Friday, January 16, 2009


Someone asked me recently about Otis and Owen and when was I gunna post something featuring their cute lil' fuzzy mugs... That's an easy blog request to fulfill since it doesn't require me to remember any time specific details, nor to write any truly coherent sentences in an organized paragraph form, soooo, here ya go!

These two think my Snoogle is THEIR Snoogle...
I was at home with some sniffles (and zero sleep that night before), and these two camped out on the bed with me alllll day looong.
Otis used to be the only one to insist he supervise my computer time, strategically placing himself over my typing hands...
Owen about to take a nappy with his lil' yellow mousie-pal.
And here's Owen napping with his 2nd FAVORITE 'kitty toy,' one of his plastic flies... see it to the right of his lil' sleeping head? I'll have to tell this story someday. (Click image to enlarge)
This 'trunk' is full of baby gear... I guess Owen's guarding it?
Otis used to be the only one to lounge upon our couch's corner back cushions...
He's a bad influence on Owen.The full body length shot of this moment features a super soft, fuzzy kitty belly, but it's totally out of focus. But you can see how content he is, can't you?
Otis demonstrating his talent for imposing computer typing restrictions upon me.
I have a baby blanket I need to finish the binding on... Owen LOVES the material for this blanket, so it's usually kept in a storage bin. Every time I take it out, he manages to find it, and claim it as his very own.
My 2nd favorite sleeping partner...
My honey-man would be #1, of course, although he and Otis argue about that on a regular basis.
Owen, lover of clean laundry.
My aunt and uncle brought over a used glider chair and I told them that Owen would soon claim it as his... It didn't even take a full minute before he got all comfortable. I plan to recover the cushions soon - - I'll post pics of that if and when that happens.
Trying to keep Otis off my 'mouse' hand, I tucked him into my left arm, where he hid his face and slept peacefully for 2 hours.
I have nearly a dozen shots taken from this moment... They alternate back and forth, in which there will be one showing how he's looking directly at me, and in the next, he's looking away, trying hard to pretend I'm not right up in his face.
Owen's the best at ignoring me when I've got a camera up in his face.
Again, Owen, lover of clean laundry... He always finds it.
My aunt gave me an UBER CUTE lounging maternity outfit... Owen apparently approves.
He also approves of the uber soft, cozy Old Navy throw blankie given to me for Chrimpus from the angel boy-O.
I imagine his kitty voice saying, "You will now pay attention to ME!"
This pic was taken on my birthday, while I was talking on the phone with an enthusiastic birthday well-wisher... It was the day after we'd gotten home from our holiday break. The two boys wouldn't leave us alone for nuthin'.

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