Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Why I Love Mah Honey-Man ~ Reason 25

Because my honey-man went to not one or two, but ELEVEN different restaurants last Saturday night in search of a mushroom & swiss burger or some other satisfactory meal option for me!?! See, after finishing the garage that day, we went together to go feed the kitty of a friend of ours who's been out of town, and while driving there, we realized we were super hungry... And I told him I was really jones'n for a mushroom & swiss burger, like the one we'd had at Mickey D's in LA after we'd all gone to the angel boy-O's AWESOME honor orchestra performance at UCLA. Now, I'm no big fan of McDonald's or any fast food joint (with the exception of In n' Out and a few items at Sonic), but their mushroom & swiss was delicious! Really! Anyhow, whenever I may mention actually wanting something in particular, my honey-man goes out of his way, and I mean WAY out of his way, to find a way to please me. So, yes, ELEVEN different restaurants, and NO, I DID NOT ASK THIS OF HIM - - He was absolutely insistent!

Beginning with our first stop:
1. McDonalds on Green Valley Pkwy - - no longer available
2. Great Harvest Bread - - closed their sandwich service at 6:30pm
3. McDonalds on Stephanie & Sunset - - just in case a different location might have it still
4. Dairy Queen - - no mushroom & swiss
5. Carl's Jr - - just discontinued the mushroom & swiss for some Western burger
6. Jack in the Box - - same story as Carl's Jr.
7. Quizno's - - no mushroom & swiss
8. Capriotti's on Sunset - - closed at 7pm
9. Burger King on Warm Springs - - no mushroom & swiss
10. Capriotti's on Warm Springs - - also closed at 7pm

After striking out TEN times, I told my honey-man that his fantastic effort to locate and acquire a mushroom & swiss burger for me was, well, a fantastic effort, but it was time to give up already! In the end, we wound up at one of our regular spots, Sonic Burger off Warm Springs, and settled for our usual buy one, get one free cheeseburgers coupons and we split a drink and onion rings... and we also tried the worst caloric indulgence they had available... their Macaroni & Cheese Snacks!!

More importantly, what does all this really say about my honey-man?
When he came out of Carl's Jr. (our 5th stop), I was sitting in the car, watching for his return and he could see me clearly. As he approached the car, he offered a very animated, apologetic, frowning smile, bottom lip protruding in a heavy pout, while throwing his hands into the air, immediately followed by an equally animated downward swing of his right hand into an exaggerated 'ahhh, shoot' finger snap. In that moment, permagrin settling in, I thought in wonderment, "Wow. When I'm pregnant, flush with strange food cravings and mega bizarre emotional whims, he is sooo gunna kick some ass as my soon-to-be baby-daddy!"

Monday, May 26, 2008

In the Throes of Domestic Bliss

Another long and rambling post: We had people asking last week and since the weekend hit, what our plans were for the Memorial weekend. Most were surprised we were even around, expecting us to leave town, but instead, we remained home for 3 days of "domestic bliss," as my honey-man put it to whomever asked him, while I just told people we were going to stay home and clean the garage. Yup, we basically had a laundry list of things-to-do 'round the house, but our primary mission for the holiday: Organize the garage!

Before all the productive domesticity was to begin, however, Friday night was nothing but leisurely, non-productive time spent together: We went for a two-hour long walk around our neighborhood, and um, I can't remember anything else after that... we went to sleep around 1:30 am.

But yes, on Saturday, we spent 7 hours rearranging everything in our garage, well enough to not only park the Matrix back inside the garage for the first time since Christmas (Hallelujah!), but to also fill the Matrix with stuff, all of intended for Goodwill! We also determined we have three major furniture items to post for sale on Craigslist this week. Once the garage was deemed sufficiently reorganized, we cuddled on the couch with the kitties and
split a delicious bottle of raspberry lambic while we watched Raiders of the Lost Ark (on laser disc!) in preparation for the new Indy Jones flick we'll see later this week.

