Monday, April 13, 2009

Day 14: Two Weeks Outta dah Womb

As of last Thursday (or does one count from the first full day after the birth, in which case, Friday?), our baby sweet potato girl is two weeks old!?! and I cannot believe it. Where does the time go? I kid you not, we were in the hospital only yesterday! The days just FLY BY now, more than ever before. The concept of time hardly exists. I can only measure the days by checking against the dates on the photos I take, oh, and having a calendar handy is essential now, speaking of which, today is Monday - ?!? oh yeah, that makes sense... was Easter Sunday just yesterday.

I now spend my days staring at mah baby girlie in total awe of her. I feed her every 2 to 4 hours (or every 5 hrs at night), and we change her diapers [BRAVO TO MAH HONEY-MAN, who dutifully changes diapers without a word of complaint! He VOLUNTEERS to do so! Bless him!], and we give her a bath, and we swaddle her, and we help her fall asleep when she needs our help... and we talk to her, and we sing to her, and we baby-talk her to death as well... and we stare at her... oh, do we stare at her, gaze at her, adore her. And we thank our lucky stars that she is whole and healthy, and she is eating (what a lil' piglet!) and sleeping so well, and she's growing like a lil' weed and changing by the hour!! We feel so blessed and fortunate to have her. I tear up at least once a day, so grateful for such a miraculous and wonderful, precious lil' gift.

This here is my honey-man's favorite onesie for her to wear, although the kid's got nearly enough clothes to last her a month without wearing anything twice!
At her 2nd peds appointment for her two weeks check up and weigh in - - She'd grown a 1/2 inch in that last week and she put on 2.5 more ounces. I love her lil' chinny chopper in this shot! She was just about to do a big 'both-arms-above-the-head' stretch here.
Trying out the 'Snug n' Tug' swaddler ~ and she's snug as a bug!
(Where does that expression come from? - anyone know?)
Really wish this was in sharper focus...

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