Thursday, May 19, 2011

Her Favoritest Fluffy Lil' Friends

Over the last year, some definite favorite stuffed animals and/or dollies have become apparent and remained favorites, now that my lil' Juli-bean is two years old. I find it interesting to see 'who' she's most attached to and would like to make note of her faves now, to see someday down the road which of them survey on her list of favorites.

Going in rank order, beginning with her #1 favorite:

1. 'Merry' - This is her little brunette, red-dressed Carters doll, given to her for her first Christmas in 2009 as her first babydoll. Parts of Merry's darling ensemble are red and white candy striped tights and little brown mary jane shoes. "Merry Christmas" is embroidered in green thread on the front of Merry's dress. Merry is entirely soft with felt-like plush skin and her red dress is a fine red velour, which my daughter tickles between with her fingers in her sleep. There's also white furry trim at the cuffs and hem of Merry's dress, and she wears a red velour cap with the white furry trim sewn around its brim as well. My lil' babe dearly adores her 'Merry' and wants to take her in the car on the way to school, and she wants to sleep with her nightly. She shows Merry all the donuts in Krispy Kreme's display case, among other things for which she holds great enthusiasm. Whenever we travel, Merry goes along. I recently decided buying a 2nd, back-up 'Merry' was well overdue, so yesterday I found and bought one on eBay, already shipped out this morning.

2. 'Chuckie' - this is a darling pale mauvish-pink piggy made by JellyCat, made out of a material that can only best described as super thick, matte chenille-like corduroy. One of my honey-man's brothers from Montreal, he was here for some business in March, and brought him along as a gift. Although a relatively new addition to her brood of stuffed friends, Chuckie is a clear favorite right now, insisting sometimes over Merry, that Chuckie sleep with her in her crib. She often likes to take him along wherever we go, and she'll hold him up, atop her shoulders - - like she does on her mommie and/or daddy's shoulders, she says. I'm gunna have to find a picture of this! Done. It's absolutely precious. Like Merry, she loves to show Chuckie everything.

3. 'Bun-bun' - this is what we call her 'buddy blanket' bunny made by Bunnies By the Bay - - and we bought her a 2nd one of these as her back up over a year ago. One is kept in my car at all times and the second one is kept in her crib at all times -- TO BE CONTINUED

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Why I Love Mah Honey-Man ~ Reason 68

Because we haven't seen a movie in a theater in ages (as he's been working too many nights for several months now, and our available and free babysitters have been scarce), he's been insisting nearly every day for nearly 3 weeks now that I go see a movie with my uncle, even offering to come home from work so he can to watch our lil' girlie so I'd be able to go. Last Thursday, we'd finally made plans for last night to go see Thor, but my uncle had a change in plans kinda last minute.

So my honey-man, he just sent me a text offering again to come home and watch the girlie so that I can go see a movie for tonight.

Monday, May 16, 2011

Why I Love Mah Honey-Man ~ Reason 67

Because he will never completely dry himself off after he showers -only his face- as he tells me, he just likes to "air dry", and this always cracks me up because it so seems like something some absented-minded teenage boy would do. And if he puts on a night shirt, it'll stick to his still-wet skin. In fact, this whole scenario, it's exactly like Bill Cosby's adolescent son as described in his "Bill Cosby Himself" feature.

Thursday, May 05, 2011

For the Love of Kitty Kats ~ #14

"The cat loves fish but hates wet feet."

- Proverb

For the Love of Kitty Kats ~ #13

"Dreams are necessary to life."

- Anais Nin