Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Tripping Over My Own Feet

My honey-man reminded this morning that I need to tone down the complaining and be grateful that I've had ZERO episodes of morning sickness thus far [SIDE NOTE: I'm really NOT complaining though . . . I'm just soooo flabbergasted all the time as to how tired I am. I had NO IDEA I would be this tired ALL THE TIME!?!]. My honey-man laughs at me (I don't blame him - - I laugh too), as he watches me practically trip up the stairs at night. So yeah, no morning sickness as of yet (YAY!) and I'm just 11 (or is it 12?) weeks along today.

A few definite discoveries have been made though:

1- I do not like chicken anymore. I don't know what it is exactly (although texture does seem to be the issue), but unless it's my cousin Emmett's jerk chicken recipe -totally moist and flavor loaded- I just can't get it down.
2- The smell of coffee is absolutely horrid; it's enough to make me hurl.
3- The smell of Berry Omega Odwalla bars totally makes me gag.
4- And as if it hadn't been bad enough before, the smell of mildew now makes me dry heave.
5- My sense of smell in general has tripled, or possibly quadrupled, in strength (and it was already strong).
6- Toothpaste, whether minty or cinnamon is really gross (I'd really hoped the cinnamon would work).
7- By 8pm, I feel absolutely bloated each and every day.
8- I feel like a nuclear reactor at night and my honey-man can feel the heat radiate from me.
9- I get up each night at least twice (4 times last night) to empty my bladder, usually 'round 12:30 am and 4 am, just like clockwork.
10- Otherwise, I'm doin' real good physically!


Mikal's life said...

So if you're already getting up to pee 4 times a night now (when you're only 12 weeks along) then you are totally screwed when the last couple of months come around! Sorry, but just make sure to get used to your bathroom now!

Jen said...

I have to say...everything you've listed...IS morning sickness! :-)

Hope it goes away soon!