Thursday, January 22, 2009

Pregnancy Latests

Trying to record some pregnancy details here from over the last couple weeks, so I'm just going to type 'em as I recall particular details:

I still haven't yet managed to scan any of the photos from our last sonogram.

I'm certain one of the reasons I haven't gained a lot of weight is because heartburn serves me as a seriously severe eating deterrent.

Two Sundays ago, I had heartburn so bad, I was up until 4am, tossing and turning, unable to sleep. This has happened 3 other nights since.

That same Sunday, two Sundays ago, it REALLY hit me that day that I had at that time only 2 months before this baby is to be born... I have been waiting to have a baby for several years, and now that it's about to happen, and there are soooo many expectations involved on so many levels, and from so many directions, I wound up spending that Sunday in tears, bawling about every 2 to 3 hours, feeling absolutely overwhelmed, drowning in a swell of anxiety, feeling wholly inadequate and totally unprepared... which is bullshit, really. But that day? You would have thought the sky was falling!

A week ago or so, I was sitting on the couch scanning through some work emails late at night, and Otis was curled around the left side of my belly... and the baby kicked him about 4 or 5 times until he moved off of me.

On our way to our first Lamaze class, trying to find the location on a dark street, we realized two other cars ahead of us, both driving slooowly, moving in and out from the curb, were most likely looking for the Lamaze class location as well. As one of the two cars made a U-turn to head back the way we'd come, I recognized the driver... My honey-man rolled down his window for me and he waved, and as they rolled down their window, I called out the person's name... His reply: "Angeline?!?" We laughed and then asked him if they too were looking for the same Lamaze class, and his next response: "You're pregnant!?! When are you due?" He apparently had no idea I'm pregnant, and he about flipped when I told him my due date. SOME BACKGROUND INFO: There are many who aren't daily regulars in my office, who are just now finding out that I'm over 7 months along. Well, anyhow, this fellow, he's apparently one of those, having not heard any earlier that I'm expecting, also unable to tell, visually, as he usually deals with me while I sit behind a large desk. I told him it was okay - - I didn't know his wife was pregnant, let alone that he was even married!

Last week, I had a huge burst of activity, enough so that by that weekend, I was totally exhausted. I got about 9 hours' worth of napping done by Sunday afternoon.

I was in a meeting this Wednesday, sitting against a wall with a colleague sitting directly to my left. I was tracking the meeting minutes on a laptop, and during a long pause in my typing, our baby sweet potato girl went into what I call her teeter-totter rock... It's quite the visual presentation! I'm hoping to catch it on video somehow... Anyhow, so she's rockin' away, and in my left peripheral vision, I could see that my colleague had turned his head, staring down, wide-eyed at my moving belly.

I had the chance to watch a friend's darling 9 pounder, 5.5 week-old daughter for a little while during the day earlier in the week. She totally passed out on me! She was lying on my chest, situated on her tummy with her tiny arms hung slack, out along my ribcage, and her bitty legs tucked in with her tinsy bum settled atop my sizable pregnant belly like she was set on a shelf. As long as I lounged back a bit, I was working hands free!

Still no sign of any stretch marks.

My OB gave me the green light yesterday to begin using Zantac to combat my chronic heartburn! YAY!

And now it's time for bed!

P.S. We think we've chosen her name! More on that soon.

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