music Store internet connection (a still unresolved problem, adding further to my hatred of iTunes and all things Mac). I picked up an iTunes gift card the week before Turkey Day, aiming to mail it immediately. I then realized once we were in L.A. that I never sent it off . And then I forgot once we returned to Vegas. I told him last Friday that I'd mail it on Saturday... and now? I've misplaced it!?! And I can't find it anywhere...

I'm forgetting all sorts of things! None of them truly serious (not yet), but I wind up feeling like a total airhead most of the time. Before tonight, I often times found this amusing, but when I'm really trying to get things done, (like right now) I now get flustered, dammit! I kinda want my insane multi-tasking, super-busy, mega detail-oriented abilities back!

And my to-do list is growing out of control. What was it I wrote earlier today about my need to lower my expectations?

Why I Love Mah Honey-Man ~ Reason 31

Because he spent most of this past Saturday outside, sanding down three (plus a half) of our kitchen table's chairs, so that I can spray them all with primer and hopefully get to painting 'em before this week's end (fingers crossed!).

The weekend before Thanksgiving, I had only managed to finish sanding down 2 of them plus one (but not quite). This past weekend, having hoped to sand the remaining chairs, my sciatic pain made it impossible to continue the effort on my own. Sooo, my sweet honey-man volunteered to help out without any prompting from me. I didn't even hint at it, as I hadn't ever thought to even ask him! [SIDE NOTE: I LOVE to refinish furniture. It's one of my favorite things to do!] Of course, I'm certain he'd also just like to have our table and chairs back inside as well, so there's some self interest at hand here... hee hee.

He was sooo freakin' cute out there in the backyard though, powdered head to toe with sanding dust, the sander roaring away for hours, while the angel boy-O's portable stereo played Joss Stone as he worked, with him bobbing his head, singing along.

99 Days until I'm Due!?!

I can't believe how fast the time has been flying by. It just blows my mind! Only 99 days left? Wha? That's only a little more than 3 months' time?!? In fact, I have a regular OB appointment next week for my "6 month check-up"... yes, SIX MONTHS!?! I can't believe it.

Until the week of Thanksgiving, I was feeling really good. My energy had been up for a while, and as long as I took the time to score a good 2-4 hour-long nap at least once on the weekends, I was dandy. This last week was only 'okay' - - I'm already having sciatic flare-ups, my left side. It's particularly bad come the end of the day and the very worst in the early morning. Throughout the mid-day, I never know if I'll be just fine or if I'll suddenly get my ass kicked if and when I make the wrong move! And I haven't yet been able to consistently identify the 'wrong moves.' Kinda sucks. Yeah. It caused everything to move in major slow-mo this past weekend. I had SO MANY PLANS and none of them were finished as hoped. This past weekend, along with my insistent honey-man, taught me that my expectations must be modified: Once again, I can't expect to get everything done that I would normally accomplish. You'd think this would be a welcome realization in a way, lightening my load, but right now, for today, considering the approaching Christmas break, I'm really just annoyed. I gots alotta of stuff to do, peoples!

Yet, I don't want to rush things either or get upset about it... I recognize that this is an invaluable time in my life. More and more, each day, I find myself staring at my belly, grinning like mad, watching the thumps and bumps, while ignoring everything else. We were comped a pair of tickets to see The Importance of Being Earnest last Saturday night, and more than once during the play, I found myself watching my belly instead of watching the performance on stage.

Thursday, December 04, 2008

Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Why I Love Mah Honey-Man ~ Reason 30

He'd rather I rest and take it easy than have me do the laundry.

Meant to also Mention These Preggers Observations

A few more observations regarding my pregnancy that I've been meaning to mention, but haven't yet done so until now:

#1) Almost a couple weeks ago, my Popstar gave me her Snoogle body pillow, and I'm tellin' ya, it has absolutely changed my life! It took less than 2 nights for me to absolutely fall in love with the Snoogle! As long as zee wee babe isn't playing at her break dance moves and I'm not suffering from a raging bout of heartburn come bedtime (which I've been learning to better manage, with the exception of this past Thanksgiving weekend), I can actually sleep now, thanks to the Snoogle. AND THANK YOU, MY DEAREST POPSTAR! [SIDE NOTE: When we were getting ready for our Turkey Day weekend in L.A., I tentatively asked my honey-man if he wouldn't mind my wanting to take the Snoogle with us... and of course, he said of course I could. He's such a good sport. See, there hasn't been a whole lotta spooning for us since the Snoogle joined our bed. Although, over the last couple nights, I've figured a way to Snoogle on my right side to facilitate some good spoonage with my honey-man at the same time.]

#2) Ever since I hit the end of my 3rd month, the unbelievably greeziness phase of my pregnancy came to an abrupt end. My skin has been great ever since! It's best ever! In fact, not only am I no longer a greasy girl, I don't sweat or ever smell much either. A few times now, I've accidentally skipped the deodorant (forgotten it, really, and the only reason I ever come to realize the latter is when I take a shower and there isn't that usual momentary resistance one can feel when ya begin to soap up your underarms. Too much information? OH, get over it!).

#3) Deordorant isn't the only thing I forget in the mornings. I also tend to forget to put on any mascara, or sometimes I forget to use any blush, or any make-up at all, for that matter. And I frequently forget to 'do' my hair, failing to use any styling product of any kind.

#4) Taking a bath has become not only a chance for me to read and relax in the tubby, it's now a chance to watch my belly move. A couple weeks ago, our baby sweet potato girl was goin' nuts in there, and I realized I could be watching my belly for the movements!?! So, I put the Time magazine aside and wound up staring at my belly for nearly 45 minutes as the bath water cooled to a no longer warm temperature. I was absolutely mesmerized by all the lil' thumps and bumps our wee baby was up to in there. I couldn't believe how much she could do, still so small. And last night, I swear she was trying to get out or sumthin'! She was really going for it, flexing and kicking away. Of course, she totally quit when my honey-man came in to check whether or not I was okay, or if I'd become a total prune.

#5) We haven't taken a single belly picture of me yet?!? Whoops! We'll hafta do that tonight or tomorrow and post one.

#6) Over that last 2-3 weeks, I've developed that 'definitely-pregnant-belly' look, which I'm really happy about, as hopefully now no one can mistake it for simple pudge!

#7) Two weeks ago, I acquired my first maternity belly bands and these too (much like the Snoogle), have changed my life. I no longer have to worry all the time about possibly losing my pants, nor do I have to be concerned about whether or not anyone can see that my fly is totally all the way down. I love my belly bands... and there's this woman on eBay who sells them for less than half of what one costs via [search eBay for "Bloom n' Belly Bands"]. I bought 3 of 'em for $20, including the shipping!

#8) Last week, I graduated to a double hair band, in order for my regular pants to still fit me and my belly.

#9) When I went grocery shopping last week for our Thankgiving ingredients and to also stockpile holiday baking supplies, there was a sale on Stephen's hot cocoa mixes, two for one. Now, although my pregnant mind combined with the Mormon-girl roots in me certainly wanted to stock our pantry with a dozen cans, I did NOT go hog wild. I certainly didn't pass up the chance altogether though: My new favorite evening treat is either a cup of Stephen's hot frothy mint cocoa or the hazelnut creme cocoa.

#10) I'm certain there's something I could list here for #10, but I can't remember anything else right now. My brain is shutting off.