Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Still at Work Too

My due date is tomorrow, but I'm still at work... Throughout the day it was truly debatable whether or not it was a mistake for me to be here, but the workday has finally come to an end. What a day! I woke up totally grouchy and all achy and sore, and 40 minutes later, I was singing in my car on the way in to work... and then I parked my car and had to walk in to my office, and by the time I stepped out of the elevator, I was all cranky again... And then, an hour later, I could be heard from my office, singing Stevie Wonder's "Superstitious"... The mood swings were just rampant and constant today, and they would come without warning! I feel like I'm possessed!

Last week, I worked from home a couple days. [SIDE NOTE: I AM SOOO FREAKIN' GRATEFUL THAT I'VE BEEN ALLOWED AND ABLE TO WORK FROM HOME AS NEEDED ~ END OF SIDE NOTE.] That Monday was wasted on email management and tedious follow-ups. Tuesday and Wednesday were grrrreat days, both very productive, lots of good energy, tying up a lot of loose ends, well paced... Annnd Thursday, oh boy - - I went in for a fetal monitoring appointment at 8:30am, and I nearly dozed off three times while I was there. So afterwards, I went home and called my office to tell them I'd need a nap before I could come in, but would be there by noontime... I woke up at 2pm!!! and only because OIT called me on my cell to reset my remote desktop connection. So I didn't get to work until 3pm, and I stayed until 7pm, and by 8pm, I was a total zombie. I went to bed relatively early that night, and we wondered if we were going to have ourselves a baby by the morning... Many who saw me at work that day predicted I'd be having this baby by that Friday morning, but instead, I was waltzing -or should I say, waddling- back into the work, still pregnant.

This past weekend was fine - - got a lot done, tried and succeeded in pacing myself, not overdoing anything much. Had to take a nap Saturday morning though, only 2 hours after breakfast. I worked from home yesterday, and again, took a 3 hour-long nap at some point, but I got A TON of work done with my new, uber fast remote desktop connection.

My lil' Grams is here now (she arrived Sunday) and we had dinner with her again last night - - My honey-man and I, we watched Dancing with the Stars with her last night and for our first time ever. Was an, um interesting show... I had steady contractions the whole evening, and we hoped we'd be having a baby by this morning... but again, I came into work instead.

My OB told me last Friday that we'll induce by Friday the 27th if she isn't here by then. He told me this, mind you, as he also let me know he had to leave after our appointment to go give a c-section. So yeah, my next OB appointment is this Friday the 20th - - if this baby-girl ain't here by then, I may have to talk to him about waiting until the 27th!

Now I'm off to head home. We'll be having dinner again with my Grams - she's the one cooking tonight. Maybe we'll watch American Idol this time.

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Pam said...

I am keeping you in my thoughts and prayers!!!!
Good luck!!!
Loves Pam