Monday, January 26, 2009

"Nine Loads of Laundry" vs. "12 Lords a Leaping"

This past weekend, we were CRAZY busy with the domesticities of life! OH MY GOODNESS, yes!

For instance, I ran a few errands: Picked up 5 bags of maternity clothes from a friend (and tried on all 5 bags' worth later that night); Saw my sister and went to 2 different fabric shops together for her to help me pick out fabric material for some pillows I want to cover, and the glider chair cushion cover I want to make, all for the baby's room, all using a quilted squares arrangement; Went to Goodwill to drop off MORE stuff we don't need; Went to Target to return some items and buy some new 'stay at our house' clothes for the angel boy-O; Went to Ross to look for compact laundry baskets for the boy-O and the baby sweet potato girl; Went to Home Depot THREE times, 1) to choose paint samples, 2) the initial paint purchase and 3) more paint needed.

We (I) finally finished packing up alll EIGHT of our Sterilite 54-qt. size storage bins of Christmas decorations, and my honey-man put them all back out in the garage.

My honey-man also vacuumed up all the pine needles left from the removal of the garlands removed from our stairrails. And he changed out the litter boxes. And he collapsed all the numerous (a couple dozen) cardboard boxes we had saved in the garage for recycling day this week. Annnnd he finished cleaning out what has been his home office in order to graciously make way for our lil' one to arrive in less than 50 days from now, give or take a few days...

With the room finally empty, I masked and taped off the doors, windows, baseboards, and ceiling edges, and my honey-man masked the entire ceiling, itself, and the entire room's floor space, and then my honey-man paint-sprayed two coats of paint for two walls' worth of 'Yellow Brick Road.' Tonight he'll finish painting the rest of the baby's room using 'Dragonfruit', which looks like a bright, pinkish red, while I'll paint her 2 shelving units with 'California Poppy' red, 'Apple Orchard' green and a light 'Melon' orange. [PICS TO BE POSTED BY THIS WEEK'S END, PROMISE!]

And we did NINE loads of laundry, allll of which were folded by my honey-man. How is it possible for just two people to have accumulated 9 loads' worth of laundry in need of washing over one weekend? Do we have a lot of clothes, enough so that we can go awhile without washing anything? Well, yes, that too, but that's not really what happened: We washed a couple bath rugs and 3 toilet seat covers, 2 sets of drapes and 2 sets of bedding, and a very dark 'prone-to-severely-bleed-all-over-everything' red duvet cover as well. We washed the multitude of maternity clothes I just acquired from my friend. We washed all the Christmas linens, and every cleaning and kitchen rag we'd not washed for the last month. We had a load of reds, 1 of jeans and pants, 1 of synthetics on 'gentle-cycle,' 1 of underwear and dark socks, and a load of dark cottons. Oh, wait - - that's ELEVEN loads of laundry!

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bea said...

Hey, I used to read and comment on your blog many moons ago under the pseudonym "Jomama." I Try to keep up with you via Bloglines, but sometimes the backlog builds up and I miss out on recent events. Like your pregnancy!

I just want to tell you CONGRATS! and I wish you the best.

P.S. Loving the short hair :)
P.P.S. This post made me want to stand up and applaud. Very well said! I didn't know if you would see if I commented on that post seeing as it was written months ago, but I couldn't not tell you how much I agreed with it.