Monday, February 09, 2009

Our Lil' Five-Plus Pounder!

We saw the perinatal doc again this morning for another ultrasound and our first of what will be many fetal monitoring appointments. Yeah, I will now have to go in for fetal monitoring twice a week from here on out, not including my regular OB appointments. Anyhow, no bitching about that!

Our baby sweet potato girl now weighs 5 lbs and 6 oz now and measures about 17 inches long!! She's gained over 2 pounds since our last appointment!?! and I'm pretty freakin' pleased about this, as it means we're now almost sure that she'll reach a healthy, respectable 6 lbs and some-odd change by the time she's born; not real big, but not too tiny... Right now, she measures in the 38 percentile when compared to other babies as far along as we are. What else... um, my amniotic fluids are a bit low, but they're not too bad. They use some index to gauge the fluid measurements, and I'm an '8,' when a '10' is considered normal. However, the doc said although they'll need to monitor my fluids each week, he has lil' reason to believe she'll arrive before her due date. Again, we're very pleased to hear this as well! We want her to bake in there as long as possible before her due date arrives! Oh and the fetal monitor tech told us we have ourselves a lil' overachiever in terms of her activity. The norm is 2 spikes of activity every 10 minutes... We counted 9 distinct spikes in 30 minutes' time!?! And during the ultrasound, all the freeze-frame shots were blurry, because she's always squirming around.

I'm totally excited to see just how much of a wiggle worm she may turn out to be once she's here. Even when it's 3am and she's rocking around, waking me up, she totally cracks me up!

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