Thursday, December 18, 2008

"How Are You?" - #1: I'm Good! or #2: Behind

Man, my to-so list is soooo totally, um, how can I say this best? Ah, pointless?

Stuff just isn't getting done. Wednesday night was uber productive, for sure, but by the time I got home, I was so UTTERLY EXHAUSTED, I could barely brush my teeth and then - - [Overwhelming rush of ineptitude flooding my very being right now... muhhsst STOP dwelling on allll the things that are not getting done and simply do what I can and be happy with that].

Alright, so I have things to do, BUT I gotta take some time later tonight to record some recent things worth noting... So, I hope to post some updates later tonight, ya know, once I'm home from work, after I've done this and that and this and this and that too.

P.S. Once home, I may very well wind up on the couch with Otis, fast asleep.

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