Monday, April 06, 2009

Day Six: Hanging with Great Grams

Although the day wound up going as smoothly as it possibly could have, we had my Grams, who'd been in town since Sunday, March 15th, come over for the day to help me out and keep me company while my honey-man returned to a full day's work for the first time since our baby girl's birth.

We lounged around and chit chatted most of the morning away, and then Grams made tuna salad sandwiches for our lunch, and we watched My Big Fat Greek Wedding, which my Gram's had never seen before and she really enjoyed it. And at one point, Grams held the sleeping baby girlie on her lap for nearly 2 hours straight... while we both had an afternoon nap as well. Grams also prepped a number of our fresh produce items in the fridge for us [She chopped and washed a head of romaine, cleaned and cut up two celery hearts, and washed and dried a bag of red grapes], and she made a ground turkey and vegetable soup for our dinner that night. It was really wonderful to have her with me and we really enjoyed our time together with zee cutie baybee doll.

Just hangin' out for a couple hours in her travel bassinet, swaddled and blinking, wide awake!I have nearly a couple dozen pictures of her laying like this propped in the Boppy while wearing this cute outfit, all of them basically the same, except a different expression on her face in each one
I have a number of these pictures as well with her swaddled and lying on a pillow and varying degrees of 'so peaceful and serene' shown upon her lil' mug.Grams has herself a mouthful of sugar cookie in this pic... one of those yummy "Cookies By Design" cookies!
Grams left Vegas just this morning to head back to Bear Lake, and I'm really pleased that she was here for our lil' juli-bean's birth, and to spend so much time with us. I really enjoyed our time together. We love you, Grams!

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