Friday, February 27, 2009

I Love Onesies and Baby-this and Baby-that

I have always had a preference for babies dressed in Onesies... ya know, those lil' baby bodysuits that snap between their legs? Some call them "infant creepers" - ?

The reason I prefer Onesies is because they allow total easy-access for the nibbling of adorable, chubby baby thighs!!! Amongst my "Top 20 List of Things I Love," is my love baby thighs... no joke. Just gimme' a lil' barbeque sauce and I could live on chubby baby thighs! - those and dimpled baby hands. While on the topic of babies and things that I love, my three most favorite sounds are the following (in no particular order): 1) a kitty's purring, 2) my honey-man's voice whenever he calls me by any pet name, and 3) a baby's laughter.

When my friends and cousins began having babies, I began painting Onesies for baby gifts (I've been a bit negligent with this effort over the last couple years, with some many babies!!!). Back in October, this is the first one I made for our lil' baby sweet potato girl.

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