Here's the absolutely ridiculous 'before' picture of our garage (ridiculous and embarrassing!). There's unfortunately no 'after' shot to share just yet. Yer just gunna have to believe me that it's now much improved.Owen, stretched along my legs while we watched Raiders...
On Sunday, just like Saturday, 'we' slept in as planned, although I really woke at 6 am and fought to stay asleep over the following 2 hours, waking every 20 minutes for 5-10 minutes before dozing off to only wake again, sneaking out of bed around 8 am, waiting to make breakfast until my sweetly snoring, exhausted honey-man would finally rise around 9:30 am... BACKGROUND: I have a tendency to wake real early but just remain in bed, lying there half awake, going in and out of consciousness for at least a half hour to an hour, and during these times, I may blurt my thoughts aloud in short, truncated statements or in some question form. My honey-man is ridiculously patient with me when I do this (although not quite so much when I do the very same thing at bedtime), but he warned me Friday night to NOT do this over our holiday weekend at home = Hell or high water, he was going to sleep in, dammit! Me, however, I guess I was too jazzed to stay in bed. Anticipating all we had planned, it was hard to lay there unless I could rouse my honey-man for some good spooning. I do love me some guhoood spoonage.

Anyhow, Sunday morning, we had a full breakfast together at home. Thereafter, we both dilly-dallied with strange and rare spring cleaning tasks until we left for a BBQ at 1:30pm, and there we stayed until 6pm. Upon leaving the party, we were to return home to hang some frames up the stairway walls and hang some new curtains in our front room, but we went out to see Iron Man instead. BACKGROUND: We've lived in our home for a year now and have done so without any window coverings of any kind in our front room. These 'new curtains' we were to hang, we've actually had them for 9 months now, both of us stalling/refusing to hang them because we prefer the pure, bright, but gentle light from our northern windows, although we both know we should put something up for greater privacy at night...

This morning, we BOTH slept in (and it was NOT another repeat of either Saturday or Sunday morning for me - - thank goodness!), and I made fresh banana whole-grain pancakes for breakfast. [SEMI-RELATED TANGENT/RECOMMENDATION: Although delicious and uber-filling (couldn't eat more than two), it's best to let banana pancakes cool for at least five full minutes, as the bananas can reach 'molten'-like temperatures. I had somehow forgotten this until AFTER my first bite. END OF TANGENT.] While Once and Harry Potter's Order of the Phoenix each played through twice throughout the day, my honey-man ironed all his shirts and put away all of yesterday's five loads of folded laundry, and we ironed and rehung our freshly washed kitchen and bathroom curtains, and I dinked with this and that, reframed a picture or two, vacuumed the house and shook all the rugs, while my honey-man installed a ceiling fan in our bedroom. And then?

Owen, atop our 5 loads of unfolded laundry...
After a brief perusal of a few online listings, we ventured out to investigate Memorial Day furniture sales. By 8:30pm tonight, we became the proud soon-to-be owners of a custom sofa bed sectional set to be made and delivered to us in less than 3 weeks' time, and thus, we have new found incentive to put up those front room curtains, so at least our overnight guests can have THEIR privacy if and whenever they may stay in our home!!!

P.S. We'll actually have both Wendy and her lovin'-man here for a visit the last weekend of June for the Weird Al Yankovic concert, so that's our deadline for the hanging of those blasted front room curtains! We'll see how long we put it off until it absolutely has to happen!

Friday, May 23, 2008

Cats 'er Cute Manipulative Creatures, That's All

I realize that no one will really be as amused by this as I am - - but that's okay (cuz I really don't care anyhow!) ~ I juhhst love my fuzzy babies! For those who don't know, Owen is the smaller, predominantly white-tummied one and Otis is the bigger, more tan kitty.

Now this next, more specific explanation as to how one can tell the two kitties apart, it's just a simple, kooky fluke of a coinky-dink, realized months after the two had already been given their names:

OWEN is the more white kitty: "oWen" = 'W' for white.
OTIS is the more tan kitty: Again, please notice: "oTis" = 'T' for tan


Thursday, May 22, 2008

Beware: More Info. Than You May Really Care to Read

So yeah, I've been busy lately. That being said, here's a Top Twenty listing of some of the latest abridged potential posts, including titles, that I've meant to share over the last couple months, many from just the last 2 weeks:

1. "Mah Flash Drive Woes & Regrets" - On May 6th, my mostest favoritest, most frequently relied upon flash drive inexplicably quit, and it was confirmed today by a reputable 3rd party recovery co. (the one and the same co. that had saved our pictures of our honeymoon in Ireland), that I have, indeed, lost 30 hrs of work-related work, and everything else that was on it. My last backup was March 30th, but apparently, that's not recent enough. The next couple weeks will now be a repeat of the last couple weeks. [insert gurgling inner rumbling noises of deep sadness]. [SEMI-RELATED TANGENT: I don't think I ever posted any pics here from our honeymoon, did I? Well dang! I should do that! END OF TANGENT.]

