Monday, March 26, 2012

"Zee Things She Sayzz" or "Happy 3rd"

"That's not an option." -after being told we aren't headed anywhere other than home, when I pick her up from school.

"That's not a choice." -after being told there's only spaghetti and meatballs -or whatever else she doens't want- for dinner.

"I'm the Swedish Chef, momma! [while tapping the handle end of her butter knife on the kitchen table] Mork, Mork, Mork!"

Singing in the car on her way to school with her daddy driving:  "Hot man in misery, Hot man in misery" - - She's singing "Misery" by Maroon 5, recognized by her teacher upon arriving to school.  My honey-man had no idea what she was singing, although she repeatedly told him it was Maroon 5 from mommie's car.

"I will not ever do that again because the kitties walk on the table." -after being told that if she spits her food out on the kitchen table again, rather than simply eat it or place it back on her own plate, she will be made to eat it from the table. She then clarified, "I don't want to eat off the table because the kitties walk on the table sometimes and that is gross."

"I'm the birthday girl at school today, momma!" -because she IS three years old today!  She is such a happy and clever girl, and from day to day, it thrills me to have such a wonderful lil' being in my life.

She is such a joy, and I feel infinitely grateful to have watched her grow sooo much over just the past 3 years.  I cannot imagine all the more in store for us as she continues to grow.  Her personality bursts with energy and enthusiasm and real spunk, and I find that as the lil' person she is today, and even since the time she was born, she has lightened my being and my hope for this world on a daily basis.

Happy 3rd Birthday, my darling girl.  I love you so.

Tuesday, March 06, 2012

U2's 'Acrobat'

How funny.... My iTunes shuffle play has brought up U2's 'Acrobat' - - I remember playing this song (on cassette) at an inherently dramatic volume, driving in my beige 1985 Delta 88 Oldsmobile [my friends called it the "Fud-mobile"), singing the words as loud as I could, crying.

Long sigh - - - I am sooooo glad I'm not a teenager anymore.  Reliving my 20s might be nice (as long as I'd wind up exactly where I am now), but no one -NO ONE- could ever pay me enough to relive my high school years.  No freakin' way.