Monday, December 31, 2007

Belated Most Merriest Merry Christmas Greetings!

Okay, it's New Year's Eve day, I know... and I'm just finally online to wish everyone a belated Merry Christmas! We've been out of town, just back to Vegas last night.

BUHT, I do hope everyone had a good holiday, the best to you and yours!

Thursday, December 20, 2007

And the Preliminary Results?

So, I'm 32 and I've had a colonoscopy - no one in my family can beat that, suckas!

We got up before 6am to be there by 7:30am... and it wound up taking less than 15 min. to drive there, so we cuddled on the two-seater bench and watched the
Today show on the big LCD screen TV in the waiting room, and we were reminded why we don't watch TV.

I went under at 8:50 am.... the plebotomy effort for my IV took longer than the colonoscopy itself. They had to stick me in 3 different places before the IV worked. I was released from the recovery room by 9:30am, and I have ZERO recollection of the bummy procedure, and I thank my lucky stars for that.

And so, did they find anything? Yeah. I've been told I have "rectal erosions."

Say what?

Neither Google or, nor WedMD offered much information, so I'll leave it at what the RN said, something along the lines of "your rectal tissue has crater-like ulcers." Now, how do crater-like rectal ulcers cause chronic constipation, I dunno. And why I have them at all, no explanation was offered. I have to wait 2-4 weeks before I can set down with anyone to be told more and to hear the biopsy results. - Wish me luck -

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Why I Love Mah Honey-Man ~ Reason 18

Not only does my honey-man wish our fuzzy babies a sweet goodbye when he leaves the house, he tells them "Bless you" whenever either one sneezes.

Nuthin' But 'Clear' Liquids

Today's the day before I have a colonoscopy ~ what fun! So far today, I drank a 10 oz bottle of lemon magnesium citrate by 9am, and I took 2 Ducolax pills at 11am, and thereafter, I've had 64 onces of 'Mountain Blast' Powererade infused with 255 grams of Miralax. For breakfast? I had a mug and a half of beef broth (yuck!), and for an early dinner, I just finished a mug of chicken broth...along with 32 oz of diluted, but really nummy, White Cran-Peach juice from Ocean Spray, also infused with Miralax.

In the last 3 hours, I - - well, I could say a lotta different things... but I won't!

Monday, December 17, 2007

You Look So...Butch

We were in Burbank for the past weekend for one of our favorite parties of the year, a white elephant party held by my honey-man's business partner and the fellow's lovely wife (who's a fantastic cook!). We had a wonderful, wonderful weekend - - and it was our first chance to unhook, to remember what this upcoming holiday season is all about ~ family and friends!

Before we left, I got my haircut yesterday... the chicky I saw did a wonderful job thinning and 'chunking' the texture, unlike the woman I'd seen for my 2nd cut, post-long hair. Last night though, on our way home, we'd stopped at a Starbucks, and I caught a glimpse of myself in their public restroom mirror, and I was, um, kinda shocked upon closer review of my new hairstyle, yet I couldn't put into words what exactly was wrong with it, but something was definitely wrong. Once we were home in Vegas, and we'd had dinner, and we'd taken a shower, and taken care of the kitties, and we were back upstairs to get ready for bed, I was staring at my reflection in our bathroom for a moment, and it hit me like a ton of bricks. I spoke my realization aloud with my honey-man off to the side, not far away, lying on our bed:

"I look totally butch"
And then? - My honey-man confirmed that that is exactly it... I look totally butch with this haircut. All I'd need is to give up the make-up, dress like a man, and don some leather choker-type necklace.

My honey-man told me to not say or do anything about it, and to just wait and see what people at work would say to me, as no one there is too shy about holding back, if they like something or not...