2. "Movie Time with Mah Honey-Man" - We have at least 4 borrowed DVDs (well, like, 8 if you count all the included discs for the extended version of Two Towers), some we've had for months now, all from the angel boy-O's mom, Wendy. In the last 2 weeks, we've been trying to make sure we watch them all by June 4th, so they can all be returned to her. Some of them, we've stayed up until 1am to get 'er done [SEMI-RELATED TANGENT: I may still be a night owl, but my honey-man, he is not]. The other night, we watched Once (I so loved it!), and have some thoughts to share on it, but I'll reduce 'em to this: I so thought this movie was a documentary! I bought the whole thing, hook line and sinker = yes, because I'm a gullible sap, I know. And now, I intend to buy the movie soundtrack!

3. "Gone With the Wind" (referring to our Vegas weather) - I finally bought some flowers for potting (half-price at Target! - which is good since about half of 'em will be dead by summer's end), and I set them out around our home's outside entry door. When planting them, the wind was so nutso-strong, I wound up with about half the potting soil up my noise, in my hair, down my shirt, and plastered in a thin, clearly visible layer over every inch of exposed skin. It's been INSANELY windy here for the last week. Oh, and we went from 105 degrees on Sunday to a balmy 74, today...

4. "Losing One's Great Elders of the Family" - The husband of my Grandpa Farrell's only surviving sibling, his sister, Ramona, he died of a heart attack this past weekend. He has an enormous family (a very active, prominent Mormon family with gobs of grandchildren and great grandchildren)! There's a lot to be said about this uncle's life - - what a very good life, he had. I've only focused though upon what I know my mum would have said about him: She always knew he loved her very much.

5. "No more Pink, Gone is the Orange" (referring to my hair color) - The short of this one is I'm now a dark brunette once again, despite all the positive feedback I'd received. Oh, and while we're on the subject: I haven't let a professional stylist cut my hair since my last haircut in December. I've been on my own - - however, I may soon have to give in and let a professional take over. My weekly maintenance (read here, 'obsessive') trimmings have become tedious in the last couple weeks!

6. "The Real Reality of Postpartum Depression" - I have a dear sweetheart in my family who had been struggling with untreated postpartum, and although she's on the mend finally, I'm afraid she hasn't been given the full range of empathetic understanding she deserves. I simply wanted to write here about my own understanding of such situations and the power of hormones and chemical imbalance, and how the whole "buck it up and tough it out honey" approach is the last thing a mother with postpartum needs to be given.

7. "A New Kind of Chicken Pot Pie" or "Not To Be Repeated" - Round this time of year, there's party that I have a major hand in planning every time, and this year (it was last Friday), we had resurrected an old favorite: The Iron Chef Competition. The key ingredient this year was peanuts. [SIDE NOTE: Last time we had the Iron Chef Competition, the key ingredient had been graham crackers, and the submissions that year were truly inspired.] Anyhow, I created a Thai-inspired, peanut based roue for a baked chicken pot pie. I had slow-cooked the chicken with ginger, garlic and white pepper... and the roue, well, I used peanut butter. Now, it did NOT win as an entree entry, but no one tossed their cookies either; it was remarkably good. It was, really! Nonetheless, it was also a one-time thing, not to be repeated.

8."Green Light Giv'n to Hire Me a New 'Sistant"
- K, yer not supposed tah blog about work, I know - - HOWEVAH - - I was given clearance last week to hire a new assistant, and this news almost makes up for the last year's worth of daily torture!!! Hallelujah and Amen. Praise all that is good and precious.

9. "Oh Zee Folly of Youth" - There's a possibility that one of my younger cousins, my mum's own namesake, may be moving to Vegas in the fall. She was here over the weekend of my MS Walk, and I spent some time with her - - and I am admittedly envious. When I was her age, I was a mess (she'll be 20 in July). The short of it: She's so darling and super sassy, in a relaxed, down to earth, easy, confident, uber-cashe, very comfortable kind of way, I could eat her whole. I hope she moves here.

