Sunday, February 08, 2009

Will She Have My Squinty, 'Smiley' Eyes?

This coming Tuesday, I'll be 35 weeks along = I have just 5 more weeks... I can't wait to meet my baby girl!

Some of these range from one semi-extreme to another, but most are meant to demonstrate I'm aware there's quite a range in possibilities... and some simply demonstrate my growing curiosity:

Will she prefer to be swaddled at night or will she sleep with her little arms and legs spread free?

Will she come when she's called or will she run away, giggling and defiant?

How old will she be when she wants us to change the paint colors of her bedroom walls?

Will she be content to take her time learning how to walk, or will she wanna be on the go as soon as she can get herself upright?

What will her first words be?

Will she be fascinated by the kitties, relentlessly trying to follow them around the house? - will she terrorize them? or will she totally ignore them?

Will she enjoy listening to music as much as I do? or will she feel that music is too distracting, too much like noise?

Will she be a cuddly baby or will she be a lil' squirmy worm, eager to be set down, to move independently and be free?

Will she be a quiet, contemplative introvert, or an outspoken extrovert?

Will she talk to herself and make noises, always motoring away, or will she be a lil' lady of few words?

Will she be shy and reserved, or brash and compulsive?

Will she eagerly eat her green beans and mushrooms, or will she be a picky eater?

Will she feel compelled to share her feelings and opinions, no matter the subject, or will she keep the majority of her thoughts to herself?

Will she like to sing?

Will she be a little chatterbox or quiet as a mouse? or a little of both?

Will she be a deep and long-night sleepy dreamer or will she fight it every night, afraid she'll miss out on something once she's in bed?

Will she be delighted to play in the tub until the water goes cold, or will we have to drag her to the tub?

Will she have a sweet tooth? - chocolate or vanilla?

What will her favorite color be?

Will she be a daddy's girl or a momma's girl?

Will she like using markers and crayons and paints or will she not be able to care less?

Will she be an active, agile athlete, or will she prefer to keep her two left feet planted firmly on the ground?

Will she be oblivious to dirt, or will sticky stuff on her little fingers drive her nuts?

Will she love nature, and hiking, and a weekend of camping with her family, or will she prefer a day at the mall?

Will she cooperate when mommy needs to wipe her snotty nose, or will she thrash and scream?

Will being told 'no' be enough for her, or will she insist that she test out what she's been told?

Will she wait patiently in her crib for someone to come claim her in the mornings, or will she squeal and scream? or will she take matters into her own little hands, like a lil' jail bird planning a break out?

Will she favor dinosaurs or pretty princesses?

What will her favorite food be? - - If I have any influence upon that one, I know it will be cheese...


Poppstarr said...

I can tell you for sure that she's going to . . .
drive you crazy -
make you laugh -
make you cry -
amaze you (every day) -
make you smile –
allow you to feel emotions you've never felt before -
show you the world like you've never seen it before -
love YOU unconditionally -
run to you when she bumps her head -
run to you when she gets scared –
say “da-da” first just to drive you crazy
say “I love you” one night, unexpectedly, and you’ll turn into goop
give you grey hairs! 

The list goes on and on. Oh, and it’s a list of ups and downs, but it’s all so worth it. I can’t wait to meet baby girl!

Susie said...

One thing I can tell you about her: She's one of the luckiest little girls ever, to have a Mama who already thinks about her so much, and is so ready to get to know her and love her just as she is.