Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Adding to the 'Littles'

The following was taken from an earlier instant messaging convo with a friend of mine, regarding what we think may happen once the baby arrives as the new addition to our 'littles' family, counting Otis and Owen.

(1:38:12 PM) hellodaly: and the furries?
(1:38:23 PM) Annejelynn: ah, they're so clueless. They won't know what hit 'em!
(1:38:46 PM) Annejelynn: except when we set up the crib, IMMEDIATELY, like seconds, Owen hopped up into the crib and settled down on the bedding for a nap!
(1:39:06 PM) Annejelynn: he was so pleased and purring and looked at us like, cool, I like my new bed, thanks
(1:39:58 PM) hellodaly: omg, that is so cute
(1:40:17 PM) hellodaly: wait until he sees a stranger in there, he'll be looking at you like "someone is in my bed!"
(1:41:42 PM) Annejelynn: yeah, we think Owen will be fascinated, but wary - - and Otis? He'll use her like a bun warmer

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