Monday, August 11, 2008

A Most Tragic Loss for Our Family

My cousin Trevor has lost his wife, Amber. She had been struggling with severe postpartum depression that had developed over time into full-blown bipolar disorder. Although she had been placed upon a medication regimen and had been hospitalized several times, she was still experiencing extreme dips on a cyclical basis each month. She was admittedly suicidal for the last 3 months, and although she has been surrounded by caring loved ones concerned for her health and safety, she succeeded in ending her own life yesterday morning.

Understandably, our entire family and all those who loved Amber so dearly, we are all reeling with pain and deep sadness due to this sudden and heart wrenching loss. Please say a prayer for Amber's families and her dear husband and their two young children, 3 yrs and 8 months old, and 13 months old.

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If you feel you would like to offer help to Trevor and his children, you can donate to their family by either making a visit to your local Wells Fargo Banking Center or go online to 'Wells Fargo Online' to make a 'Transfer to Another Customer'. The account number is 8888362459 (routing #12105278), and is under the name of the 'Amber Jacobson Memorial Fund.'

Photo taken in Bear Lake, Idaho - June 20th, 2008


Susie said...

I'm so sorry. Such a beautiful young mom. And such a serious illness; the harsh reality is, no matter how many people love someone like Amber, no matter how careful they try to be with her, if she is that determined to leave her life, there's ultimately nothing they can do to save her. My prayers are with all who love her.

von Krankipantzen said...

I am so sorry. How unbelievably sad. Like Susie said, a very serious illness. My heart goes out to your whole family.

sheryl said...

Oh, I'm so sorry. This is such a heartwrenching loss. I'm sending loving and healing wishes to those who love and miss her.

Susie said...

Just checking on you, honey. You're in my heart.