Well, I'm about to leave work for home, so I just called my honey-man, and he asked me how people had responded to my hair... We didn't have many people in today, but here were some of the comments offered, the first listed being the very first of the day before I'd even unlocked my office door:

1) [apply sing-song, baby-talk voice] You look like a wittle boy.
2) [apply questioning inflection] You look so tomboy-ish (?)
3) [apply peppy tone of forced reassurance] It'll grow out fast.
4) [apply 'matter-of-fact' tone] You look like a boy.
5) [spoken as if my dog died] In two weeks, you'll be fine.
6) [spoken w/slowly mouthed awe] Wow, a lot of 'face' to see now.
7) [spoken nervously] Well that's sporty.
8) [spoken as if trying to convince oneself] I think it's cute.
9) [asked to avoid stating an opinion] Does your husband like it?
10) [spoken as if discussing lawn care] Good thing about short hair is it grows out fast.

And the best one for last...
11) [spoken w/ jabbing amusement] Just in time for the holidays, eh? This one's gunna be well documented.

I think if the bangs and sides around my ears had been left longer, um, the above comments would not be so very, very applicable. But yes, thank goodness short hair grows out fast! And yes, dammit, I hope everyone forgets to bring their cameras this Christmas!

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Now with Even More 'Christmas'

I had my French final yesterday (and I believe I'll be getting an 'A' on it by the way = YAY!!! + a huge sigh of relief!), so last night, after getting home after 9pm for my first totally french-free evening in months, I took the chance to catch up a bit... I finally decorated our banister with the remaining pine boughs I'd kept outside for the last 12 days! It's a bit more than my honey-man was expecting though. CORRECTION: It's A LOT more than my honey-man's used to in terms of holiday decor...

When I first began with only a couple bough pieces set on the lower banister, I could tell he was rather, um, concerned, asking questions about their placement and would the wire damage the banister rail, and what about this and that, and, and... and I had an answer for each question, and, thankfully, he returned to his office to work! [now apply baby-talk voice] = He's sooo cute.

Anyhow, once the lower banister was covered, I'd called for him to come peek at my progress, so he came down and expressed his full skepticism... and again, he returned to his office to leave me at it. [again, apply baby-talk voice] = He's too cute.

So anyhow, cut a bit to the chase here, eh? Well, once the boughs were all spritzed and it was all done with pine cones added and satin ribbon placed and coiled, I called my honey-man for a final time, to come down and take in the full affect...

Again, a lot more than my honey-man's used to, but HE LIKES IT!
[Note in the picture, the very cute Owen, sitting on a spindle base, inspecting the job]

And here's our chrimpus tree: I must mention I have new-found hatred for our chandelier...Mind you, I have never been fond of it at all, and now? I want to rip it outta the ceiling! = It entirely blocks the view of our gorgeous sterling silver star tree topper we'd bought in Ireland as our wedding gift to each other.
Both pictures are fuzzy due to the low light... Our tree doesn't look even half as cute in this pic as it is in 'real life!'

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

If I Were a White Elephant...

...I'd be a set of 8 crazy, curly, brightly colored drinking straws, enough to accompany 8 formal place settings....

This coming weekend, my honey-man and I will be off to L.A. to attend our favorite Annual Holiday White Elephant party hosted by some dear friends of ours in their Glendale home. Of course, a weekend to L.A. means we'll be seeing the angel boy-O, who also attends this party, along with his mommie, Wendy and his Batman-Dad. EXPLANATION: 'Batman-Dad is the new alias I've chosen for the great guy who's also known as Wendy's new hubby's and the angel boy-O's step-dad, but refering to him as either "her husband" or "his step-dad" seems insufficient, lack-luster recognition, and I can't think of a more normal alias, like 'Bob' or 'Tom.' Oh! Oh! I know! We could call him "Bowie"?! = he's a HUGE David Bowie fan (understatement), or would that be kinda sacreligious? I guess I should ask him how he'd like to be refered to here, since I don't use their common names... END OF TANGENT.

Anyhow, so we'll all be at this white elephant party together! And actually, since my honey-man's relocation to Vegas last June, whenever we go to L.A. now, we stay with Wendy and her lovin'-man. Hmm... "lovin'-man" might be a good alias... I got my honey-man, and she has her lovin'-man? I'll still ask.

