Thursday, December 18, 2008

No Flash Drive to be Found Here

We drove home together after work, but stopped first at Sonic for our occasional favorite buy-one, get-one deal in order to forgo the whole 'cooking-dinner-at-home' idea (also to avoid having to do any after-dinner dishes). We then totally vegged out for over 2 hours, watching the entire first DVD disc of the West Wing's 3rd season. And then the whining began, speaking of my own... no point in expounding upon such details here right now.... I'll just admit it was lame [I'm very cranky and tired tonight]. Eventually, after hauling an awkward armload of number of different things upstairs with me, including my laptop, I hopped in the shower (and I didn't want to leave the shower).

All clean and well-lotion-ed from head to toe, I plopped on my bed and opened up my laptop to finally get caught up on some blog time... I opened my flash drives case, and wah-lah, musta left 'em both at work! No picture posting tonight.

Had I had my flash drive (among other things, like the will and time to do this right now), I would have written individual posts for each of the following subjects:

1. It rained ALL DAY LONG this past Monday... have details to share on that.
2. I picked up a package this past Tuesday night sent by Wendy's wonderful sis, Leslie. REMINDER: Wendy is the angel boy-O's mommie. Leslie had written us a wonderful letter and included some awesome baby signing materials enclosed. [BTW, dear Leslie, we're hoping to take an official baby sign language class together with the boy-O come the summer, once our sweet potato is about 3 months old. Very excited!] And Leslie also included a most darling Christmas ornament, of which I've taken nearly 2 dozen different photos, hoping to post the perfect one here to feature its design. That'll hafta happen tomorrow, I guess... but it's totally darling and I love it and it made me cry when I unwrapped it, and every time I remember, "oh, I need to call Leslie and thank her for my darling ornament," it's either after 9pm my time (she's Mountain), or I burst into tears and can't do it without choking! Maybe I'll call tomorrow? (be forewarned, Leslie!)
3. And yesterday, it SNOWED ALL DAY LONG in LAS VEGAS!?! Yes! And I have details, pictures, and even a short video of that whole fiasco to share.
4. Late last night, my honey-man and I, we went for a short walk around our snow enveloped development... Details and pictures to share regarding that lil' adventure as well.
5. We had UT family headed southward to Disneyland yesterday, and by 4pm, the southbound I-15 was closed due to the weather. We were already expecting 4 of the 8 of them to arrive in Vegas late and crash at our place that night, but the first part of their Disney-lovin' traveling party, who had intended to drive straight through to Cali, they hit Vegas 'round 5pm and found out they could go no further... so we had all 8 of 'em as our house guests last night! No worries at all though; we'd done it before, so we knew it was truly possible to house that many sleepers with relative ease. And they were all darling and so grateful and very entertaining. We were so happy to have them - - want to share more details on that as well.
6. We got our Christmas tree up days and days ago, along with some pine boughs for our banisters - - want to share more details on that as well, plus pictures.
7. I've observed some interesting kitty behaviors lately, as they deal with my expanding belly - - details to share on that.
8. And I've got several recent kitty pics to post too.
9. And I woke up early this morning, around 4am... I want to specifically share what that was all about.
10. And - Um, and, and - annnd... I can't remember what else.

I gotta go to bed right now anyhow, before I inexplicably burst into hormonal tears, flash drive or none.

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