10."MS Fundraising Shortfall" - Our Nevada Chapter of the Nat'l MS Society hasn't met our minimum fund-raising target --- I helped count the final donations brought in on walk day, and we knew then that we don't have enough. This makes my stomach feel ill and knotted - - and it's hard to continue pleading for more support, but man, we need it. The minimum amount that's needed to provide minimum services to those in Nevada living with MS, we just don't have it. Consequently, although the event was May 10th, our MS Walk fund-raising deadline has been extended until June 1st. I intend to post more on this before the week's end, but I've felt too nauseous about it to do so just yet.

11. "My Final Tally for Zee 2008 MS Walk" - see #9 above... or for now, go visit HERE

12. "Gargantuan Public THANK YOU to all my MS Sponsors" - This will come soon, but also see above, #9...

13. "I Love My FURminator" - Blatant product plug for The FURminator, which I'd read about on Dooce.com and bought that very same day, no joke. Both Otis & Owen have never been fans of brushing = Despite four different cat brushes over the last 5 years, they always have hated it until now! This is from Oatie's first 5 minutes of time with the FURminator.

14. "Are you Preggers?" - This post, if written at greater length, I would offer multiple, extensive observations made in the last year regarding today's latest fashion trends for the ladies, plus the simple fact that it's no secret that I'm jones'n to be pregnant, and it's in the not-so-distant plans, but not yet in the works, but I digress. I've acquired a good handful of new tops in the last few months, and I'm absolutely certain that for any observant bystander, each one I wear begs the question... "Is she pregnant?" For future reference until further notice: No, not yet, but my wardrobe is sure ready for it, yes.

15. "White & Nerdy" - Because I do so love and ahhdore our delightful angel boy-O (plus I'm a relatively decent, semi-cool step-mommie), I got us tickets to see Weird Al Yankovic in June. Yup, and since the purchase of these aforementioned tickets, all four of us devoted parents will now be escorting the boy-O, all of us together - - and I fully intend to learn all the lyrics to "White & Nerdy" by then, among other Weird Al favorites... Various random lines from "Eat It" have plagued a number of private moments in our home as of late...

16. "Summahtime Plans" - For the first month of summer with the angel boy-O here in Vegas (yay!!!), we have two out-of-state weddings to attend, plans to camp in Zion Nat'l Park over Father's Day, and Weird Al that last weekend of June... and for the month of July? The summer hasn't even begun, I know, but I fear it may be over in no time! We've got LOADS of stuff planned already. The short of it: For the last month, I've been trying to mentally prepare myself, to savor this time we'll have with the angel boy-O, and not think about how soon he'll be gone. [CLARIFICATION: Although we've reached 3-digit temps already, summer doesn't officially begin for me until after the Memorial Day weekend.]

17. "My Heathen State" - This is something I've long wanted to address, but haven't ever... and this will certainly be nothing more than a touch 'n go, oversimplified treatment of the subject: A dear college friend of mine from my days at Ricks College (blak!), now known as BYU Idaho, she gave me a surprise phone call. It'd been a while since we last talked and I was so flippin' excited to simply hear and instantly recognize her voice, I was squealing and giggling for the call's duration... and once I got off the phone, and my honey-man and I had sat down outside for dinner together, he asked me what the...? and I promptly burst into tears. See, I'm a heathen... Not many of my college friends from my days at either Ricks or BYU [double 'blak' - involuntary gagging - - Choking now! - - Pardon me, clearing my throat... No offense is meant by this, but ewww! (hee, hee = I do this to aggravate the very person I'm about to name)] have kept up with me for this fact. Of course, as Mikie stated later -but in my own words- "Screw 'em!" Anyhow... Mikie has always been a friend I can trust, and I have always had such profound respect for her. I hadn't realized until this most recent call from her, that I had begun over the last couple years to unconsciously fear she would soon decide like others had, that I was too lost by Mormon standards to warrant any continued contact with me. But I know better than this... I love you, Mikal!

18. "Happy 5th to Mah Fuzzy Babies" - Their actual birth date is an unknown, however, when I'd adopted these two lil' bros, the vet said they'd been born around end of April, early May, so we celebrate their birthdays on May Day, the 1st.

