Friday, April 03, 2009

Day Four: "We Want More"

You want to see more pictures of our baby girlie, huh? - Yes? ~ Okaybee! Twist my arm!

These pics are from our lil' juli-bean's 4th day of life in this world.
CONFESSION: I'll admit some of these pics are a bit redundant, but I couldn't possibly pick a single favorite close-up shot.Threw this one in for kicks...
Here's my honey-man, about to make his first trip to load the car, it being our last day in the hospital, that Sunday, March 29th.
Her hair isn't particularly thick, but it is over an inch long at the nape of her neck and at the top of her crown. And yes, she does have alotta hair, more than most newborns, indeed!
Her tinsy tiny eyelashes kill me!
Look at that lil' thumb poised upon her lil' chinny chopper!


Susie said...

Oh, she's a pumpkin. And I think we got a hint at her name?

mommybake said...

She is perfect!!