Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Hold On to Your Socks!

Having scanned the Behr paint samples, I can see the scanning bed kinda whited them out...Did I mention already that the paint colors we've chosen for our baby sweet potato girl's room are kinda bright?

If not, consider yourself officially FOREWARNED!
Preparing zee baby's room for zee painting extravaganza!
Here's the first coat of 'Yellow Brick Road'
'Yellow Brick Road,' all done, taken yesterday morning!
And this morning, here's 'Yellow Brick Road' with a lil' peek of 'Dragonfruit' revealed to the left...Is 'bright' the right word for this? Now, although this pinky-red 'Dragonfruit' may seem a bit overwhelming, imagine a couple shelving units as well... A tall narrow one with 12 cubbies, 2 cubbies-wide and 6 cubbies-tall, that will be painted in the yellow, placed against one of the two 'Dragonfruit' walls, and then imagine a tall, wide, very bright 'California Poppy' red bookshelf with 6 shelves to be placed against one of the yellow walls. Now imagine that the inside of each cubby hole and the inside of each shelf is painted with another color, like the 'Melon' and the 'Apple Orchard' shown at the top, plus another green and an even brighter orange, both of which I used in the angel boy-O's bedroom as well... can't see it?
I'll be sure to post pics of the final product!


mommybake said...

Hey Angie - just wanted to say hi and tell you I love the colors! When are you due? Suzanne Bake

Pam said...

The room will be so cool. I look forward to the final pixs.

Daly said...

YOU are the painting guru!!!

pacme94 said...

Is that satin or semigloss?

Annejelynn said...

it was semi-gloss