Wednesday, December 08, 2010

After 5 n' a Half Hours

I won't go into the background (details soon to come), but our sweet potato girlie's been sick super sick the last 4 days, beginning last Sunday. Well, today was her big recovery day, apparently...

She 'napped' from 12:30pm until SIX at night! She was totally passed out and never made a single peep in those 5 and a half hours. After 4pm, despite having the baby monitor, I crept into her room two different times just to be sure she was breathing! And although it was dark as could be outside when she finally awoke, and she hadn't eaten since noon, she wasn't off kilter in even the slightest way. She was all sunshine and roses, happy as a lark!

As she sweetly called for me to come upstairs, I came to her immediately, nearly running up the stairs, and as I entered her room, she gave me an enormous "Hi mommie!"

And as she made her move to stand up from inside her crib, I said, " Wow, you sure had a looong nappy! You slept for a long time!"

And her enthusiastic response, full of conviction, with her lil' face sparkling with excitement: "Yes! and now I EAT!"

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