19. "How 'Bout a New Rotation?" - I've had the same CDs stashed in my car's sun visor's CD holder for the last two years with the exception of two additions over last summer: 1) Wicked, the Soundtrack, after I'd seen the real thing in London (and don't you dare dis Wicked, cuz I'm a enormous sap and I shamelessly love it, and I KNOW ALL OF THE WORDS), and the other [deep inhalation], 2) Fergie, The Dutchess (or whatever it's called). Yes, Fergie - - and I am so ashamed. It was sent to me via an unwanted BMG auto-mailing! I both emailed and called BMG to complain, and I supplied the proof of my online-submitted decline for that month's Featured Selection! The unwanted charges were credited back to my bank account... but I was told to keep the CD - - and not only did I do so, it's been in rotation for nearly a year now. *sniff, sniff* I need serious help, I do. I know. Oh, so what's been in the rotation, you ask? 1) Doobie Brothers Greatest Hits, 2) Billy Joel's "An Innocent Man," [SIDE NOTE: To the angel boy-O's dear mommy's horror, I got the angel boy-O into "Uptown Girl" a few years ago, and he and I sing it in the car together, so it will stay in rotation until the day he tires of it.], 3) the red one is Fergie, 4) the orange is the Garden State Soundtrack, then 5) Putumayo's Brazillian Lounge compilation CD, 6) John Mayer's Continuum, 7) Ferry Corsten's L.E.F. and lastly, 8) "French Behind the Wheel," Disc #6... oh, and I'm certain that Wicked was in the car CD player at the time this photo was taken.

20. "Health Matters: An Update" - Long since the imaginary femoral hernia and the supposed spastic colon, plus a multitude of ridiculous, worthless prescriptions, followed by my personal favorite, the colonoscopy scare, the latest and ahhlmost final verdict is this: I've just got nothing but bad ovarian cyst issues. I do have another scan scheduled on May 28th to rule out one last theory, but we're pretty sure I just have a dreadful cycle is all. I've been charting all sorts of things on the calendar in our bathroom (and we'll leave it at 'all sorts of things'), and I've determined that on average each month, I have about 5 pain-free days is all. Yup. And the proposed solution to this? Either get back on The Pill or get pregnant. So unless we discover something new next week, that's where we are.

P.S. There are more than twenty other potential posts, yet to be posted, but twenty is a nice, clean number for now.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Call me 'Itchy Itcherson'

I made the brilliant decision to trim my hair this morning while wearing a pair of overalls... leaning far over the bathroom sink helped, but not entirely.

As I walked out the door for work, I knew I should have just bagged 'em and chosen something else for the day's wear.

It's been less than an hour, but I think already that I might have to change into my gym clothes for the rest of today!

P.S. It's now 9:15 pm and I made it through the day without a wardrobe change, despite some minor itchies here and there

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

"walk MS" Update Comin' atcha!

Real soon, I'll be posting a final 'report' for last weekend's MS Walk ~ In the meantime, if anyone happens to want to visit my personal MS webpage to help me hit the $3,000 mark, it's not too late!


Friday, May 09, 2008

Soooo Close, BUT Not Close Enough Just Yet!

to the latest, glorious additions
to my fabulous list of MS sponsors!

Annette Amdal, Jackie Camp, Mike Chiafulio, Eric Drachman, Kristene Fisher, Seth & Karena Hamilton, Erin Hannon & Joel Snyder, Chris Heavey, Kim & Charles Huot, Jeff & Deb Kinney, Glen McBride, Duane Neillson, Amanda Pasinski, Laurel Pritchard, Janeen Reza, Adrianna Wechsler

If you haven't done so already, please visit my personal MS webpage!
Go RIGHT NOW and sponsor tomorrow's Las Vegas MS Walk!

Wouldn't it be awesome if I can announce as the event's own emcee that I'd met my fund-raising goal of $4,000?!?

We've reached $2,850 already!

P.S. And those names of donors written in BOLD TYPE (who gave $50 0r more), are eligible for the drawing exclusive to my MS sponsors for TWO BLUE MAN TICKETS, ANY NIGHT, at The Venetian in Las Vegas (link here)!

Thursday, May 08, 2008

My Awesome MS Sponsors, Thus Far!

