Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Meant to also Mention These Preggers Observations

A few more observations regarding my pregnancy that I've been meaning to mention, but haven't yet done so until now:

#1) Almost a couple weeks ago, my Popstar gave me her Snoogle body pillow, and I'm tellin' ya, it has absolutely changed my life! It took less than 2 nights for me to absolutely fall in love with the Snoogle! As long as zee wee babe isn't playing at her break dance moves and I'm not suffering from a raging bout of heartburn come bedtime (which I've been learning to better manage, with the exception of this past Thanksgiving weekend), I can actually sleep now, thanks to the Snoogle. AND THANK YOU, MY DEAREST POPSTAR! [SIDE NOTE: When we were getting ready for our Turkey Day weekend in L.A., I tentatively asked my honey-man if he wouldn't mind my wanting to take the Snoogle with us... and of course, he said of course I could. He's such a good sport. See, there hasn't been a whole lotta spooning for us since the Snoogle joined our bed. Although, over the last couple nights, I've figured a way to Snoogle on my right side to facilitate some good spoonage with my honey-man at the same time.]

#2) Ever since I hit the end of my 3rd month, the unbelievably greeziness phase of my pregnancy came to an abrupt end. My skin has been great ever since! It's best ever! In fact, not only am I no longer a greasy girl, I don't sweat or ever smell much either. A few times now, I've accidentally skipped the deodorant (forgotten it, really, and the only reason I ever come to realize the latter is when I take a shower and there isn't that usual momentary resistance one can feel when ya begin to soap up your underarms. Too much information? OH, get over it!).

#3) Deordorant isn't the only thing I forget in the mornings. I also tend to forget to put on any mascara, or sometimes I forget to use any blush, or any make-up at all, for that matter. And I frequently forget to 'do' my hair, failing to use any styling product of any kind.

#4) Taking a bath has become not only a chance for me to read and relax in the tubby, it's now a chance to watch my belly move. A couple weeks ago, our baby sweet potato girl was goin' nuts in there, and I realized I could be watching my belly for the movements!?! So, I put the Time magazine aside and wound up staring at my belly for nearly 45 minutes as the bath water cooled to a no longer warm temperature. I was absolutely mesmerized by all the lil' thumps and bumps our wee baby was up to in there. I couldn't believe how much she could do, still so small. And last night, I swear she was trying to get out or sumthin'! She was really going for it, flexing and kicking away. Of course, she totally quit when my honey-man came in to check whether or not I was okay, or if I'd become a total prune.

#5) We haven't taken a single belly picture of me yet?!? Whoops! We'll hafta do that tonight or tomorrow and post one.

#6) Over that last 2-3 weeks, I've developed that 'definitely-pregnant-belly' look, which I'm really happy about, as hopefully now no one can mistake it for simple pudge!

#7) Two weeks ago, I acquired my first maternity belly bands and these too (much like the Snoogle), have changed my life. I no longer have to worry all the time about possibly losing my pants, nor do I have to be concerned about whether or not anyone can see that my fly is totally all the way down. I love my belly bands... and there's this woman on eBay who sells them for less than half of what one costs via Target.com [search eBay for "Bloom n' Belly Bands"]. I bought 3 of 'em for $20, including the shipping!

#8) Last week, I graduated to a double hair band, in order for my regular pants to still fit me and my belly.

#9) When I went grocery shopping last week for our Thankgiving ingredients and to also stockpile holiday baking supplies, there was a sale on Stephen's hot cocoa mixes, two for one. Now, although my pregnant mind combined with the Mormon-girl roots in me certainly wanted to stock our pantry with a dozen cans, I did NOT go hog wild. I certainly didn't pass up the chance altogether though: My new favorite evening treat is either a cup of Stephen's hot frothy mint cocoa or the hazelnut creme cocoa.

#10) I'm certain there's something I could list here for #10, but I can't remember anything else right now. My brain is shutting off.

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Amanda said...

Such fun stuff! I can't wait to see you and your cute belly in a few weeks :)