Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Why I Love Mah Honey-Man ~ Reason 38

It was one of my first trips upstairs to our bedroom since we'd come home from the hospital with our baby girlie girl, maybe our 6th or 7th day since she was born? Hmmm, in fact, I think it may have happened about a week ago, last Wednesday, April 1st...

My honey-man and I, we were both upstairs in our master bathroom. I was washing my face, and he was about to shave his... I remember that we were both really, reeeally tired.

Me (splashing my face with water): "So, Friday you can take her for her 2nd PKU stick?"

Him (hot water collecting in his sink, he opens medicine cabinet for his shaving cream): "Yeah, after I'm done with work that morning."

Me (toweling off my freshly washed face): - -

Him (totally alarmed and befuddled): "WHAT AM I DOING?"

Me (realizing what he's about to confess): *blink, blink*

Him (totally reeling): I just put DEORDORANT on my face?!?

Me (watching him rub at his cheek, trying NOT to double over, dying from laughter): - -

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