Thursday, March 19, 2009

Somethin's in My Spot?!?

For the last couple months, Otis has been a bit perplexed... Where he used to lie down across my lap and take a nappy while I'd type on my laptop, well, there's been this enormous 'bump' in the way. For the last 5 weeks, no longer able to forcefully wedge himself in between my laptop and my growing belly, he'll come right to my side and sit or stand there, staring at me, staring at my belly, staring at my laptop and then he'll look back at me again, like "What is this? Tell me, where am I supposed to go now?"

Here's one of those moments captured earlier this morning:

The best part is whenever he actually tries to climb atop my belly or come at me from behind, from the back of the couch, trying to step and slink down across my chest, to spread himself out atop my belly, like he's laying upon a shelf. There's been a few times I've let him think he's successfully reclaimed his spot, holding him up, cradling him in my arms for a half hour or less, so that he hasn't got all his weight on the baby... it's hysterically cute. He purrs like mad.

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