Monday, December 08, 2008

The Most Annoying Preggers Observation Yet: Um, wait, What was I Gunna Say?

The speed in which I can be told something or I can think something and then forget it, entirely, not even a minute later? It's absolutely baffling.

I was working through a number of personal emails a moment ago... after the last one I'd sent, I thought, "Oh, I also need to write to ______ (fill in the blank) as well before I forget!" I opened a new window to compose a new email and I now can't remember to whom it's to be written - ?!? I wish I was kidding.

At work, my assistant will come to see me, asked by ME to come see me... I'll have a few things to talk to him about to either start the day or the week or whatever. If someone interrupts us or my phone rings, one of which (or both) almost always happens, once I handle the interruption (or two or three interruptions), I'll find myself glancing around my desk, hoping to recognize something that will indicate what we'd been talking about prior to the interruption(s), and then I'll look over at him and see that he's smiling at me with his "You've forgotten what we were talking about, haven't you" face. "I'm sorry, what were we talking about?" If I had a dollar for every time I've had to say this to him that over the last 4 months, oh man! We'd all be rich! Over the last 3-4 weeks, as I've gotten far worse, he no longer waits at all for me to ask the question. In fact, by now, he totally recognizes my more subtle, silent "oh crap" face quite well, before I even know I'm making that face, and he will offer me a solid hint before I have to ask. He's been very patient with me, bless him.

Yup, I'm forgetting all sorts of things. I'm forgetting what I told my honey-man I would do for him, right after making the move to get up to do it. I'm forgetting to turn on the loaded and ready dishwasher. I'm forgetting to return calls and emails. I'm forgetting birthdays. I'm forgetting to mail things... For instance, my brother has been waiting a month now for his birthday present?!? Granted, I'd had some trouble with my iTunes Music Store internet connection (a still unresolved problem, adding further to my hatred of iTunes and all things Mac). I picked up an iTunes gift card the week before Turkey Day, aiming to mail it immediately. I then realized once we were in L.A. that I never sent it off . And then I forgot once we returned to Vegas. I told him last Friday that I'd mail it on Saturday... and now? I've misplaced it!?! And I can't find it anywhere...

I'm forgetting all sorts of things! None of them truly serious (not yet), but I wind up feeling like a total airhead most of the time. Before tonight, I often times found this amusing, but when I'm really trying to get things done, (like right now) I now get flustered, dammit! I kinda want my insane multi-tasking, super-busy, mega detail-oriented abilities back!

And my to-do list is growing out of control. What was it I wrote earlier today about my need to lower my expectations?


Poppstarr said...

ahh, reading this just makes me smile and think . . . thank goodness I'm not pregnant anymore!! Keep these type of reminders coming - good birth control! (not that 2 kids running around the house screaming isn't great birth control in itself)

Your babybrain will not last forever. You'll get your mind back maybe after Baby Girl Marcotte is 6 years old, I mean 6 months old or so. :)


Erin said...

During my first pregnancy, right around the holidays in fact (when I was about 6 months preggo) I went to florida to visit family and forgot my glasses in some random store in the mall. My health insurance company would have helped me with the cost of replacement glasses but I forgot the card so had to pay for new glasses out of pocket. THEN I lost my plane ticket home. Then I arrived in san francisco to find that I forgot my favorite pair of maternity jeans. Preggo brain is no laughing matter...