Friday, January 16, 2009

Bring on the Baby Gear

For several years and the recent months preceding our conception plans, we've managed to acquire a number of baby items from our 'eager-for-Angeline-to-conceive' friends and family...

Here's what we had BEFORE I got pregnant (most of which are hand-me-downs*, but all in great condition):

Onesies up the wahzoo (sizes 0, 3 and 6 months)
2 darling baby girl Old Navy sundresses
Several other pieces of lil' girls clothes
Baby swing with 6 speed settings*
Travel baby swing*
One of those baby loungers that vibrates*
Infant bath tub*
Inflatable toddler bath*
First Years bottle warmer*
Fischer Price floor gym*
Crib bedding (a set of bumpers, skirt, blanket, one set of sheets)
Door-hanging diaper storage bag
Graco Pack n' Play*
Baby Bjorn*

And here's what we've bought on our own so far (it's not much); most are garage sale buys*:

Diaper Champ* (was $2 bucks!?!)
Travel baby bather lounger* (also $2)
Crib with nearly new Sealy mattress* ($50 smackeroos)
Some uber cute girlie-girl clothes from eBay - see pics!
Several 0-6 months footsie pajamas via eBay
Several 6 months Onesies via eBay

And here's what we've been given since we announced our pregnancy:

Microwave bottle steamer*
Glider chair*
Wicker bassinet*
Dotted diaper hanging pad
Dotted rubber duckie and 4 washcloths
Diaper bag - see pic below!
Baby girl's frilly Tutu - see pics below!
Nursing Mothers Companion book*
Several other cool pregnancy books (about 6)
and Gobs of ridiculously darling baby girls clothes, including a crocheted set of baby booties made by my late great Grandma Ruth, a precious cable knit yellow and green baby cardigan, and a soft, fleecy baby hoodie styled so the hood has lil' ears and a horsey mane with plush fleece baby cowboy boots!

Well, so what spurred the posting of these lists is the following two pics (plus my OCD need to make myself an inventory list to help me remember what we already have). The first item showed up in the mail yesterday! And the second, it's cuteness just absolutely kills me.

This is the diaper bag I'd registered for - - that I was NOT AT ALL expecting to actually be given.
Can I tell you how much I LOVE IT!?!
and Behold, a 'Twirly Tutu' for our baby girl!
This next picture is to indicate scale (yeah, right): If I'd known this morning what Otis would do once I had this on him, I would have video recorded the 8-10 seconds of well-worth-it kitty torture... He made three very high, distinct, but short leaps into the air, in a circle around the bedroom, like a lil' delicate ballerina!
Oh, I almost forgot! Here are some of the eBay pics of some items I bought in the first week after we found out we were having a girl:
I only just realized this morning that the last few months, even the last few years, are merely the beginning of all that will take over our home from here on out, in terms of the baby gear we've yet to acquire, and the overflowing 'baby-girlie cuteness' potential of such items. I can't help but grin... I've been waiting for this for a very long time.


Jason said...

Suzanne and I are really excited for you guys!!! Getting closer every day :)

One more exciting thing for you and your man to do when you are bored: Take turns guessing which of the baby items you have will be completely useless! It seems like there are soooo many things that are "must haves" but as soon as the reality of a baby is in your life you realize a "baby wipe warmer" is only a electrocution risk and it is much easier to just take the diaper outside to the garbage can instead of using the Diaper Genie to make some disgusting sausage link!

San said...

I am really excited for you.

The diaper bag is adorable!

Daly said...

What a good sport, Otis!! I bet he didn't want to admit it. How cute and that tutu is just precious.

Pam said...

Otis in the tutu made me laugh so hard that Don came up to see too. Glad you like it!!