Thursday, April 30, 2009

Generosity from All Sides

One thing that has truly amazed me throughout this experience of having this baby of ours is the profound generosity coming at us from all sides! I had actually been concerned in the early months as to how we were going to acquire all the miscellaneous baby things one needs to raise a wee one - !?! Little did I know we would be showered with all sorts of things, including things we didn't even know we'd need and then some!

These darling, delicate hand-knit cable knit pieces were sent from Montreal from my honey-man's mum:
By the time we're in Montreal for a visit this summer, these will fit perfectly for their cooler nights.
I love how the word 'baby' is written in French!
Over the last couple weeks, my sister has dropped by the house unexpectedly to visit her lil' darling niece annnd she's done so bearing baby gifts, no less! Today, she came by and brought the hilarious 'Tax Deduction' bib, the 'Petal Pusher' to hang from the carrier handle of zah baybee's infant car seat, and the 'I Love My Aunt' magnetic frame (very nyce touch there - ha!). The Einstein Baby 'Photo Album' and the baby girl headbands were from her drop-by the week before... all very cute! Yes! Thank you, Auntie Ryner!
I plan to load this baby photo book with pictures of our baby girlie's out-of-towner grandparents so she can familiarize herself with all their faces.
Thank you to Patty and David for all the darling Carters outfits and the frilly baby girlie sockies!
Carters makes the cutest baby duds! And they're so sturdy too!
I ADORE these little dresses! The rickrack trim sewn on the hem of the lil' green floral dress calls to my own baby dresses, as does the detail on the bodice of this pink dress.
And our baby girlie will be absolutely killer cute in these Carters rompers, with her lil' chubby thighs exposed for proper parental nibbling access.
A ladybug on the bummy! I love it!
And this arrived in the mail from my longest-had childhood playmate, who lives right now in Madrid... I'm certain this lil' stationery card came from her time living in Tokyo though!
She knit this! Yes, she knit this uber, uber, most darling dress herself!
I'm certain that when we're in Montreal this summer, she'll be wearing this lil' number there as well.
She has crayzee mad knitting skillz!
And the same day the lil' knit dress mailed from Madrid arrived, we received this as well:
Thank you, Leslie, for indulging my love of of Beatrix Potter and her Peter Rabbit! Awesome!
And the very same day we received the Beatrix Potter DVD and the lil' knit dress, we received these as well!?!
Thank you again, so very much, Brenda, for these darling and lovingly-made hand knit items! This hat is way too cute!
This blanket is made of yarn made from bamboo! - It's remarkably soft!
And this lil' felted wool ditty bag, well... it's mine for now! Baby girlie can have it later, maybe.
And just today, FOUR MORE packages arrived!?!
The wrapping job on this one, alone, had me cooing.Love these lil' Mary Jane sockies! Thank you, Barbara!And some tees from Melissa Lyn ~ The first is for the angel boy-O...
And these are for our lil sweet potato girl...
All three tees are from ~ Check it out! Fun stuff!!
And this arrived from Auntie Mary P. ~ A classic! ~ She's gunna love it!
And this came from Grammie Joanie today... It means 'Super Mama' in French ~ hee heeThank you again and again to everyone!

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