Those who've pledged their MS donation in just the last 24 hours: Daniel Allen, Barbara & Richard Ballingham, Jonelle Cachuela, Coreen Carter, Rolanda Chung, Mikal Davids, Anna Huddleston, Lessel Hutchins, Elizabeth & Darrell Kahre, Jane & Michael Karwoski, Ryan Larsen, Andrew Leman, Michael Noh, Laurel Pritchard, Roger, Jennifer, Martina & Dylan Rennels, Jim Rohrig, Andrea Schoen, Rhea Watson

And those who ran first to the donation plate! ~ Michelle Carro, Gillian Chapman, John & Daly Costanza, Lindsey Harrington, Lois Heaton, Robert Koettel, Pascal Marcotte, Anne Mong, Jason & Suzanne Poulsen, Mary Jane Powell, Carol Randall, Jenna Silverman, Rebecca Thomas, Susan Thompson, Don Trottier & Leslie Trottier, Sangeeta Ullal, Diane Villa, Wayne Weiten

And my sincerest gratitude to you all!

P.S. And those names of donors written in BOLD TYPE (who gave $50 0r more), are eligible for the drawing exclusive to my MS sponsors for TWO BLUE MAN TICKETS, ANY NIGHT, at The Venetian in Las Vegas (link here)!

Just Past the Half-way Mark!

Okaybee, we're juhhhst past the half-way mark!!! Yuppers, indeedy!
We've got $2,200!!!

We've got $1,800 more to goooo - - and in just two days?!?

(nervous shaking of the head)

So far I've got only ONE blogger/lurker on the sponsorship list:
You were my FIRST MS sponsor! ~

Although $2,200 amounts to a fabulous response thus far (hell yeah!), I still need your help!

Please be a peach ~ an ORANGE peach ~ tee hee ~ ORANGE for MS Awareness!!!
and visit my MS page
right now to pledge your donation!

And THANK YOU soooo much!

I guess I should mention TWO more things:
#1 - If I reach my goal of $4,000, I'll be nationally recognized by the Nat'l Multiple Sclerosis Society as a high achiever in MS fund-raising,
and #2 - I'm the emcee for the Las Vegas MS Walk this year!?!

Wednesday, May 07, 2008

What was Once Pink, is Now Orange ~ Orange for MS!

You may not know this, but a few years ago (and for years before that), the awareness color for MS was red. Well, we all know what "RED" stands for these days [SIDE NOTE: While semi- on the topic, I'll letcha know that I do also donate to the Las Vegas AIDS Walk every year, for the last 5 years now]... Sooo, about a year 'n a half ago, the National Multiple Sclerosis Society made the move to ORANGE!

Yeah, so the idea is ya see ORANGE, and ya think of MS! Soooo, my hair that was once PINK, it is now an orangey-red! I had been hoping for an orange that would be practically day-glo orange, but apparently, 'ORANGE' is not a popular depositing color choice in the world of hair color. My options were purty stinkin' slim, but the nice lil' chicky at Sally's Beauty directed me to a semi-permanent wash I could try (and I did), and so here's the final results... but first, for the sake of comparison (for those who haven't already seen this), the used-to-be-pink:

NOW ORANGE! (or at least the closest I could get to it) (Notice I'm sportin' an orange shirt? For MS, of course!)

Please visit my personal MS Webpage
Good karma is guaranteed to come your way!

Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Thursday, May 01, 2008

We're Ready for Your MS Donations!

My personal MS Walk webpage is finally up and I'm ready for your MS donations people!

And this year, I'm aimin' higher than ever!!!
[drumroll please]

For each year my Popstar and her family has had to deal with her MS, I want to raise $1,000 in sponsorship to be given to the National Multiple Sclerosis Society = that's $4,000!?!

Yup. THAT'S FOUR GRAND! And I'm sooo not even kidding!
AND so that means I REALLLLY need A LOT of HELP from EVERYONE!
AND we've got only TEN DAYS from now to do it!!!

Please donate now
by visiting my MS webpage
right now!
If you don't want to submit your own email address, you can use <annejelynn@yahoo.com> and just be sure to email me your contact info, so I can happily forward your donation receipt to you.
P.S. I've added a lil' somethin' special this year to further encourage your sponsorship generosity! See my MS webpage NOW!