Friday, April 03, 2009

Congratulatory Flowers O' Plenty

Although we've been home now since last Sunday, many of the flower arrangements we were given while in the hospital are still quite fresh and lovely, now strategically placed about our front room, so that one can look in any direction and view one of the colorful bouquets. My honey-man took pics of them all for me while we were still at the hospital. Here's a sampling of the sweet arrangements we were given:

This one is from aunt Radeane, along with a number of colorful congratulatory 'It's a Girl' and 'Happy Birthday' balloons she'd brought, as seen with my honey-man in the previous post for Day #4.
I am in love with this Peter Rabbit egg-shaped jar is darling! I'll have to take another picture of it later, to better feature the jar. I'm certain those who sent it do not realize the significance Peter Rabbit holds for me and my childhood... It will be a precious addition to our nursery shelves beside all my childhood Beatrix Potter books, including the complete set I purchased in 2001 from an incredible bookstore in Manhattan.
And I plan to use this arrangement's glass ABC block base as a vase in which we'll stash the baby girlie's binkies. And yesterday, I removed many of the small, darker pink roses and have hung them to dry to be placed inside a glass corked vase to be kept on one of the lil' juli-bean's bedroom shelves.
My step-mum brought us these: Very cool vase, PLUS I absolutely LOVE bulb flowers!
Daffodils and yellow or red tulips are my three very favorites.

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ksamg5 said...

Just checking in after being away for work this week and not been able to get online. Congratulations to you both, she's absolutely beautiful.