Tuesday, January 06, 2009

O' Christmas Tree

This was meant to be shared on Dec. 18th: This year's Christmas tree has got to be my favorite yet! See, my honey-man, he favors colored tree lights, and for the last 3 Christmas trees we've had together, our tree lights have always been in color... until this year! Yes, our 'every-other-year Christmas tree lights swap' has officially begun, as of Christmas 2008. Yup, this year, I finally got to have my way: White tree lights! I'm totally cool with using colored lights in the windows and outdoors, but for the Christmas tree, I absolutely favor the white lights because they better feature the actual colors of the ornaments with greater clarity than the colored tree lights.

This here is the quite darling tree ornament Wendy's sister, Leslie sent me.
(click the image to enlarge)
I'm proud to say neither Otis or Owen have ever terrorized a Christmas tree in their lil' furry lives. Instead, they like to right beside 'em, and sometimes, right beneath them, staring up into the tree, totally zoning out, as my lil' Owen is seen doing here.


Ern said...

Aw, my Nudgie did the same thing, zoning out staring at the lights. Then he'd eat a few of the plastic needles and throw them up later...

Pam said...

Beautiful tree! It has warmed up in Montana. Today it was slushy. I love to drive through the slush. It makes me feel like a little kid. Great photos, you are a good photographer.