Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Resisting the Urge

BE FOREWARNED: Multiple massive run-on sentences...

So, the latest development in my lil' world of pregnancy is this: My appetite has gone through the freakin' roof!!! Over the past weekend, as this realization was coming to fruition, I was a very bad girl...

My honey-man stepped through our front door, saw all the empty grocery bags lying on the kitchen table, and as he saw me, as I turned to see him, as I announced I had a guilty confession to share, he then asked, "Whaaat did you dooo?," and then he immediately supposed I'd gone crazy purchasing more ice cream than we could possibly need or want (which rarely happens, no more than an annual basis)... "Oh no, it's much worse than that." And I turned to open the freezer door for him to behold my shame; I had made the mistake of going grocery shopping while I was hungry, jonesin' for starchy, fatty comfort foods, and I'd come home with an obscene combination of microwave meals! TRANSLATION OF 'OBSCENE': I bought 15 of 'em! Oh yes, FIFTEEN. SIDE NOTE: In my defense, I spent only $20 bucks, which, actually, one could argue is a better indication of something else, and the health implications aren't good.

SOME BACKGROUND INFO: Other than a few convenient frozen items from Trader Joe's, we DO NOT buy microwavable TV-dinner type stuff; it's never to be found in my mental grocery list, nor in our freezer. And right now? We're set for the next couple months (as long as I'm able to reign in my appetite). Although there were 5 Lean Cusine meals amongst the mix (mind you, all but one of those is some kind of pizza!), the rest are Marie Callender's pot pies (about 600 calories a pop!), and there are five evil, evil, evil, most delicious, Stouffers mac n' cheese meals (BTW, I require lemon pepper sprinkled on those!)... okay, okay: Ohhhccasionally, always the result of a weak, weak, very hungry moment, I will bring home a Stouffers mac n' cheese, which is then eaten within 30 minutes of walking in the door, but this does not happen often, not even on a quarterly basis.

BTW, a part of me blames this past weekend's transgression upon my Grammie Joanie and Gpa Billy, who introduced me to Stouffers mac n' cheese, while I was attending BYU in Provo, UT. I'd drive up to SLC, to get away from zoobie-land, and if unannounced, Gpa Billy would offer me a Stouffers mac n' cheese... That's how it began. Look at me now!?!

P.S. As an afterthought, what I should have done was take a picture of the inside of our freezer. That would have said it right there!

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