Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Day 13: What a Good Girl, She Is

I love how she'll lounge awake in the Boppy, just chillin' out ~
Off to the OB with mommie and daddy (where she had everyone's attention in the waiting room), to take care of mommie's NASTY allergic reaction to the icky glue used for the steri-strips placed over her c-section incision... [NASTY is short for: Itchy, totally on fire, red, swollen and peeling!] Once the strips were removed, the area oozed for 2 days. Nyce, eh? Yeah, just had to share that last lovely detail with ya'll! I'd post pictures for you (and you know I have them), buhht that's a bit much... plus they're plain NASTY!
Most of these photos taken in this way never work out so good, but I have a ton of 'em and this is the best one yet! And yes, my boobs are ENORMOUS now = I'm a living, breathing dairy walking upright on two legs!
More digicam admiration for the tinsy toes!
Our lil' jelly bean~

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Pam said...

So you nibbled her cheek? Joseph Campbell tells "There is a Persian myth of the first two parents, who loved their children so much that they ate them up. God thought, 'Well, this can't go on.' So he reduced parental love by sonething like Ninety-nine and nine-tenths percent,so parents wouldn't eat up their children." I always want to eat their toes and fingers and necks and even kiss thier sweets little butts, when they are clean.