We also have plans this weekend to see The Golden Compass on Saturday morning, all of us together, as the angel boy-O's tribe of parents. We even had a vote... The Golden Compass vs. Alvin & the Chipmunks. The decision made was a fun lil' development...

Monday, December 10, 2007

Tossing Out an 'Update'

Okay, so um, where have I been lately? #1, I've been studying for my French final exams!!! All day yesterday, I studied my French, and although I did do my hair and make-up, I never got dressed! I never left the house, yesterday. I was in my night top and bath robe with slippers on, allll day long.

What else? Um, we put up our chrimpus tree the weekend before last -- I will someday post pictures, once I have at least taken some! - - so unlike me to have not taken any! Uh, and this morning at 7am, I was at the dentist getting a chipped front tooth on its 7th or 8th chip all fixed up for the 3rd time, since the two other for-free fixes hadn't kept. My DDS told me I can't eat my crisp granny apples anymore without cutting them into slices first!?! *sniff, sniff* I LOVE EATING WHOLE APPLES! That's part of the 'whole' experience! And what else? Oh yes, my honey-man and I, we have managed to gain 10 lbs each since we got married 3 months ago... a mixture of happy fat, plus alotta stress at work (both of us), and several parts achy-heartache, missing the angel boy-O. Oh and on Saturday, we received a disc of our recovered Honeymoon pictures! Almost all of them were recovered! Haaaah-llelujah! And what else? Um, I've been studying my French? And I've been talking on the phone with friends and family, whenever I can, still trying desperately to catch up with everyone I haven't spoken to since before and after we got married!?! Oh, and I managed to holiday shop online for over two-thirds of everyone on my gift list. Oh yeah, and I finally got a new phone to replace my sad lil' Nokia brick, who's LCD screen had gone a bit whacko on me... I'm now a reluctant owner of a flip phone. Yes, I've finally joined the rest of the masses; my new cell is a flip, it's got bluetooth and it doubles as a camera, BUT it's a Nokia still, nonetheless.

My current to-do list:
Grocery shopping and buy new kitty food
Change kitty litter boxes
Trim kitty claws
New air filters for Matrix and Echo
Order rear windshield wiper blade for Matrix
Launder darks and synthetics
Mail off Netflick and Columbia DVD return
Buy LOTS of postage stamps
Mend my slippers
Send Letter to CIE Tours
Send Letter to Theatre Banshee
Write out my Heal Your Body affirmations
Decorate the handrail w/ pine boughs and ribbon
Get my hair cut again (so not used to this), dammit!
Locate and purchase the 'biggie gift' from Santa
Locate and purchase gifts for the ladies in my office
Sweep out the garage sooo...
...we can put christmas decor storage boxes away
Replant the mint and jade plants
Send out wedding gift thank you notes, dammit!!!
French Final this Wed. @ TEN AM
MS Captains Rally also this Wed.
Maria's image modeling competition also on this Wed.
Locate White Elephant gift for this next weekend
Locate a 2nd White Elephant gift for Idaho
Leave for L.A. this next weekend
Make & Send Holiday cards = over 110 this year
MS Walk Committee meeting, Mon. 17th
Prepare list of baked goods for xmas give-away
Bake the list of xmas baked goods to be given away
Sew Father & Son matching PJs for Xmas
Renew Matrix auto registration - go get SMOG test
Pregnancy test before colonoscopy on the 20th
Colonoscopy the 20th, joy-oh-joy!
Gift exchange w/ my sister before leaving for Idaho
Rinse the AC's airfilter - gotta do this before 'next year'
Flush water heater - looks like not until 'next year'
Clean refrigerator coils - also looks like not until 'next year'
Clean dryer's vent track - " " 'next year'
Finish the Enlightened Stepmother 4-heaven's sakes! (only 1 ch. left)
Finish Wedding Book via Shutterfly by Dec. 31st
Finish our Cruelty-free Home Products list (another story)
Write & Send Letter of Complaint to Luxor