Sunday, February 15, 2009

Mah Pregnancy Observations, Continued

Here's a few I'd failed to mention for a few weeks, if not months now, plus one new development...

Since I became pregnant, I discovered I only have to shave my legs about twice a week or less, compared to every day, not that I've ever shaved my legs every single day, but if I wanted to maintain truly smooth legs, that's what it normally would take.

Although shaving hasn't been all that necessary, the hair on my head has been growing like crazy... Mind you, I haven't gone to a real hair dresser since December 2007, so the fast growing hair has proven to be a test of my patience, as I'm the one who's been cutting my own hair for over a year now. Having to trim it every 3 weeks has been a big pain in the patootie. At first I'd thought all the growth would provide a great chance to grow my hair out, but the initial ugly-phase was immediately apparent after just 5 weeks without a trim.

I haven't really experienced any of the swelling that's supposed to be an inherent part of pregnancy. Yup, so far, I've yet to retain much water and all my rings still fit my fingers, and my shoes still fit my feet, although I can kinda tell my feet have sorta spread out? - as if they've somehow widened. However, my Danskos have been perfect, and my pink 'wannabe Crocs' as well.

Throughout the month of January, I'd gotten into the habit of taking a long, warm, bubble bath with a book to read, at least twice a week. Over the last couple weeks though, I've been taking a bath nearly every other day. I'm almost certain that when the times comes for me to imagine my 'relaxation destination', going into full transition labor, I'll be imagining myself in the tub, surrounded by fragrant peachy bubbles.

Over just this last week, sometime between last Monday and Thursday, I think our lil' babycakes has 'dropped' - see "engaged" or "lightening" in any pregnancy/labor and delivery book. Why do I think this? Well, I've noticed in the last couple days or so that I can really generate a deeper cleansing breath than I could a week ago, and I can also eat more before the heartburn kicks in, annnd I now have to pee about every 15-25 minutes during the day, and every 2 hours or less throughout the night (I had to get up to relieve myself FIVE times last night!?!). This all means I have more room to breath and to eat, and less room for my bladder, all of which could only be the case if she's moved into a lower position. Yeah. Soooo, unless I'm not mistaken, this means we could have 2-3 weeks before I deliver this baby!?! We'll just hafta wait and see ~ whether she comes in 30 days (and that's when she's due now) or 3 days, I just hope she has a safe arrival.

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