Friday, April 24, 2009

Several Posts in the Making but Mah Baby Be Wakin'

I do have several posts under construction right now, but lately, unless her daddy is around to woo her to sleep with his mad, magic 'jello head' skillz, my lil' wee one prefers to fall asleep on me, which has never posed a challenge until this very week. Whenever I move her tiny sleeping form over into the Boppy or the bouncy chair or her bassinet or her Pack n' Play --you get the point-- no matter where I try to leave her for her nappy now, she almost always wakes up after the transfer either within that very minute or 5 minutes later!

Sooo, today, in order for her to get some decent nappy time, this morning I had her swaddled, placed in her Boppy on top of the dryer (while it was running on the 'fluff' cycle), while I folded our clean laundry... and just five minutes ago? Well, I actually resorted to the vacuum cleaner. Yes, the vacuum cleaner. I laid her in her vibrating bouncy chair, popped her binky in her mouth and turned the vacuum cleaner on about a foot n' a half from her head, roaring away. I kid you not, she was out in less than a minute!!! Nevertheless, I let the vaccum run a full two minutes before shutting it off.

She's fast asleep still, so I'm writing this post real quick inbetween mouthfuls from I bowl of cereal I hope to inhale in entirety before she wakes... And if I'm lucky, I also hope to make some more progress with my packing for this weekend in L.A. if she remains asleep.

Yup, we're venturing off to L.A. to see the angel boy-O, who's been involved with the production of a play since January (and it's not a school play - - he's been performing with Equity actors and the like!), and this is its closing weekend, so it's our last chance to see him in action! Sooo, off we go, baby in tow, to L.A.! Wish us luck with the car trip and babe.

Shit - she's waking up! ohh - wait... wait...


Nope, we're still good!


Pam said...

I hope your trip was fun. Did your boy do well? I am in a play right now too.
The vacuum cleaner didn't work for my kids but I have friends who ran the vacuum for hours at a time in order to extend nap time. Just let it run.

mommybake said...

Each of my kids were different - but one of then slept in the swing 24/7 if she was napping! And my sister had one of her boys sleep in his car seat for the first 3 months!! She would put the car seat in the crib:) Hope the car ride went well and the older one did good on his play:)!!